Cheapest Place to Live in Canada: 8 Well-known Cities

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Has it been one of your goals to uncover the cheapest place to live in Canada and spend the rest of your lives there, where the cost of living is low and the environment is delightful? You have come to the right place. What is one thing that appears to be in high demand but is difficult to procure?

Money, as you may have imagined. For those just beginning now in their jobs or considering a career change, one issue that is likely on your mind is how will I cover my monthly bills.

So, how do you extend the range of your income? Live in a less expensive area. It is as simple as that. If you wish to live in Canada, you will undoubtedly have a hard time finding even an inexpensive broom closet.

However, if you reside in the suburbs or near the harbor city and have to commute to the main city every day, you may notice a significant rise in your expenses. The best tactic to save a lot of money is to decide on a place to reside in and it should be near your place of work.

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If you are considering moving to one of Canada’s cheapest places, keep the positives and downsides in mind. A lower cost of living is appealing, but it loses its appeal if opportunities are hard to come by, salary is inadequate, or the area has almost nothing to do.

Plan a longer visit to confirm that the city meets your requirements. If you are thinking about moving to Canada or have recently relocated here, you must have noticed that money disappears from your bank account at a significantly faster rate than you are used to.

Don’t worry though, this article is here to help you find the cheapest areas to live in Canada as per your requirements, may it be on the west coast, eastern Canada, near the US border, near prairie provinces, or the Niagara region.

8 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

1. Quebec City in Northern Canada

Québec City is located on the St. Lawrence River in the state of Québec, which is primarily French-speaking. Its protected colonial heart, Place Royale, and Vieux Quebec, with ancient buildings and winding roads, date from 1608.

The massive Citadelle and the soaring Château Frontenac Hotels are also located in this neighborhood. The cobblestone sidewalks of the Petit Champlain neighborhood are studded with boutiques and bistros.

Quebec is renowned for its stunning natural scenery, which includes mountains, woodlands, meadows, the Canadian Space Agency, four major industrial parks, employment opportunities, and views of the sea. This one-of-a-kind city combines heritage and innovation with stunning scenery.

In addition to the stunning metropolitan attractions, Canada’s outstanding natural beauty can be found here, from unspoiled hills and glaciers to magnificent lakes and woods. The landscapes in Quebec are unrivaled in Canada.

There are several causes for Quebec’s remarkably low financial outlook, but one of the most crucial is the province’s weak government financing. With a debt burden of 50% of the market, Quebec has the highest regional government debt burden in the country.

If you are touring Quebec as a visitor, you don’t have to learn French. It could help you obtain a better sense of Québécois culture, or it could save you from an embarrassing gesturing game.

One of the Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

Quebec City, one of the most inexpensive cities to live in Canada, is the most inexpensive of the nation’s 15 largest cities, with approximate monthly living expenditures of roughly 1,600 Canadian Dollars. Quebec City has a low cost of living. Excluding rent, a typical family of three to four people will spend $3,073 ($3,917C$) each month.

Excluding rent, a person’s projected monthly expenses by living in a one-bedroom apartment are 832$ (1,061C$). The cost of living in Quebec City is 33.27 percent lower than in New York.

In a nutshell, Quebec City is the cheapest area to live if you want to stay close to northern Canada, and a fantastic place to call home. Even though the costs of living in Quebec City are quite inexpensive when compared to other major North American cities, you must make sure you have enough money set aside to recover your relocation expenses, which might be minimal as well.

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2. Saskatchewan in Western Canada

Saskatchewan is in a Western Canadian region that shares a southern border with the United States of America. The steep mountain of the Canadian Shield highland, evergreen woods, streams, and rivers cover the southern grasslands, whereas the steep rock of the Canadian Shield mountain range, deciduous forest, waterways, and ponds cover the northern plains.

The Grand Saskatchewan Museum, located in Regina, features display natural history and the inhabitants of Canada’s First Tribes. Saskatchewan is an excellent area to reside and the cheapest place if you prefer the dreamy skies of the West Coast, raise families, and start or expand a business. House prices are cheaper in Saskatchewan than in most large Canadian cities, and most individuals can afford to buy a home.

Saskatchewan is well-known for its mesmerizing flat terrain, cultural festivals, and seemingly boundless sky. Many Canadians do not consider the prairie region to be ‘beautiful,’ as per a national poll. In fact, according to Abacus Data,

Saskatchewan has the least picturesque scenery of all the Canadian provinces. With three incredible parklands to explore, the Qu’Appelle Valley is among Saskatchewan’s finest popular vacation attractions. Surrounding Echo Valley Provincial Park, near Fort Qu’Appelle, includes two coastlines on two lakes, as well as a beautiful hiking track and camping options.

Saskatchewanians are by far the most hospitable and pleasant place that you will ever encounter. Canadians are renowned for their friendliness, but Saskatchewan residents are the loveliest of them.

Beautiful, Yet, Amongst the Most Affordable Cities

If you are looking for the cheapest place in Canada, Saskatchewan should be on your list. High salaries, a diverse range of career possibilities, job opportunities, employment in major industries, and steady economic growth are luring people from all around the world to relocate to Saskatchewan.

Excluding rent, a family comprising of four people in Saskatchewan will spend $3,238 ($4,113C$) each month. Furthermore, excluding rent, one person’s projected monthly expenses are approximately 945$ (1,201C$).

Saskatchewan has an extraordinarily low cost of living which gives it the title of the. Saskatoon is also home to the world’s largest potash company, generating employment, and attracting people with wonderful job opportunities.

Saskatchewan is a fairly safe location to live and explore, despite having two of Canada’s least safe major cities, most people are very polite and friendly.

In some of the major cities, such as Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert, there are dangerous places you should avert at night. According to research conducted by the Canadian government, the rise in crime rates in Saskatchewan ranks it as one of the dangerous cities.

It was due to an increase in fatalities, attempted murders, violent felony theft, and assaults, but it was also influenced by a reduction in break-ins. Even though there was less overall violence in the region in 2020, there had been 201 native victims of violent crime.

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3. Quesnel in British Columbia

Quesnel is a beautiful city located in British Columbia, Canada, based in the Cariboo Provincial Region. It is on the primary avenue to Yukon and northern British Columbia and lies roughly halfway between Prince George and Williams Lake. At the intersection of the Quesnel and Fraser Rivers, the stunning city of Quesnel is located.

The urban area of Quesnel has a population of 23,146, making it the most populous city between Kamloops and Prince George. Quesnel boasts four different and magnificent seasons but with a total of 2025 hours of sunlight every year. Therefore, it is one of British Columbia’s brightest and sunniest destinations at any time of year.

Quesnel is a desirable location for relocating, expanding, or shifting a business because of its inexpensive residential and commercial property costs, distance from the national copper capital, and low taxation.

Cost of Living in Northern British Columbia

Quesnel’s reputation as the cheapest area to live in the province of British Columbia, key location, excellent transit alternatives, and inexpensive real estate prices make it the perfect place for startups and individuals looking for a low-cost, full-service town to begin their company.

The average price for homes in Quesnel, BC range from $98,900 to $5,950,000. In B.C., the average household income was $84,850. Previously, full-time working professionals in British Columbia earned median weekly pay of $1,156.10, comparable to $1,159.29 nationally.

4. Timmins in Ontario

Timmins is a calm and beautiful city on the Mattagami Bay in northeastern Ontario, Canada. With a community of around 50,000 inhabitants, the city is the fourth biggest in the Northeastern Ontario province. The city’s economy is highly dependent on extracting natural resources by industries, with sectors such as forestry and zinc, gold, copper, silver, and nickel mining supporting it.

The city has a substantial French population that only speaks French, with more than half of the population speaking both French and English. Timmins is recognized as the cheapest place to live and the ‘City with a Heart of Gold.’

It is popularly known for two reasons: its gold mining heritage, which dates back to the Porcupine Discovery Of gold, and its kind people, who are known for their Northern Generosity. Because of its northern location and limited light pollution, Timmins is also a fantastic area to see the Northern Lights under the stars.

Experience the Buzz of Living in City Centre

The quiet city of Timmins has a more diversified cultural ambiance than the other cities in Ontario. The region offers a multicultural experience you will be happy to encounter from a Northern viewpoint, with a range of ethnic cuisines, museums, and cultural groups.

Timmins is a must-visit destination all-around the year because of its fine facilities, closeness to lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence river, unlimited outdoor activity, unique tourist attractions, and four distinct seasons. Backcountry camping is never more than a ‘stone’s throw’ away while you live here. Be ready for promised peace, tranquility, and famed northern hospitality.

The cost of an apartment for a single person outside of the city center in Timmins is approximately 228.00C$ per square foot. Timmins has cheaper housing costs, rental charges, and general living expenses than other municipalities in Ontario.

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5. Edmonton in Alberta

Edmonton is the delightful and appealing capital city of Alberta. It is situated on the North Saskatchewan Canal and serves as the hub of the Edmonton Metropolitan Area. It is bounded by the province of Alberta’s core region, which attracts the most people here to the city. The city is located at the northern end of the ‘Calgary–Edmonton Corridor,’ as classified by Statistics Canada.

Edmonton is a city for everyone looking for the less expensive areas, with its stunning scenery, culture, history, cuisines, and attractions. It is abode to North America’s biggest mall, Canada’s largest renowned history museum, and Canada’s biggest historical park.

Edmonton is amongst the most business-friendly cities around the world. This is a desirable area to live, according to city ratings, with top ratings in accommodation, security, and healthcare.

Edmonton offers better value for money compared to Calgary, another large city in Alberta, with relatively low monthly rent.  Although oil and natural gas is the most important business here, there are also excellent job prospects in schooling, law enforcement, medical and health care, and administration.

The interesting part of this journey is meeting new people, trying new eateries, and acquiring a ‘feel’ for a new city. Edmonton has a lot of things to enjoy about it. Its inhabitants are friendly, kind, and laid-back.

Anyone who resides in Edmonton is aware of the city’s financial advantages. Edmonton is, in reality, one of the most cost-effective capital cities in North America. According to Oxford Economics’ most recent North American affordability of housing survey, Edmonton is the American continent’s 4th most affordable yet attractive city which lands itself a spot on the cheapest place to live list.

Edmonton is an excellent area to build a life because it offers all of the benefits of a bustling city while still providing the peace that many families seek.

When it comes to the rental costs, residing in Edmonton is often less expensive, cheap, and has its advantages. Excluding rent, a family of four would spend 250,150.31 (4,231.91C$) every month, which is 4.9% less than in Calgary. Furthermore, excluding rent, a single person’s monthly expenses are estimated to be 70,667.66 (1,195.52C$).

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6. Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, East Coast Canada

Sault Ste. Marie is an alluring Canadian city in the province of Ontario. It is located on the banks of St. Marys Creek, towards the north of the US borders, and close to three of the Great Lakes. It is famous for the red sandstone structures that border the 19th-century Sault Ste. Marie Canals. The Algoma Art Museum exhibits the work of local, provincial, national, and global artists.

A collection of airplanes and flight simulators can be seen at the Canadian Bushplane Historical Site. Sault Ste. Marie has more than 150 kilometers of world-class ski routes and is only 45 minutes away from one of Ontario’s best-hiking resorts.

Sault Ste. Marie is a little city with a lot of opportunities, making it an ideal location for living, working, and relaxing. Here, you don’t have to look for balance—already it is there, waiting for you. The city of Sault Ste. Marie is located in both Canada and Michigan. There are two cities in different nations that are right adjacent to each other.

Now, the city of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario has a new sign of success. The city is ranked number 21 on Expedia’s list of the top 34 most gorgeous destinations in North America. Marie has a strong personal affection as well as a strong desire to explore the big outdoors.

A Populated City Providing Affordable Housing

Sault Ste Marie is well-deserving of the title of the cheapest area in the province of Ontario. Excluding rent, a family of four in Sault St Marie would spend 209,531.34 (3,549.94C$) every month. Furthermore, excluding rent, a person’s projected monthly expenses are 60,635.44 (1,027.30C$).

The Sault Ste. Marie National Historic Site is one of the city’s most well-known tourist attractions. In addition, the city boasts several galleries, national parks, and wonderful leisure activities and recreational parks to meander through on a sunny afternoon.

7. Wetaskiwin in Alberta

Wetaskiwin is a Canadian city located in the province of Alberta. The city lies 70 kilometers (43 miles) towards the south of Edmonton, the regional capital. The Cree phrase “wtaskiwinihk”, which means “the hills where peace was made,” inspired the city’s name.

The Reynolds-Alberta Exhibition, which celebrates ‘the spirit of the machine,’ and the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, which records the early settlement and culture in Wetaskiwin’s initial periods, are both located in Wetaskiwin. The Wetaskiwin Auto Dealers Association’s tagline and melody ‘Cars cost less in Wetaskiwin’ is well-known throughout Western Canada.

Cost of Living in This Affordable Place

Wetaskiwin, Alberta’s smallest town, is renowned for its pleasant, small-town ambiance, which offers a high-quality lifestyle with plenty of greenery, parks, and leisure activities. Wetaskiwin is a great city to live in, with a population of over 13,000 people and an average property price of $250,000. Imagine this as a community where you would live a healthy, fulfilled life with inexpensive housing, pedestrian-oriented, steep descents, and active lifestyles, sounds good.

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8. Brockville in Ontario

Brockville, historically Elizabethtown, is a thriving city in the Thousand Islands region of Eastern Ontario in Canada. Even though it is the home of the United Counties of Grenville and Leeds, it is legally autonomous from the county. Only for census considerations, it is combined with Leeds and Grenville. Brockville is well recognized for its excellent scuba diving opportunities in the St. Lawrence River.

Aquatarium at Tall Ships Dock, a 27,000-square-foot dynamic education and exploration center on the St. Lawrence River’s waterfront, is located there. Brockville sometimes referred to as the ‘City of the 1000 Islands,’ is situated on the Saint Lawrence River’s north coast, almost midway among both Kingston and Cornwall.

Adventure of Living in Canadian Cities 

The City of Brockville, located in the infamous 1000 Islands Tourism Region, is honored to be a World Designated Protected Area. Brockville is home to large industrial infrastructure and is known as a transit, storage, and logistic hub. Thereby, it is a desirable location to call home.

The city is mainly located, with two global bridges and proximity to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. The family-friendly city is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, which attracts divers, boaters, and swimmers.

Closing Thoughts

Everyone has gone from a phase in their lives when the thought of moving to a new city located far away from their previous lives and starting over seemed tempting, so, when the chance of discovering the cheapest place to live comes easy, you fulfill both of these dreams.

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Many of you must dream to live in Canada but are not real estate frenzy, what you might not know is that there are many cheapest places to live in big cities as well, so you can experience living in expensive cities at a low cost of living, adventure what it is like to live in Canada in it’s thriving largest city, just by residing in a cheap neighborhood.

Various Canadian cities make it seem like Canada is an expensive country, but when you delve deeper, you can discover the joy of living in large cities as well as the cheapest cities at a cost of living below the national average. Many private businesses, people working in the service industry, as well as major employers, are flocking to these cheaper cities to make the most out of their investments.

However, do not underestimate their beauty, many of the listings rated as the cheapest place to live in Canada are nearby the major economic center, major industrial parks, the hub of a garden city, and festival city, welcoming to international students, and perfect for nature lovers as well.


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