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4 Interesting Facts About Fort Langley Golf Course

Founded in 1968, Fort Langley Golf Course is one of those golf courses; if you visit once, you keep going back again and again. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Fraser and Salmon Rivers, Fort Langley Golf Course presents you with an infinitely varied golf course, a relaxing and beautiful environment, and a highly difficult course to hone your skills and enjoy the game.

Let’s take a sneak peek into this hidden gem of a golf course just beside Langley that makes up a great golf course and an amazing place to visit all by itself.

Canada, being the diverse and beautiful country it is, also has a large number of absolutely amazing golf courses. With their personality and quirks, these golf courses are sure to satiate that golfer inside you all in their own right.

Address: 9782 McKinnon Crescent, Langley, British Columbia, V1M 3V6

Fort Langley Golf Course
Image by Pixabay from Pexels

1. Fort Langley Golf Course:

On the Fraser and Salmon river banks, Fort Langley Golf Course is barely fifteen minutes from Langley itself. Surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, Fort Langley Course makes just as good a spot to visit simply for nature’s sake as for its golf course.

The infinitely varied golf course of Langley is bound to put up a challenge to you regarding your golf skills. On three sets of trees from 5,292 yards to 6,383 yards, this championship golf Course takes pride in delivering a satisfying golfing experience for every kind of golfer.

For your information, the sister golf course of Fort Langley is Meadow Gardens in Pitt Meadows, BC. Here’s the link to their website.

2. Reviews of Fort Langley Golf Course:

We could mostly find positive reviews about the Fort Langley Course from different websites, while a number of them not completely pleased as well. From the reviews of the website, we can safely assume that this golf course has a pretty interesting character. Quite some golfers mention the fact that the conditions are quite good.

It has also been mentioned that some of their tee boxes are in a less likable state, but that is only for a few of them. You can get cabs for rent. The pace of play here can be quite a bit poor for serious shot makers, so you’ve been warned.

Talking about the warning, it looks like the problem of mosquitoes is bad in Fort Langley  Course, with a lot of complaints about it. One review even says that there are tons of mosquitoes at all holes. So, yeah, carry some insect repellants and mosquito sprays. And cabbies are not available here.

The staff here are friendly and quite helpful. They claim to offer a risk-reward opportunity here for serious golfers, so there’s that. 

The fairways here are quite good, except a few are slightly unkempt compared to the rest. The green fees here vary from $38-$55, depending on the day of the week.

So, if we had to sum it up real quick, the conditions of play here are satisfactory, the amenities somewhat average, their friendly staff, a good layout, and a pretty challenging course.

Fort Langley Golf COurse
Image by Jopwell from Pexels
  • Mckinnon’s Bar & Grill:

This restaurant is here, frankly, pretty good. The food’s tasty, and there are many options to choose from; there’s a patio outside overlooking the greenery and the golf course, and it has an overall homely vibe. After finishing your round, Mckinnon’s Bar and Grill would make a good place to rest.

3. FAQs:

  1. Is Fort Langley Golf Course Worth the Money?

    Although it has sometimes been said that Fort Langley Course’s prices are expensive, but still the challenge of the golf course somewhat makes up for it. A couple of fairways and tee boxes are in bad shape, but even considering all of this, Fort Langley Golf Course is worth visiting.

  2. What are Fort Langley Golf Course Membership Perks?

    The membership privileges that this golf course offers include preferred tee time, booking perks, discounts on golf carts, food, green fees, golf packages, and various other merchandise. In case you want to check their membership rates, here’s the link to the official website.

    Fort Langley Golf Course
  3. What is Fort Golf Club?

    The FGC is a club consisting of regular players, season pass holders as well as members. It is ladies and men mixed. Fort Golf Club gives you various benefits if you join, including but not limited to – prime tee times, record scores on the club computer, and the chance to win prizes. An FGC participant can also participate in every FGC tournament.

  4. Is Fort Langley Golf Course Good for Beginners?

    Although it has been said that Fort Langley Golf Course is quite challenging, that necessarily doesn’t mean that Fort Langley is strictly for serious shot makers. Their infinitely varied golf course and friendly staff can make your experience here quite enjoyable, regardless of your skills. For this specific reason, Fort Langley is also an amazing place to visit when you’re going to Langley with your friends.

  5. What are the Policies in Fort Langley Golf Course?

    The dress code of Fort Langley is proper golf attire. Walking is allowed here, but singles and fivesomes are not.

    4. Concluding:

    Although it has its problems, Fort Langley is undoubtedly a great option, be it your regular golf round or just for a visit. The golf courses are sufficient to hone your skills, the staff is friendly, and the food’s pretty good. Breath-taking views, lush greens, well-maintained facilities, and a homely community- Fort Langley delivers all you can ask from a golf course and more.

    We hope this article was helpful and you’ll visit Fort Langley Golf Course soon.

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