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Vancouver city is best known for its adorable scenic views, rainy climate and some of the best restaurants in North Vancouver. North Vancouver is famous for its delicious seafood and popular restaurants.

The city is home to many vibrant and stunning areas, such as Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lynn Canyon Park, Deep Cove, Lonsdale Quay, Grouse Mountain, and the north shore mountains are the famous tourist attractions in North Vancouver.

The fabulous nightlife and incredible tourist attractions are the well-known beauties of Vancouver but the restaurants in North Vancouver are known for their finger-licking taste and mouth-watering dishes stand above all.

The area of North Vancouver is known famous for its spectacular mountains and ski hills. If you are planning a trip to the immensely beautiful city of Vancouver, the article brings you the city’s best restaurants with consistently good food and comfort food. You can also check the best birthday spots in Vancouver if you are planning a trip to Vancouver on your birthday.

List of 10 Best Restaurants in North Vancouver

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1. Arms Reach Bistro

Arms Reach Bistro is located in North Vancouver and offers delicious food. Special diets include Vegan food and gluten-free food which is known to be pocket-friendly. In terms of food, service, value, and atmosphere, the restaurant is found to have a rating of 4 stars.

All different types of Canadian Cuisines are available, so you can also check their website for pre-booking of private seats for special occasions. Services like ordering their great food online for pick up or delivery at home are also available.

2. The Lobby Restaurant and Lounge

The Lobby Restaurant and Lounge is one of the best due to its utterly amazing vegan food and fast food. You can also enjoy nearby tourist attractions including Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Lynn Canyon Park, Deep Cove, and many others.

The restaurant provides fabulous dining and is known for its best northern fast food. Delicious lunch at the Lobby Restaurant and Lounge includes grilled vegetables, sauteed prawns, and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes.

3. Maru Korean Bistro

Maru Korean Bistro restaurant is famous for its delicious lunch menu with plenty of Korean dishes and cuisines. It is located at 2nd Street East, North Vancouver, BC. The main course of the restaurant includes delicious seafood and fresh sushi. The place is family-friendly with a casual and cozy atmosphere.

Maru Korean Bistro is one of the top restaurants that offers food services like takeaway, delivery, and dine-in at good prices. The dishes are served with great service which can add to your amazing experience.

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4. Fishworks Restaurant

Fishworks restaurant is one of the top restaurants and consistently good food is the most appealing aspect of this restaurant. The restaurant comes on the list of popular North Vancouver categories because of its famous unique dishes. One such dish is the Sockeye Salmon Wellington which is covered in crispy and flaky phyllo.

The flavours and textures are perfectly balanced, offered by a very nice attentive waitress. The Fishworks Restaurant is located at 91 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver, BC. The meal seafood by fireworks is Ocean wise approved and a private table can be pre-booked by visiting their website.

5. Boulevard

Boulevard is an Indian Fusion Restaurant that offers a special diet vegetarian-friendly with gluten-free options. It is located in Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver, bc, Canada. The spacious restaurant is famous for its high-quality Indian food.

Boulevard offers its amazing collection of buffets such as Curries, Tikka masala, Samosas, and others. Some highly recommended food includes Butter Chicken, Raita, Rice, and Mixed grill, thus it is known as one of the most famous Indian restaurants in North Vancouver.

With excellent services and parking facilities, they have reasonable prices and the staff is knowledgeable. This place is fantastic and is found to be the local favourite with a drop-down menu.

6. V-Nam Restaurant

The V-Nam restaurant is located in North Vancouver, BC and serves Asian, Vietnamese, and soups. Special dishes at the restaurant include spring rolls, noodles, sandwiches, and French toast. It is a fun, and casual restaurant and its menu is full of Vietnamese options mostly famous for its dinner.

The sausage breakfast sandwich is delicious and reasonably priced with customer-oriented staff and fast delivery of their delicious food.

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7. Haida Sandwich

The Haida restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in North Vancouver and is located in St E North Vancouver, BC. Special dishes of the restaurant include pizza, fast food, and Asian food. If you are planning a special lunch on a Saturday night with great service and delicious pate, this is the perfect location for you.

With its magnificent food and amazing collection of continental options, the Haida restaurant can satisfy any taste. It is a local favourite restaurant because of its delicious Italian food and local beers.

8. OEB Breakfast

OEB Breakfast is one of the famous crunching restaurants in North Vancouver, BC v7l. Services like dine-in and reservations are available at OEB Breakfast. Dishes like chia seed pudding, Artisan Bagel Sammy, double trouble, etc are some famous dishes.

It is also famous for its nice dinner and fun casual restaurant nearby. It was established in 2009 and people possess a hearty affection for great food at the restaurants in North Vancouver. It stands for bold food integrity, outstanding people, embracing evolution, and other aspects.

9. Winston

Winston is a famous restaurant located in North Vancouver, BC v7m with hotel-class popular amenities and a drop-down menu. You can find meals from local favourites and has an amazingly great atmosphere.

Sausage breakfast sandwiches, French toast, cinnamon bun pancakes, and delicious vegan burgers are some of its famous dishes. It gives access to high chairs, free wifi, a bar on site, Gender-neutral toilets, and other hotel-class popular amenities.

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10. Spicy House

Central Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver or Spicy House is vegetarian-friendly with delicious vegan burgers and Korean dishes as highlights of the restaurant. The spicy house has been serving North Vancouver since 2003. The food is made with fresh ingredients and is fancily decorated.

The Owner of the Spicy House is the husband and wife, they manage all packing and serving of the food. Therefore, the food takes a while to get ready and served.

Amazing Place to Explore Near The Restaurants in North Vancouver

With stunning mountains all around, North Vancouver has other amazing things to do in the adorable city. Historic museums, parks, beaches restaurants, bars, and spas are some of the best attractions.

Here is a list of some amazing places with nearby restaurants in North Vancouver and other restaurants in West Vancouver. The magic of the natural world will leave you speechless.

1. Granville Island

Granville Island is a famous tourist attraction in North Vancouver. The Island’s superbly fresh cream food, its diverse array of music, and other restaurants in North Vancouver play a major role in its popularity.

The Sandbar restaurant is one of the restaurants near Granville island which offers the most delicious seared foie gras and best seafood in the city.

It is a spot of popular north Vancouver categories for both tourists and locals. There are amazing things to try from visiting the restaurants in North Vancouver to admiring the arts of history.

There are tons of festivals celebrated from a variety of music, literature, food to name a few, and others. Craft beer is widely used around the Island by the people during these festivals.

2. Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park is known as the natural paradise in north Vancouver, BC v7j. A 50-meter-high suspension bridge and scenic hiking trails are the major attraction of Lynn Canyon.

Lynn Canyon Cafe, Browns Social House, Tommy’s Cafe and Restaurant, Big Bite Donair, and Delany’s Coffee House are some best restaurants that offer delicious dishes including utterly amazing vegan food, sausage breakfast sandwiches, delicious seared foie gras, french toast dishes, and cinnamon bun pancakes with fresh cream, fast food.

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3. The Quay Market and Food Hall

The Quay Market and food hall is a famous place for its delicious pate and hotel-class popular amenities. With great service, it boasts 80 great food vendors, artisans, and a boutique hotel.

It is located at Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver, BC v7m and is developed into a diverse, multi-use community anchor in the Lower Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver area. The Quay Market and food hall are one of the popular restaurants in North Vancouver.

It is a traditional market with a fabulous view of Vancouver’s skyline and harbour. Markets are open from 9 am to 7 pm. The ground level consists of more than 60 fresh market vendors selling a variety of goods from flowers.

Green leaf Brewing Company, Dex gourmet burger bar, Cheshire cheese restaurant and bar, the Soup Meister, George’s famous Sauvalki, Sharky’s Chophouse and Eatery, the Sandwich Shop, and many more are the famous restaurants near Quay Market and cover big portions of Food hall.

4. Bridge Brewing Company

Bridge Brewing Company is situated in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was Vancouver’s first nano-brewery and increased the rate of the Canadian beer industry. The beer services at bridge brewing company include barrels, full draught service, and Growler fills.

Along with increasing the yield of the Canadian beer industry, the bridge brewing company offers food services such as snacks, tacos, and others. Toby’s social house, Tour De Feast, and In Vacanza Pastificio are some popular restaurants in North Vancouver near BB company.


MONOVA is the museum of the North Vancouver, BC v7m which preserves historically valuable community records and artefacts. It is adjacent to Lonsdale Quay, Polygon gallery, and the SeaBus Terminal. MONOVA is the hidden gem of the city of North Vancouver.

It makes records more valuable, meaningful, and accessible to the public by organizing exhibitions, caring for collections, and providing access to archival information. It operated both the new Museum of North Vancouver on the west esplanade and the archives of North Vancouver located in Lynn Valley.

West Vancouver has a wide range of spectrum in the section of food. Here are some best restaurants in West Vancouver famous for their amazing food services and cheap eats. It offers food from cuisines worldwide that is rich in taste and can be gluten-free according to the need of the customer.

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1. The Salmon House

The Salmon House is present at 2229 Folkestone Way, West Vancouver. It is one of the popular restaurants for meal seafood and delicious vegan burger. Food at the Salmon House is served by responsible staff who serves the food with no delay and makes the food more enjoyable.

The restaurant provides vegetarian and gluten-free options. The main course of this restaurant includes mini lobster, tasty ahi tuna, tuna kale salad, seared tuna salad, and others.

2. Beach House

Beach House is a famous restaurant in West Vancouver that offers feenie burger mid-day, sausage breakfast sandwiches, tasty ahi tuna, tuna kale salad, crispy prawns, and ahi tuna tacos.

The beach house’s main course includes very tasty ahi tuna and seared tuna salad which is also famous in the list of popular North Vancouver categories. The very tasty ahi tuna dish is a local favourite and is enjoyed by the locals mostly on a Saturday nights.

3. The Fable Kitchen

The Fable Kitchen is located at 4th Avenue, Vancouver bc v6j. It is famous for its best eats in Vancouver with friendly service and knowledgeable staff.

It features a wide selection of mild to spicy dishes that include mini lobster, duck breast cooked, French toast dish, and blueberry hill pancakes. The Fable Kitchen is a local favorite restaurant in West Vancouver.

4. Cardero’s Restaurant and Live Bait Marine Pub

Cardero’s restaurant is a spacious restaurant located at Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver bc v6g. The restaurant is famous for its delicious seafood and marvellous Canadian cuisines.

The main course of Cardero’s restaurant includes miso soup, lamb curry, beet salad, beef tenderloin, and blueberry hill pancakes. One can also find the best duck breast cooked at the restaurant on a fine cold and rainy day.

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5. Troll’s Restaurant

Troll’s restaurant is located at Bay St, West Vancouver bc v7w. The main course at the restaurant includes a french toast dish, a feenie burger mid-day, miso soup, lamb curry, beet salad, and fried calamari with an extra crunchy texture.

On a cold and rainy day, this restaurant offers nice discounts and private space for couples and families.

6. Rose Persian Cuisine Restaurant

The Rose Persian Cuisine Restaurant is located in West Vancouver bc v7m. The dish called kashk Bademjan is a famous Persian appetizer special from the chef’s kitchen. The dish is an eggplant served with a piece of bread.

The other famous dish at the restaurant Rose Persian Cuisine is the Fava Bean Rice served with lamb shark that contains a nice texture gravy, which is specially prepared for this meal.

7. Montgomery’s Fish and Chips

The Montgomery’s Fish and Chips restaurant is located in North Vancouver, BC v7m and serves the best seafood in the city. The famous dish of this restaurant is fish and chips served with an extra crunchy texture.

8. The Soup Meister

The Soup Meister restaurant was initiated in 1995 and is a famous restaurant for a variety of soups. It is located at 123 Carrie Cates Court, Suite 103, North Vancouver, BC v7m.

The timings of the restaurant are not a problem as you can enjoy their soup every day between 9 am to 7 pm and 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

9. Cilantro and Jalapeno Gourmet Mexican Foods

The Cilantro and Jalapeno Gourmet Mexican Foods is a homemade Mexican restaurant located in north Vancouver, BC v7m. You can enjoy different types of tacos made out of fresh ingredients.

They also offer a variety of vegetarian food for vegetarian people. It is homemade and serves healthy and fresh food.

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10. Haida Catering

Haida Catering is known for its amazing fast food service. The restaurant is suitable for all kinds of parties such as birthday parties, brunch or breakfast events, family gatherings, and office events.

The main course at the restaurant includes a toffee pudding cake, beef tenderloin, burger, pizza, and sandwich.

11. Maru Korean Bistro

Maru Korean Bistro restaurant is located at 2nd Street North Vancouver, BC v7l, that is famous for Korean fried chicken and pork belly buns. The famous dish of this restaurant is fried calamari served with hot mustard.

The staff is knowledgable and have friendly nature. At Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver, the restaurant is famous for its bulgogi dolsot and kakuni dolsot served with hot mustard.

12. Haida Catering

Haida Catering is a famous place for parties and family gatherings. The diverse menu of Haida Catering restaurant is highly rated for its amazing taste and quick service.

It offers a special offer of 10% off on birthday parties. The price range is approximately CA$30 for two people. The Haida catering restaurant is famous in the north van because of its fabulous variety of cuisines and special diets.

13. Pho Japolo

Pho Japolo is a famous restaurant located at Marine Drive, North Vancouver v7p. The restaurant has a variety of dishes served with fresh ingredients and quick service.

It offers Vietnamese dishes and innovative sushi masterpieces from popular chefs of the city. Pho Japolo has many other branches in north Vancouver.

14. De Dutch

De Dutch restaurant is located at Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC v7p. It offers delicious Gluten-free and Canadian dishes.

Vegetarian food is included in the special diets of the restaurant. With great service and excellent food, they serve a big breakfast but for a limited period.

15. Orto Artisan Pasta

Orto Artisan Pasta is a real hidden gem of north Vancouver, BC v7p, located at Mackay Road. It also has a variety of Italian dishes including different flavours of Pasta and other amazing dishes such as white sauce pasta, red sauce pasta, frittata, Mushroom Omelette, Butternut squash, and sage lasagna, and squid ink spaghetti with prawns.

Desert at Orto Artisan Pasta includes Tiramisu, toffee pudding cake, Affogato, and Chocolate mousse. Since timing is not a problem, so it is the best place to spend time with family and friends.

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16. Douce Diner

Douce Diner restaurant is located at 1490 Pemberton Avenue North Vancouver, BC v7p. The dishes on the menu are unique for their amazing flavours including Pork sausage, Smoked bacon, Country ham, and sausage breakfast sandwich. Meridian Farm Market is a famous traditional market for groceries.

The restaurant is best suited for food lovers because it also offers many coupons and a buy 1 get 1 free option on alternative days. The comfort food and great service provided at Douce Diner are popular and famous as a local favourite among the Canadians.

To relish some richly flavoured food at many famous restaurants in North Vancouver, pre-book restaurants’ tables by visiting their sites on google and get some amazing discounts by applying different coupons.

Closing Thoughts

The restaurants in North Vancouver are not only famous for their taste and services but also play a major role in providing the highlight of the cultures of Vancouver. Tasting rooms are one such feature of many restaurants in North Vancouver.

Plan visiting north vancouver is only complete when you treat yourself with wonderful food. Whether you want the classic delicious food, asian indian cuisine, or seafood restaurant offering fresh food quality, these north vancouver restaurants get you covered.

Hope the information provided in the article will help you reach some perfect destinations to add a little sprinkle to your north vancouver food trip. Have an incredible and foody journey.

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