6 Places to Visit in the City of Quesnel

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The city of Quesnel is very multicultural, beautiful, and vibrant both for its residents as well as for its visitors. There are a lot of things to do in the Quesnel like hiking, fishing, golfing, ice skating, or relaxing on the beach.

The city of Quesnel is located in the regional district of British Columbia, Canada on the banks of the Quesnel and Fraser rivers. Quesnel is full of natural resources and the main occupations are based on forestry, ranching, agriculture, and mining.

city of quesnel
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Quesnel’s central location, excellent transportation options, and low real estate costs make it a perfect location for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Visitors to Quesnel can enjoy a hike through the trails, a stroll through the downtown, relax in the city’s natural beauty, indulge in adventure sports, and visit the museum. along with a hoard of other activities to make memories of a lifetime.

Pinnacles Provincial Park

A visit to the Pinnacles Provincial Park is one of the must things to do in Quesnel. The park is very beautiful and comprises approximately 124 hectares of pine forest and amazing views as far as the eyes can see.

The park is open year-round for day use and sightseeing. The park does not allow camping or horseback riding. The park provides an opportunity for a pleasant hike along a well-maintained trail.

The park has great scenery and is perfect for picnics with many picnic table sites available here.

Pinnacles Provincial Park Quesnel B.C

Quesnel And District Museum And Archives

The district museum which was established in 1963 is very popular among people of all ages and a visit here is an essential part of things to do.

The visitors may learn about the stories of First Nation Elders and Chinese and the impact of indigenous culture on this region or visit a temple through interactive video installations. Everything is very well documented in the museum with very qualified staff.

There is a haunted doll ‘Mandy ‘that sure generates interest in kids and families alike. The museum also has a children’s activity center where the kids can dress up or participate in a scavenger hunt.

The museum has various artifacts from the gold rush and beyond related to the past and how the society of Quesnel evolved over some time and the hardships they faced.

There is a list of passengers who went on the Titanic and the ship’s surprise connection to Cariboo, visitors get to interact with ‘Mandy” the haunted doll, old car, and historical and Indian artifacts.

The CS wing and CD Hoy photo collection have a wide collection of black and white photos dating back to the 20th century. The portraits tell a lot about the early lifestyle of this region. The museum also has a gift shop to purchase memoirs and other items along with a beautiful garden and playground.

Quesnel’s Historic Fraser River Foot Bridge

Fraser River Walking Bridge Quesnel BC Tour - Living In British Columbia - BC Real Estate Podcast

Quesnel’s historic Fraser River footbridge is now the centerpiece of the Riverfront Trail system and was the only bridge across the Fraser River in Quesnel between 1929 and 1971.

The bridge is really beautiful with lovely views of the river from both sides. The bridge is very photographic and looks stunning at night with LED lights on the bridge.

A stroll through the bridge is a must thing to do in Quesnel. The historic significance of the bridge along with the scenic views makes it a must-visit site of Quesnel city.

Richbar Golf And Gardens

Richbar Golf And Gardens is divided into three sections the Garden Centre, Golf Course, Clubhouse, and Cafe.

This is a nine-hole golf course with a very stunning landscape and a beautiful garden and plant nursery with a wide variety of plants and trees.

The golf course is very well-manicured and maintained and is always busy and provides more than enough challenges for players. Most holes are separated by timber trees and landscape plantings to give a more intimate experience to the golfer.

Locals apart from playing golf visit this place for the excellent quality plants and the gardening tools available here in the nursery.

The Richbar Nursery has a small cafe that is worth a visit for some quick snacks, desserts, appetizers, and soups. Everything is made from fresh ingredients and is very delicious.

The golf course is very pleasing to the eyes and visitors may take a stroll down the golf course and enjoy the scenery.

There are many hotels available near Richmond Golf And Gardens like Ramada Hotel, Billy Barker Casino Hotel, Quality Inn, and many others.

Visitors must include this place on their itinerary. This is a perfect place for spending a day of great food, golf, and gardening with friends and family.

Richbar Golf And Gardens
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Cariboo Escape

Cariboo Escape Rooms offer an exciting and challenging experience to everyone in Quesnel. The teams are divided and placed in different rooms and are given 60 minutes to solve puzzles through clues and escape the room to win.

Cariboo Escape rooms are designed to experience live puzzles and instant strategies in a controlled environment that improves team building and is great for mental exercises.

The escape rooms are a great place to have fun with family and friends. The rooms are very well set up and the staff here is very friendly and courteous. There are games even for kids in escape rooms.

People should include a visit to this place as one of the most enjoyable things to do in Quesnel. Prior booking is required for participating in various challenges.

There are many restaurants and hotels near Cariboo Escape rooms like Sylvan Motel, Gold Pan Motel, Bliss Coffee, Quesnel Bakery, and many more where visitors can taste some scrumptious meals and have a pleasant stay while visiting Quesnel.

Ceal Tingley Park

Ceal Tingley Memorial Park Heritage Corner is located along Front Street where the Fraser River and Quesnel rivers meet.

This park is the beginning of the Riverfront Trail Walking System and is covered with Cottonwood trees, evergreens, and beautiful flower gardens. Visitors to the park enjoy a lovely walk around the well-maintained park.

There is a steam shovel kept at this site from the 19th century that was used to dig a trench in a bullion mine. The northern end of the park has a heritage corner that has a collection of artifacts from the past and a trading area.

The artifacts include a Cornish Wheel, a telegraph cairn as a reminder of the Collins Overland Telegraph, an early communications system in Quesnel, and the boiler of the first steamship ‘The Enterprise’ to arrive in Quesnel.

The visitors get to know more about the past of this region and must include a visit to this park.

The park has nice bike trails and walking through the historic footbridge is very calming and enjoyable. The park is a great stop for picnics with family and friends in the natural and serene surroundings.

Final Words

Quesnel BC

Closing Thoughts

The city of Quesnel has all the amenities needed for a quality lifestyle. The city has excellent infrastructure, schools, colleges, and hospitals, and the people here are very friendly and helpful.

The city staright out of old natural ads is full of natural beauty and is very proud of its heritage and historical significance. There are loads of things to do in Quesnel for fun and enjoyment. The people of Quesnel believe in working hard and at the same time enjoying life to the fullest.

Discover cross country skiing, traditional territory, nature parks, museum to learn more about its mayor history or Quesnel Stay Fishing Outdoor Adventure Eat See and do more Located in the central interior of bc, Quesnel is a vibrant community, beautifully development at the confluence of the Quesnel and Fraser rivers.

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