5 Best Conservation Parks in Ontario To Visit

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While thinking of Ontario, things that come to people’s minds are world-class attractions, busy shopping malls, conservation parks in Ontario, and entertainment centers, but Ontario is much more than what you think it is.

In reality, Ontario, being one of the cheapest places to live in Canada is blessed with natural gems like breathtaking lakes, winding rivers and streams, beautiful wetlands, sand dunes, pristine beaches, amazing waterfalls, lush green forests, natural heritage sites, and conservation areas.

Conservation Areas of Ontario 

There are a total of 500 conservation areas, which are owned by 36 conservation authorities, out of which, 300 Ontario’s conservation areas are made available for the public to visit and discover.

The region’s conservation authority is responsible for the operation of the park and maintenance of these Conservation areas. Conservation authorities of Ontario own a total area of 150000 square kilometers, making conservation authorities the largest property owners in this province.

Short Hills provincial park
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Importance of Conservation Areas

Ontario’s conservation areas not only encourage the public to go outdoor and enjoy nature but also play an important environmental, educational and recreational role and are also beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of people.

Conservation areas preserve wildlife, wetlands, and forests, provide many outdoor recreational opportunities to visitors and also contribute to the environment and nature by providing oxygen, improving air quality, and conserving water.

5 Best Conservation Parks in Ontario

As discussed earlier, Ontario has more than 300 provincial parks available for the public to visit and explore. Here is a list of some of the best conservation parks for you to visit and do some exciting adventures.

1. Algonquin Provincial Park

conservation parks in ontario
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Algonquin Provincial Park is not only the largest conservation park but also one of the top conservation parks, covering a vast area of 7640 square kilometers with lush green forests, turbulent rivers, and dreamy trails.

With just a few hours ahead of the north of Toronto, it provides the best place to people to spend some quality time with the company of nature and do activities like canoeing, fishing, and hiking. Along with endless activities, you can see some amazing wildlife species here.

2. Bon Echo Provincial Park

conservation parks in ontario
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Bon Echo conservation park is a popular conservation park in Ontario to enjoy with family and groups. This unique provincial park is well known for gigantic Mazinaw rock, which is 100 meters above Mazinaw lake.

This famous park is renamed after a rhythmic echo produced by the Mazinaw rock due to the collision of lake waves on the rock face. There are numerous activities to perform here, starting from canoeing, fishing, boating, kayaking, and hiking. Therefore, this park is among the top for family picnics and group camping.

3. Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico provincial park is a world-famous park for canoeing and fishing. Located in the northwest part of Ontario, this iconic conservation park is eminent for its untamed wilderness, stunning waterfalls, gigantic rock cliffs, and rolling rivers.

Quetico Park is spread over the area of 4765 square kilometers and consists of more than 600 lakes and nearly 2000 unofficial campsites. If you are a camping lover, then Quetico is one of the best conservation parks for you in Ontario for camping.

4. Killarney Provincial Park

conservation parks in ontario
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Resided along the Georgian Bay coastline, Killarney provincial park is a true gem to explore. White mountain tops of La Cloche mountains and granite rocks of Killarney can mesmerize anyone who visits this beautiful place.

This place is a jackpot for canoeing enthusiasts as this place features over 500 lakes for canoeing and it can take either a day or a complete week to explore different lakes while canoeing. Not only this, you have choices for a selection of hiking trails too, but the best and most popular hiking trail is the 80 Kilometers La Cloche Trail, which demands over 10 days of hiking and challenging climbs. 

5. Lake Superior Provincial Park

With amazing views of breathtaking landscapes and trails running along the coast Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful conservation parks.

Lake Superior is situated on either side of the US and Canada border and is renowned for canoeing and hiking. It also consists of 200 campsites, making this place suitable to camp. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world as it is nearly as big as Austria and 305 meters deep, which makes it one of the deepest lakes in Canada.

One of the main attractions of this park is rock paintings known as Agawa Rock Pictographs because it features paintings that were painted by the Ojibwe people.

Things To Do in Conservation Parks

In a conservation area, you will find everything you are looking for, from beautiful trails to calm lakes. Apart from enjoying the company of nature, there are several activities you can do in conservation areas in Ontario like hiking and canoeing, and cross country skiing.

Also, if you are in a search for camping sites, then there are many camping grounds available in these conservation parks. You need to first find out whether camping is allowed there in a specific conservation park or not and check complete information regarding permits on the official website of Conservation Ontario.

You can take part in the healthy hikes, and be a part of a campaign run by conservation authorities to promote healthy ecosystems to make people of Ontario aware of physical and mental fitness by stepping into nature in any conservation park.

The Healthy Hikes campaign was first started in the year 2013 and is still running, you can check further details on the official website of the conservation area of Ontario. The Healthy Hikes campaign is executed by 36 conservation authorities in Ontario with the help of their partners.

Provincial Park
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Closing Thoughts

Conservation parks are an inseparable part of any society because they serve a vital role in preserving natural resources and wild species, providing clean air, and open space for current and future generations.

The conservation parks in Ontario improve the quality of life for people and hence it is everyone’s duty to keep them clean and contribute a bit in preserving them.

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