Group of friends solving puzzles in an escape room challenge. Group of friends solving puzzles in an escape room challenge.

Unlocking Adventure: The 6 Best Escape Rooms in Downtown Canada for Thrilling Challenges

From dining out and hanging out at a cocktail bar to trekking, there’s much to take in while sightseeing in Downtown Canada.

But apart from such laidback and more relaxed activities, I bet you didn’t know that there is space for a bit of thrill and a lot more challenging or more immersive experiences with friends and family, kids and adults alike!

Escape Rooms in downtown Canada have begun popping up in cities like Richmond Hill.

They resemble live-action, interactive board games and are fun for all ages, proving to be not only a hit during Halloween time but can also be enjoyed all year round by families with kids.

It is for people looking for some fun puzzles to solve or immersive games to play; it acts as a venue for birthday parties or even corporate events since many companies also utilize escape rooms for gameplay and promote group activities and healthy team building.

These rooms are also categorized by themes, ranging from horror-themed and prison breaks to pirate ships and even secret agents. In this list, you will find yourself locked in some of the…

1. Best Escape Rooms in Downtown Canada

But, beware, once you enter these rooms, you’ll never escape…. (Just kidding)

1.1. Escape the Ghost Ship

Screenshot from Escape the Ghost Ship
Screenshot from Escape the Ghost Ship

You and your ‘shipmates‘ find yourselves trapped aboard the Barnacle Beth, a seemingly abandoned and cursed ship docked at Queens Quay Harbor in Toronto on Halloween Eve.

Once onboard, all members must remain on deck for the duration of the task that involves discovering the lost treasure onboard Barnacle Beth and thus breaking its curse…. lest your souls are doomed to eternal damnation!

This pirate-themed escape room allows 10-12 participants.

1.2. Black Creek Where the Dark Things Dwell

Arm yourselves with lanterns and head down to this escape room set in the Black Creek Pioneer Village with a team of six and save the villagers of this cursed village from an uncertain fate.

1.3. Escape Manor

Escape Manor is home to not one, not two, but three horror-themed escape rooms, various spine-chilling games, and so much fun!

Unlike other escape rooms, Escape Manor is known for its fear factor and adult-themed adventures, so one can also avail of its axe-throwing game aided by an expert (yes, you read that right, axe throwing!).

Screenshot from Escape Manor
Screenshot from Escape Manor

Moreover, the participation of teams of up to 8-10 people is allowed, and it offers various play games like the ones given below-

1.3.1 Devil’s Advocate

This escape game involves team members striking a deal with the devil. But beware, as this deal sounds just too good to be true.

1.3.2 Cabin 13

This escape mission will test your team-building abilities as you and your fellow players face the challenge of surviving a trip into the woods. And this is not just an ordinary stroll through the forest either.

1.3.3. The Asylum

Last but not least, you are on your own with no game guide during this escape mission. But that’s the least of your concerns, as the room you find yourself abandoned in is a nightmarish doctor’s lab.

1.4. Captive Escape Rooms

Canada's Most Realistic Escape Rooms

Similarly to its counterpart Escape Manor, the Captive Escape Room also allocates teams of 6-7 with three games varying in difficulty level.

1.4.1. Charlotte’s Attic

Team members are assigned a cold case and must uncover the motivations of a deranged and homicidal father.

1.4.2. 13 Doors

During this squeamish team mission, guide your team out of a haunted mansion with a life and mind of its own.

1.4.3. Dracula’s Library

As the moniker suggests, team members find themselves at the mercy of Dracula himself and are on a mission to escape the blood-sucking creature in this blood-curdling adventure.

1.4.4. The Farm

You won’t find such unique puzzles at the Mississauga venue of Captive Escape Rooms, as The Farm is a game exclusive to Toronto. Participants are on a mission to investigate strange and gory occurrences unfolding at the titular farm.

1.5. Secret City Adventures: Casa Loma Escape Series

Fiction, history, and time travel collide at Casa Loma, and this escape room is a must for fans of shows such as Dark or Doctor Who.

This venue also prides itself as a pioneer in escape games and rooms high on theatrics and period-accurate set design. It also pushes the envelope when it comes to engaging storytelling.

The escape games last up to 1-2 hours, with the players locked in the room taking on the roles of King of Bootlegger and other such protagonists.

A unique feature of this particular escape room experience is that live actors will aid you as you play.

1.5.1. Escape the Tower


A fun fact about the venue of this escape room is that it was once used as an undercover research center for developing anti-submarine detection tech (now known as sonar), and this particular game is based on the same historical aspect of Casa Loma.

As is evident from the name, in this task, you and your friends (or fellow teammates) must escape the tower and save themselves from an uncertain fate by tracking down the U Boat coordinates of their enemy.

1.5.2. King of Bootleggers

This game is set during the Toronto Prohibition in the 1920s, with players portraying notorious gangster Rocco Perri and attempting to prevent rivals from usurping Perri’s growing bootleg empire. Very Don Corleone-esque, eh?

1.5.3. Station M

Set in a post-World War 2 era, players must uncover dark secrets by navigating the titular Station M– A codename for a facility manufacturing weapons and other covert material.

This escape room has a very 007 feel and is a must for James Bond movie fans and a boon for fans of the time travel genre.

1.6. Looking Glass Adventure

You could refer to Looking Glass Adventure as a pandemic-friendly venue since it is perfect for various events- from onsite private events for families and corporate activities– and features a remote or online option.

One testimonial also praised its well-organized facilities and, of course, jump scares galore!

1.6.1. Mystery at Mayweather Mansion

Welcome to Maryweather Mansion

With one hour on the clock, participants must navigate the stately moor of renowned archaeologist and explorer Mrs. Mayweather. To complete the task, they must protect her precious artifact collection before harm befalls it.

1.6.2. Operation Flamingo

Play as special agents and infiltrate the house of a mastermind in this escape room task that also involves retrieving mysterious but ultimately dangerous items.

1.6.3. Walden’s Wizardry Shop

The owner of Walden’s Wizardry Shop (for all your wizarding needs) is in serious trouble and requires your help battling the evil spirits and supernatural forces within his shop.

Walden's Wizarding Shoppe

2. FAQs

First game and no clue how to navigate escape rooms? Then follow these FAQs!

2.1. Is There Any Special Etiquette to Keep in Mind?

Ans.  Reach the venue 15 minutes early to ensure a head start in the game, wait your turn, and refrain from rude and violent tactics, or you might be shown the door early by staff (Yes, even if things get heated or too demanding during gameplay).

2.2. Are Phones Prohibited on The Premises?

Ans. Yup, give your phone a rest.

2.3. Is There a Difference Between Linear and Nonlinear Escape Rooms?

Ans. Linear Escape Rooms require players to solve only one puzzle and then move on to the next room. In contrast, the latter challenges the participant to solve multiple tasks in no particular order before they are allowed to leave.

2.4. Are There Any Rules Regarding the Booking Procedure for Escape Rooms?

Ans. If you plan on solo play, book private rooms. Otherwise, you will share the room with other groups or strangers since many escape rooms stop accepting bookings once the room capacity is reached.

2.5. How Do You Hone Your Escape Room Skills?

Ans. Those wishing to master the art of solving puzzles can just search for and download iOS or Android apps such as Tiny Room Stories or Cube Escape to gain the upper hand in the games and puzzles (no, it’s not cheating).

And Now to Wrap Up

Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or an adventure seeker, downtown Canada’s huge variety of escape rooms promises an exciting escape from the ordinary.

From mind-boggling puzzles to heart-pounding challenges, each escape room on our list has its unique charm.

So gather your friends and family, head to one of these amazing escape rooms, and embrace the challenge!

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