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Victoria is a true treasure with the nation’s warmest climate and a laid-back West Coast atmosphere. There is practically plenty for everybody in this urban sanctuary where the culinary and local beer culture surpasses that of a metropolitan city, whether you are an outdoorsy enthusiast or a luxury enthusiast.

When searching for tourist attractions in Victoria, you may have a lot to research. Lucky for you, Scoop Canada has done the legwork for you.

Why don’t you visit the best tourist attractions mentioned below and tell the world about your experience in the comments?

1. Explore the Royal BC Museum

A must-visit site of exploration, it is a fascinating location to discover British Columbia’s rich heritage, lifestyle, and spirit of adventure. Royal BC Museum should be enjoyable for both adults and kids.

Take in the cultural aboriginal ritual masks, spears, and other exhibits as you stroll along the beautiful West Coast shores and tidal marshes.

Learn about the First Nations’ battles with the earliest European colonists. Embark on an immersive recreation of the HMS Exploration, which took Captain Vancouver to Canada’s beaches for the first time.

Therefore, why not stop by the Royal British Columbia Exhibition if you want a glimpse of the past?

1.1. Ice Age Model

Enquire any kid (or baby at heart) what the most enjoyable moment of their trip to the Royal British Columbia Museum was, and they will probably fawn well about the full-size Mammoth, aptly dubbed “Woolly.”

When seen in a stunning, enormous Ice Age clay model, it is simple to picture this magnificent creature prowling about Vancouver Island tens of millions of years ago.

1.2. Manual Publishing Presses

The two publishing presses in Columbia are also worth seeing because they are some of the province’s earliest manual machines, dating back to 1899.

Their ability to share the tales of British Columbia in approaches that educate and engage thought and inspiration comes from their archives, studies, and demonstrations.

1.3. Urban History Exploration

Have you ever wondered what walking through Victoria’s sidewalks at the beginning of the century was like? You may experience “Old Town,” a replica cityscape that aids in telling the tale of urban history in British Columbia, at the Royal BC Museum.

The Royal BC Museum contributes to new understanding and knowledge of British Columbia by examining the environmental and social histories and offering a stimulating debate venue and a sanctuary for introspection.

2. Wander through Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park has served as a holy and important heritage site for the Lekwungen individuals for a long time. Beacon Hill is recognized by the Lekwungen language, which translates to “warmed by the sun.”

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia

A successful trip that incorporates a stopover at Beacon Hill Park, which is just a 20-minute stroll from the Coho Ferry and Clipper Terminals or the Ogden Bay Cruise Terminal. Additionally, the park is a short 5 to 10-minute stroll from Victoria’s Parliament House.

Beacon Hill Park is approximately 1/4 the area of Central Park in NYC. You will walk a lot, so have your comfy shoes before starting an adventure. In addition to baseball, tennis courts, softball, volleyball, lawn bowling, and football, you can enjoy mini golf there.

This park includes a view of nature with ponds, trails, playgrounds, a waterpark, playing fields, a petting zoo, and a landscaped garden. Local wildlife, such as peacocks, ducks, raccoons, squirrels, and more, are also seen here.

When you visit Victoria, contemplate using the BC Transit journey planner. If you want to avoid walking, you can use a Victoria Harbour ferry or a horse-drawn wagon or the fun of taking a bike tour or jeepney.

An eatery is nearby if you get hungry before, during, or after visiting Beacon Hill Park. Beacon Drive-In restaurant has provided services to locals and visitors. Even if it is only ice cream, you could always pause here for a meal.

3. Scout the Victoria Bug Zoo

Since its gates first debuted in 1997, the Victoria Bug Zoo has indeed been showcasing its amazing bugs to tourists in urban Victoria.

A trip to this must-see small zoo provides a fantastic chance to watch and interact with real tropical creatures worldwide.

All of the creatures are in enclosures and are alive. There are 50 amazing species here, such as the biggest ant colony in Canada, stunning praying mantises, glow-in-the-dark spiders, hairy spiders, and huge moving sticks.

There is nothing to be afraid of; none of these bugs will harm you, and experienced tour operators will provide you with many details about the species on display and an introduction to the fascinating world of insects. You could even pet some species if you take one of the free excursions.

You will find this hidden treasure of the Douglas on Courtney Road. Expect the large green signage dangling above the walkway; it would be simple to locate the entry.

The interior has bright walls that are covered in crayon scribbling art. There are only a few rooms in the small zoo. However, there is quite a deal to see, and the guides’ narration is fascinating.

4. Stroll in Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Butterfly Gardens is in the Greater Victoria region of Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Here, you will come across surprises around every corner, including a poison dart frog, turtle, poison dart toads, a big iguana, a flamingo, a tropical duck, and a free-flying tropical bird.

They have a wide range of tropical fish that swim in a tranquil stream and a lake surrounded by a magnificent cascade.

Around three basketball courts’ space worth of tropical butterflies—up to 70 species—fly across the expansive premises.

In addition, all of the species at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens are rescued, given, or saved. Explore their beautiful gardens, which feature tropical flowers, plants, and exotic fruits.

Envision a vibrant indoor garden full of butterflies in various colors and forms. They almost pose for pictures as they drift in the air and sporadically land on your cap and clothes.

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens are a kaleidoscope of flapping wings. The area is also the abode of poisonous reptiles, bugs, pink flamingos, and plants. Additionally, because the gardens are fully enclosed, this is fantastic entertainment on rainy days.

5. View the Butchart Gardens

A journey to the Butchart Gardens is essential on every excursion to Vancouver Island. Butchart Gardens is situated in Brentwood Bay, close to Victoria, and is devoted to a collection of lovely gardens featuring a wide range of flower kinds.

The Butchart Gardens are located near Brentwood Bay and were founded in 1904 by developer Jennie Butchart.

The Butchart Gardens have grown to 22 hectares of aromatic, rich greenery and underground gardens since then. The Butchart family controlled and owned the limestone quarries originally used to build the gardens.

5.1. Afternoon Tea

There are a few vacation experiences that are worthwhile overspending on. Afternoon tea is still being served at The Butchart Gardens. While it may not be typical in your country, afternoon tea is a favorite in Victoria and other British-influenced towns.

Its purpose is to satisfy your appetite while allowing you to converse with the people you are with. Leaving aside the “formal definition,” taking tea and cake in the gardens is a way to unwind and appreciate being in such a unique setting.

5.2. Flower Arrangements

On the 55 acres, there are several gardens to explore and lovely flower arrangements. The submerged garden may be the most recognizable among the gardens at Butchart.

Before plunging into a park with blooms, trees, bushes, and grass, take the time to take in the vista.

5.3. Rose Garden

Explore the lovely rose garden if you are touring the grounds during June and August to take in the beauty and scent of thousands of roses. Snap a photo beneath the Rose Arch.

5.4. Star Pond

Before going to the Star Pond, relax in the Japanese garden full of beautiful foliage. Pretty flowers encircle the pond, with a frog fountain in the middle. The beautiful flora and exhibits in the Mediterranean and Italian landscapes are not to be overlooked.

Bring your kids to the mesmerizing Rose Carousel, where they may ride on adorable hand-crafted animals, including zebras, monkeys, and ostriches.

Few Other Options to Visit

If you are looking for a place to stay and not on a budget, consider staying at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. It may be a little pricey, but the experience, view, and food are all worth it.

Other must-visit tourist attractions include the British Columbia parliament buildings, Miniature World, Goldstream Provincial Park, Fort Rodd Hill, and Johnson Street Bridge.

Most of the major attractions in Victoria’s city center are close to one another because it is a relatively small city.


Certainly, Victoria is an extraordinary international powerhouse of food, art, and culture located on the southern tip of Vancouver, covering a major portion of southern Vancouver island.

There are countless opportunities to explore and learn something new, thanks to the tourist attractions in Victoria having a moderate environment, which opens the door to various events and activities.

You will have the impression that you have been teleported to a quaint English village as you walk through Victoria’s tourist attractions.

The downtown area encompasses a few of British Columbia’s most gorgeous architecture, including the colorful Victorian townhouses, blooming dangling baskets, and more.

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