Learn Photography While Touring Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon Park!

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Vancouver, a tour to Lynn Canyon Park and Photography is waiting for you on various dates from 10:00 am to 02:30 pm.

Grab your camera and head to Lynn Canyon Park to learn and understand all about professional landscape photography with a professional photographer in a guided tour of Lynn Canyon to enhance your photography skills.

Grab your tickets on Feverup today.

Photography is not just a hobby, it is an art and a skill set. Everyone can click a photograph, but it takes patience, vision, and a perfect camera to capture a perfect shot.

With the invention of Digital Cameras, you can now adjust the settings of your focus of the camera, ISO, exposure, and many more to capture good photographs.

Each kind of photography will take a set of settings in your digital camera. The photography course can cost more than CA $500. Well, do not worry.

Learn landscape photography with a professional photographer during the tour at Lynn Canyon this July.

Do you wish to know more? It is time to read on then.

1. About Lynn Canyon Tour and Photography Lessons

1.1. Experience

Lynn Canyon is heaven for nature photography and is the best place to learn photography. During the event, the professional photographer will be your guide.

Learn Photography while Touring Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park!
Learn Photography at Lynn Canyon. Source Feverup

In the two and half hours of hike and tour, the guide will teach you how to handle the user, select the scene, and setting to be adjusted.

Learn about focus, exposure, and ISO adjustments to capture the beauty of this place.

Do not worry if you do not own a digital camera as DSLR is available for you to rent and learn photography at a small price.

Are you an expert photographer? Then grab your camera and head for perfect nature photographs yourself.

If you just want to hike and enjoy the trip, you can just enjoy the guided hike in Lynn Canyon.

You can capture the photographs in your camera phone for memory.

The organizers are also providing a free FYI drop to the city on completion of the tour.

1.2. Age Restrictions

The event is restricted to children below 11 years. Tickets are available for all above 11 years. Children below 16 will require supervision from adults.

1.3. Date and Time

The event is organized on numerous dates. The 2 and half hours tour will start from Lynn Canyon at 10:00 am.

1.4. Tickets

Tickets are being sold on the ticketing platform FeverUp. It can be browsed either on the website or on mobile applications.

Tickets are priced at CA $156.00. The tickets include a guided tour, photography lessons, and a drop in the city.

You can rent DSLR at the venue for an additional charge.


The tickets are final once purchased and no refund will be available in case of cancellation but you can modify the dates.

2. Learn Photography at Lynn Canyon Today

  • What – Guided hike to Lynn Canyon Photography lesson with a professional photographer.
  • Where – At Lynn Canyon meeting point at Vancouver’s 700 W Pender Street.
  • When – Numerous dates.
  • Time – 10:00 am to 2:30 pm.
  • Tickets – Available on FeverUp at CA $ 156.00.

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