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West Vancouver is considered one of the most charming and flourishing cities in the lower mainland of Canada. It is one of the most populated cities in Canada and has a population of about 5,400 people per square meter. It is home to beaches, parks, and hills. So let us find some of the best restaurants in West Vancouver.

Comfortable living spaces, a lively environment, amazing views, and delicious food are some reasons for this West Vancouver’s popularity.

Looking for some of the top restaurants in West Vancouver? You are at the right place. As this place is home to people belonging to various communities, West Vancouver has a wide range of spectrum in the section of food. Listed below are West Vancouver’s best restaurants.

Amazing Restaurants In West Vancouver

West Vancouver is the ideal place for people who love to eat. It offers food from cuisines worldwide that is rich in taste and mostly gluten-free.

All these West Vancouver restaurants serve drinks and beverages to line up with the food. If you want to explore more places in West Vancouver, Bc, take some of your time and read the article.

1. Casa Di Amici – Marine Drive West Vancouver

The best Italian restaurant in West Vancouver has delicious Italian food on the menu. Casa Di Amici is known to serve fresh homemade pasta and pizza. Some of its popular dishes are Spaghettini Pestacore, Penne Norcina, Gelato, and Tiramisu.

Located in Marine Drive West Vancouver, this restaurant has praise-worthy service. It serves freshly cooked chicken breasts, tomatoes cooked in classic Italian style, and peppercorns crushed in their famous Amici, which is further covered in special spicy tomato sauce. It is the most liked dish in this restaurant.

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For spaghetti lovers, this restaurant has some good news. It serves various preparations of spaghetti that almost everyone loves. Not only spaghetti, but seafood lovers can also find tasty seafood pasta and some of the best pizza.

To complement the food, it serves global wines. The ones who are willing to visit this place, head over to 1747 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC V7V.

2. Raku Japanese Kitchen – Marine Drive West Vancouver

If you are a resident of West Vancouver, this place is highly recommended. It has excellent service and offers authentic Japanese food, including sushi and signature rolls. Besides delicious food, this place also has a fantastic ambience and friendly staff.

The menu contains a wide range of Japanese dishes like aburi oshi, sashimi, and tempuras. The tempuras offered by this place include Cauliflower tempura, Vegetable Tempura, Prawn tempura and many other options. Options are available in signature rolls as well.

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Their famous roll in Nova Scotia contains steamed lobster and several other good stuff. Those interested in visiting this place, take out your time and head over to 1860 Marine dr West Vancouver and enjoy the food with a hot or cold shake, beer, or even wine.

3. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio – Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC

One of the best restaurants, this place has diverse options on the menu. Interested in planning a romantic date night with your partner? Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio is a great spot. Up for a family dinner? This place has got you covered. Or is it time for having some lunch with your colleagues? Head over to this fantastic place in West Vancouver without any second thought.

The menu has a mixture of Peruvian and Japanese meals loved by the guests. The usage of both local and international ingredients enhances the taste in their dishes, which highlights the seafood of the West Coast.

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Their popular dishes include Sushi Pizza, Soft Shell Crab Tacos, and Dungeness Crab Causa. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio is often called one of the best sushi places.

4. Thai Pudpong Restaurant – 1474 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B7

Thai Pudpong Restaurant is the first Thai restaurant in West Vancouver. It is known for serving authentic Thai, and this place also has a very cosy atmosphere that makes it perfect for dining in with family and friends.

Looking for perfect appetizers? Chicken Satay is a great option. It is marinated in special Thai spices and herbs and is served in peanut sauce. When you are at a Thai restaurant, you cannot miss the authentic Thai red curry served with steamed rice. It is the perfect meal for both lunches as well as dinner.

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One of the most famous names in the list of West Vancouver restaurants, this place serves dishes like Phad Thai, Fresh Mango with Sticky Rice, Chicken Satay, and Red Curry, and the list continues.

West Vancouver, BC V7T is the place you have to head to for enjoying delicious Thai cuisine.

5. Rose Persian Cuisine Restaurant – Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J3

Are you someone who loves every Persian dish? Dine in here without any doubts. Such a little spot serves mouth-watering dishes to the table that will fill your mouth with flavours in every bite.

The chef serves a special Persian appetizer named Kashk Bademjan. It is an eggplant dip that is yoghurt-based and is served along with fresh homemade bread.

Best Restaurants in West Vancouver
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The Fava Bean Rice with Lamb shark is another popular dish in this place. A complete lamb shark is served in a special gravy in this preparation. Take your loved ones to this Persian restaurant for a fantastic treat accompanied by the best service. West Vancouver BC V7V is the address.

6. Wooden fish – Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B8

One of the famous Vietnamese restaurants in this region, Wooden Fish, serves a fresh flavour of herbs and vegetables. Spring rolls are the perfect appetizers one can opt for before deciding on the meal.

The perfectly seasoned Green Papaya Salad is a crowd favourite. It is sweet and sour and has the perfect blend of all the ingredients. The Hanoi Beef Noodle Soup is another name that tops the list. It is a delicious traditional Vietnamese dish that contains tender pieces of beef cooked in traditional beef broth.

Best Restaurants In West Vancouver
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If you want to experience having traditional Vietnamese dishes on your table, visit The Wooden Fish at Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B8.

Closing Thoughts

Vancouver’s North Shore has some of the best restaurants in Canada, accompanied by the best service. It serves delicious food from various cuisines that include soup, salad, and other dishes that people often love to eat.

Some of the restaurants in West Vancouver also serve various pork items, including pork belly, sour pork, and other preparations. In short, West Vancouver is a paradise for the foodies.

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