Candlelight’s Tribute to Fleetwood Mac in Vancouver!

Vancouver, get ready to witness the Candlelight: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac musical concert at Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church on various dates including 9th September and 18th November 2023 from 7 pm and 9 pm.

Candlelight concert is all ready to bring the best of the band’s bangers on a musical concert to be held at Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church, in the warm ambiance of candlelight. 

While being encircled by the candlelit, unleash your inner melophile in the beautiful setting of the church while reveling in the harmonious symphony of violin and piano.

1. What is a Candlelight Concert?

Candlelight Concerts are live entertainment portal that hosts various musical concerts across the world paying tribute to various stars, bands, and more.

This agency hosts orchestral performances in venues lit only by candles worldwide, creating exquisite environments with their intriguing themes.

The Candlelight Concerts delivers both visual and auditory sense experience to the audience through the candlelit setting and orchestral music.

Candlelight Pays Tribute To Fleetwood Mac in Vancouver!
Source: FEVER

2. About Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a Rock Band, formed in the 1960s, in London by Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, and Mick Fleetwood.

Having won several Grammy Awards such as Album of the Year and Grammy Hall of Fame Award, Fleetwood Mac’s songs still resonate with the 2000’s generation.

Fleetwood Mac’s capability to treasure bright, delicate beauty even on cloudy days is exceptionally relatable.

3. The Venue

The venue chosen for this concert is Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church situated in the western portion of Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighborhood.

The Church’s main entrance leads onto 41st Avenue, which is located between Trafalgar Street and MacDonald Street. The venue for the concert is easy to reach through public transit.

4. Venue Information

4.1. Age Requirements

The guests must be 8 years old or older to attend the Candlelight’s tribute to Fleetwood Mac concert and the guests under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian. 

4.2. Is there Any Disability Access Provided?

Yes, the venue provides disability access. And the audience is advised to show up early to access proper seating arrangements and assistance.

4.3. Are there Any Availability of Food at the Venue?

Guests are only allowed to bring their water bottles and no food and beverages will be served at the venue. 

4.4. Is there Proper Parking Available?

Yes, the venue has proper parking facilities behind the Church, with disability parking spaces included.

5. Dates and Times

The musical concert at Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church will be held on two different dates and time slots for the convenience of the audience. 

If you prefer to get home before it’s too late, you can go with early evening shows at 7.30 pm, and if you’re busy till the evening you can go with the night serenade at 9.30 pm. 

You can also pick your desired date according to your convenience, the first show is on a Saturday night on 9th Sept and the second show will be held again on a weekend on 18th Nov.

6. Programs

Engross yourself in an unexceptional evening of the musical symphony as the Violin and Piano duo showboat the stage with an intricate lineup of Fleetwood Mac’s boppers including Rhiannon, Songbird, Everywhere, The Chain, Dreams, Hold Me, Go Your Way, Gypsy, You Make Loving Fun, Say You Love Me, Landslide, and Never Going Back Again.

Be ready to groove yourself to the rock and roll of 70s and 80s music and Candlelight brings Fleetwood Mac’s iconic songs to life in the elegant setting of Kerrisdale Church.

7. Duration

The duration of the concert is 60 minutes and the doors of the venue will be open 30 minutes before the start time and latecomers will not be permitted to get inside.

8. Tickets and Seating

Tickets must be reserved before the event through Fever’s website which are accessible digitally and the seating is designated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based on research, for this concert and all the Candlelight Concerts, Fever sells tickets based on four tiers: Zone A priced at $60, Zone B is $50, Zone C is $40, and Zone D (balcony) is for $30.

9. Book Your Tickets Now for Vancouver’s Candlelight Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

  • What: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac in Vancouver by Candlelight.
  • When: 9th September 2023 / 18th November 2023.
  • Where: Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church settled at 2733 West 41st Avenue, Kerrisdale/Shaughnessy in Vancouver.
  • Time: 7 pm/9 pm.
  • Tickets: From Fever.


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