Revelstoke Golf Course: Play Meets Scenic Majesty

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Have you ever wondered what golfing in paradise would look like? I have. Playing golf at Revelstoke Golf Course is the closest you can come to experiencing paradise golf. Located on the banks of the Columbia River, this hidden gem will leave you with unprecedented joy and serenity.

So what makes Revelstoke Golf Club worth playing? Let’s review some of its specialties.

1. Revelstoke Golf Course: Over 100 Years Of History

Before World War I, horse races used to take place on the grounds of what we today know as the Revelstoke Golf Club. 

Afterward, In 1924, Revelstoke, British Columbia, experienced a surge in the popularity of golf. Consequently, the old building turned into a brand-new Clubhouse.

In 1974, architect Norman Woods gave the Revelstoke Golf Club its first transformation. The makeover made it one of the best golf courses in Canada, BC.

Subsequently, Revelstoke Golf Club became one of the main highlights of the city.

Revelstoke Golf Club
Photo by Johnny Such on Unsplash

2. Location Of Revelstoke Golf Course

The Revelstoke Golf Club is a beautiful golf course in the city of Revelstoke, British Columbia. You can locate this great course at 171 Columbia Park Drive, Revelstoke, BC.

The Columbia River surrounds the golf course on three sides, thus giving the golf course a great shape with amazing views. 

Moreover, the numerous mountains surrounding Revelstoke provide a magnificent mountainous backdrop that adds to the scenic beauty of Revelstoke Golf. 

3. Facilities At Revelstoke Golf Course

To begin with, the Revelstoke Golf Club provides an exhilarating playing experience to players of all skill levels.

This state-of-the-art 18-hole golf course features holes that challenge the players to manage their way around the course.

(More on the course layout and playing experience later in the article) 

3.1 Clubhouse and Restaurant

The clubhouse is the heart of a golf club. A place where golfers and non-golfers can sit and enjoy the best food and drink in town. The clubhouse here at Revelstoke is an integral part of the golfing experience. With its unique design and infrastructure, it accommodates everyone and provides all the modern facilities you might need. 

The restaurant provides a rich menu for a fair price. You can visit the restaurant and have a delicious breakfast or lunch depending on your tee time. The timings of the restaurant are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 11 am- 7 pm

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 11 am-8 pm

The restaurant at Revelstoke Golf Club is a great place to enjoy food and drink with your husband, wife, or other family and friends whilst enjoying the great views.

3.2 Practice Facilities

Revelstoke Golf Club provides practice facilities that are second to none. The following facilities can help you sharpen your skills and become one of the best out there:

3.2.1 Driving Range

Revelstoke Golf CLub Driving Range
Photo by Paola Andrea on Unsplash

To begin with, the golf club features a driving range with a beautiful backdrop. Players can hit balls off grass or mats. Moreover, the range also features yardage targets and target greens with flags to help you prepare for any challenge on golf courses. 

In case it is raining, you can use the mats under a shed to continue your grind (because the grind should never stop).

3.2.2 Practice Putting Greens

golf putting green landscape
Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

You can practice putting at the well-maintained practice putting greens

One of the putting greens is conveniently close to the 1st and the 10th tees. You can come here with a few balls and hit a few putts to get your feel dialed in before every round. This will help tackle the challenging greens on some of the tricky holes.

In the same way, the other putting green is beside the clubhouse. You can hone your putting skills here peacefully. 

3.2.3 Short Game Area

Revelstoke Golf Club Bunker Short Game Area
Photo by Virgile Donadieu on Unsplash

In addition to the driving range, there is a free-to-use target green to practice your short-game skills (Trust me, you will need these on golf courses).

The short game area has a bunker where you can practice your bunker game. Take a bucket of balls, pick a target, and get swinging through the sand.

Spend your time in the short game area, subsequently improving your scores on golf courses.

3.2.4. Pro Shop

The clubhouse features an advanced Pro Shop. Here, you can get the best cutting-edge equipment you need. 

It provides equipment from industry-leading brands such as golf clubs, apparel, and rangefinders. It also provides club fitting at an exclusive price for its members. Taking advantage of the club fitting will ensure that your equipment doesn’t let you down on the golf course.

The Pro Shop is run and managed by DWJ Golf. You can contact them by visiting their site. 

3.3 Golf Professionals

Revelstoke Golf Club has some of the best golf professionals in the country. You can rely on their expert tips and guidance to transform your golf game. They will help you get better in no time with their helpful tips and insights about the intricate parts of the game.

You can contact the following golf professionals to book your lesson and become a better golfer:

Charles Beneteau (PGA of Canada Head Professional)

Dean Jackson (PGA of Canada Executive Professional)

Sarah Jane McNichol (LPGA Teaching & Club Professional)

To find out more about them, visit their official website.

4. Course Layout Of Revelstoke Golf Course

Revelstoke Golf Club Scenery
Photo by Cristina Anne Costello on Unsplash

4.1 Majestic Scenery 

Revelstoke Golf features an exquisite mix of the beauty and challenges of golf courses. Revelstoke Golf Club is an 18-hole Par-72 course. 

The course was laid out under architect Norman Woods way back in 1974. He flawlessly designed the golf course to incorporate the beautiful scenery from the Columbia River coupled with the majestic Monashee. Further, the tall Cedar trees form the boundaries of the lush green fairways.

The conditions of the course are maintained to the best possible standards when compared to courses in British Columbia.

4.2 The Challenge

Although not extremely long at only 6500 yards from the back tees, Revelstoke Golf is not to be taken lightly.

This great course features a flat layout with narrow fairways. Moreover, the already narrow fairway is made more daunting by the tall trees running on both sides, inviting players to hit into the woods. It’s not easy to get away with wayward shots. For this reason, simply keeping the ball in play can be challenging on days you’re not swinging well.

However, you might get lucky on a few holes with a rebound. 

Once in the woods, it can be a smart choice to get back to safety without trying to be a hero otherwise you might end up in deeper trouble.

The fairways are pure. Similarly, the putting greens are well-manicured. The bunkers are placed strategically throughout the holes to catch your balls should you hit bad shots. 

You need a good show of skills to shoot a good score. 

BUT! Not every round of golf is about the score. Above all, it’s about having a good time with your buddies and enjoying the natural setting around you. This is something that makes Revelstoke Golf so special.

5. Playing Experience At Revelstoke Golf Course

Revelstoke Golf Course Playing Experience
Photo by Sugar Golf on Unsplash

The beautiful scenery, the amazing views, and the heavenly backdrop are likely to make golfers forget about their scores. Many players confess to forgetting about their scores midway through their rounds because they are so immersed in the beauty of the Columbia River, the evergreen trees, and the magnificent backdrop.

Players note that the course is easily walkable, however, many prefer using golf carts and even bikes!

Reviews from golfers who have played here talk about having the best experience of their life playing here. Of course, walking through the tree-lined fairway on the riverside holes is usually a highlight of the day.

Right from your first step into the clubhouse, all the way till you drive out of the parking, you are sure to have a wonderful time. 

6. Hospitality At Revelstoke Golf Course

Revelstoke Golf Club Hospitality
Photo from Revelstoke Golf Club

Lastly, you can expect an accommodating staff at Revelstoke Golf Club. Everyone is welcoming and does their best to make sure you have a great time. Whether you’re there to play or just to have food and drink, you will be served well.

Ready to have the best day of your life so far? Visit Revelstoke Golf Club at 171 Columbia Park and bring your buddies with you because as they say “A day of golfing with your buddies is a day well lived”.  

Book your tee time at Chronogolf now.

Wishing you a round full of bombed drives and drained putts!

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