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Montreal is known worldwide for its amazing nightlife. You will never regret visiting the best clubs in Montreal as no tourist has ever been disappointed. From the Beachclub to L’Axe du Mal, you can find clubs open at any time you feel like dancing or grabbing a drink with your friends.

The different venue features different kinds of music and dance styles. One venue has a more hip-hop environment while the other has electric music to dance to. You can go around and enjoy the nightlife by visiting the best Latin clubs in Montreal or going around looking at the local scene of the city.

If you are visiting Montreal as a tourist or are a resident over there, then these are the best clubs, you should go to. You can go to the clubs and be nostalgic about your college days or experience your first party.

Most of the clubs are located in the heart of their respective city, which makes them even more attractive and amusing. So check out this list of best clubs in Montreal and find a good result of your search club near me in Montreal.

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 15 Best Clubs In Montreal

1. L’Axe du Mal

L’Axe du Mal (which means ‘the axis of evil’) is a bunch of four foundations at the nightlife intersection of Saint-Denis Street and Mont-Royal Avenue which, when joined, makes for the ideal pub-crawling experience. It is the biggest club in Montreal.

Each bar offers an alternate sort of amusement: Quai des Brumes is a live music venue that spotlights Francophone craftsmen and vocalist musicians playing non-mainstream rock and society; L’Escogriff is a more cozy stone-situated setting with nearby and visiting groups; La Rockette is a higher up dance club that works in rockabilly, exemplary stone and flies from the 50s to the 80s; Pow offers a more of clubs environment with neighborhood DJs playing electro, house, techno, and different styles.

It is open from Sunday to Saturday and is the best choice for the last call to see the nightlife in Montreal.

2. Club Unity

Club Unity is a fun and happening gay bar in the core of – you got it – Montreal’s Gay Village. This is the biggest nightclub in Montreal. One of the greatest dance settings in the city with staggering dance floors draws in a different group. Watch for the crossdressers strolling concerning who will empty a shot straightforwardly into your mouth upon request.

The two floors of Club Unity that offer a range of styles of music consistently in a cordial and open climate. Two enormous dance floors offer strong sound frameworks, where the best DJs from around the world come to turn. Need a break? Go to the roof porch or partake in the nightclub and drag shows.

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3. La Voûte Nightclub

La Voûte is a modern club situated in Montreal’s first high-rise, in the vault of the old Royal Bank and one of the best Montreal nightclubs. This real vault/club is the ideal spot in the historic Royal Bank assuming you appreciate refinement and secret.

The furniture includes dark velour seats, tall angled roofs, and splendid doors that give an elegant space for you to experience the nightlife. Besides, the club additionally has a rich bar giving delicious and refined, yet costly beverages. It also has a friendly team La Voûte reinvents itself into a sophisticated club

A dancing floor is additionally present for partygoers to move. Moreover, the club likewise has DJs who keep the climate fiery with their uproarious and lively tracks in an awesome sound system. For example, EDM, Latin beats, electronic music, classic rock, and party mashups, spur you to move the night away.

La Voûte Nightclub welcomes you every night of the week. Starting from 10 pm to 3 am at the end of every week and no wonder is a mysterious and magical place.

4. Le Belmont

The roaring Le Belmont, which is one of the dance clubs sitting at party focal close to St. Laurent and Mont-Royal, tries to be everything to all individuals and it succeeds in being one of the best nightclubs in montreal. One divider, shrouded in enormous larger logos addresses its understudy jump bar past while another, with a cool spray-painting theme, addresses its current rebirth as a hip underground club.

Regardless, the blended group appreciates the uncommonly planned spaces impeccably right for both moving and drinking. Tech house parties, vaudeville supper club, great groups, and live music played over a decent solid framework ignite expectations from the club among visitors.

It is typically free before 11 pm and drink specials are offered mostly in the evenings by a warm and friendly team.

5. Club Soda

Club Soda, a genuine Montreal establishment, has seen the development of Quebec for 35 years in the Canadian and global entertainment business. As a trailblazer in the core of the Quartier des Spectacles, the setting permits youthful musicians and makers, everything being equal, to observe a reasonable first-class foundation, which will assist with making a name for themselves in Montreal.

A multifunctional and adaptable scene, with a nightclub or standing equations, for a Christmas celebration or to introduce a worldwide craftsman, they will track down the ideal arrangement.

This nightclub has had the pleasure of inviting neighborhood abilities Lisa Leblanc, Coeur de Pirate, Karim Ouellet, Koriass, Yann Perreau, Peter, Klô Pelgag, Kid Koala, Foxtrott, Socalled, and some more.

Enormous names from the worldwide scene held essential exhibitions too: Oasis, PJ Harvey, Fine Young Cannibals, Ben Harper, Amy Winehouse, Rufus Wainwright, Counting Crows, Melissa Etheridge, Jay Leno, Soundgarden, and Chris Isaak.

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6. Casa Del Popolo

Established in September 2000, Casa Del Popolo (The House of the People) is Montreal’s only family-run neighborhood vegetarian destination. It is a part fair-trade cafe, part music venue, part resto-bar, and part art gallery.

Where else would you find an eclectic mix of music, other genres art, snacks, film, zines, spoken word, and the hottest bartenders in the town? None other than Casa Del Popolo. The Casa can accommodate up to 55 people and is an intimate and warm place to see live performances.

They are open at noon for soup, salad, and sandwiches. One can come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon and plan on staying for early or late evening performances. The scene changes frequently, so check listings before planning your night out.

This recently renovated bar, bistro, and club combo mean that you can dance until 3 am on most of the nights along with great food.

7. Stereo

Stereo is viewed as the zenith of Montreal. Though it is little, it is an energetic electronic-music scene, playing host to both worldwide stars in techno and house music and the absolute best nearby club found in the city.

CJAD 800’s Benson Cook talked with three neighborhood DJs who can be found in the corner of the club frequently: Cesar Romero (better known by his stage name, Simply City), Kris Tin, and Alex Pycke.

Initially, Romero started playing in a dance club as an ever-evolving house DJ in his local Chile and then went through his initial quite a while residing in Quebec playing at Laval club Red Light before it shut in the mid-2010s. Seven years ago, he originally performed at Stereo, close-by companion and guide Hernán Cattaneo, and has since become one of the club’s occupant DJs.

8. Salsatheque

Montreal’s most established salsa club, Salsatheque is a genuine place for French Canada’s long-standing relationship with everything Latin. Host to amazing visits by Arcade Fire, it is the spot to see and be seen.

Neon lights, disco balls, goliath palm trees, and a scope of Latin beats – salsa, merengue, and bachata let you know that it is one of the best nightclubs in Montreal. A few evenings are committed to top-40 pummels to change the good times.

Whether you dance or not., you can see a part of the stars acting in the dance challenges or participating in large groups playing their Latin tunes while tasting tropical beverage specials. You could get dance illustrations from a part of the amicable regulars.

You can go and visit the dance club on either Fridays or Saturdays between 9:30 pm until 3:00 am and either hit the dance floor with your friends or spend time in the lounge area.

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9. Beachclub

The Beachclub has been a top destination for electronic music fans for more than 20 years. This dance club with a limit of more than 10,000 individuals, is the greatest outside complex in North America. Including extraordinary craftsmen consistently, the Beachclub values its global standing inside the electronic music industry.

This mid-year, come experience the Beachclub with awesome music and nightclub atmosphere. Come and partake in the sun while lolling on one of the seashores or tasting a heavenly beverage while paying attention to your beloved DJ.

As president and co-proprietor of the Beach Club, Olivier Primeau made it his main goal to make an ‘open-air live event experience’ available to the overall population consistently and at a reasonable cost. This gives you even more motivation to come and appreciate.

While headliners occur at the end of the week, the Beachclub is open on all 7 days of the week assuming the rainclouds blow over.

10. Newspeak

Newspeak, Montreal advertiser, I Love Neon works, is a second-floor moderate-size scene in the Village. And they have made it their central command for everything techno with a particularly decent choice of negligible and profound house entertainers from Europe.

Taking its name from the imaginary language in Orwell’s 1984, it has a personal arrangement that gives partygoers strikingly close contact with global DJ ability on the dancefloor and allows the sound framework to occupy the space in any event.

When it is stuffed to the rafters, this is the best spot to see your cherished turntablists around. Unlike the other standard scenes, the group here is not forceful or cliquey, given the circumstances.

The well-disposed bar staff will ensure that you are dealt with sincerity and you will without a doubt make companions in line for the restroom. Look out for their Igloo Fest official all-nighters and other exceptional occasions as they will not disappoint you.

Newspeak is open from 10 pm to 3 am on four days of the week that is, from Thursday to Friday.

11. Velvet Speakeasy

Velvet Speakeasy, one of the best clubs situated in Old Montreal under the gigantic Auberge Saint-Gabriel café and has a spearheading job in the frenzy, encompassing the best speakeasies in Montreal that has assumed control over the nearby scene throughout the recent ten years.

Suggestive of European cave clubs with its cobblestone burrow roof, Velvet’s sumptuous parlor sofas are accommodated by VIP bottle administration, while the dance floor is stuffed at the end of the week. The music here is house and techno-centered with a program of nearby occupant DJs and global ability. The greatest Grand Prix parties occur here, alongside Igloo Fest all-nighters throughout the colder time of year.

This club can be visited on Fridays and Saturdays, anytime between 10 pm to 3 am.

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 12. Cabaret Berlin

Cabaret Berlin is one of the best-in-class little settings open in the Gay Village. Propelled by the unbelievable underground clubs of Berlin, it has rapidly shown its guarantee for wild evenings and incredible nearby DJs.

A blend of European-style negligible techno, eccentric goth, electroclash, dull wave, Italo disco, and various kinds implies that you will never have that very night two times, alongside normal themed occasions that element drag and vaudeville. The passage is modest and the vibe is laid-back, making this the best spot to let your inward freak out.

The timings of the nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays are 9 pm to 12 am, whereas on Sundays the place opens at midnight and closes at 5 pm.

13. New City Gas

Found straightforwardly in the core of Griffintown, this legacy building has become the present blazing spot around. Initially inherent in 1859, the New City Gas complex used to change coal into gas for the lighting of Montréal’s roads and structures.

Today, the legacy complex has been changed into an occasion space enveloping north of 40,000 square feet on two stories. What was once an energy hotspot for the city’s lights is currently a shining presence in the Montreal nightlife scene.

New City Gas takes care of more than 3,000 individuals every week with the top worldwide ability and topical experiential components. Adaptable to adjust to client needs, the structure can oblige up to three unique rooms, each having a mix of memorable person and contemporary plans.

The club is open from 12 noon to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, whereas the place is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 pm to 9 pm.

14. Le Rouge Bar

Youthful energy and two stories of shifting music will keep you moving the entire night. Le Rouge Bar has been elected as probably one of the best clubs for over 10 years now. With two stories of incredible atmosphere, Rouge presents the city’s most sultry DJs in a casual environment on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Situated in Prince Arthur and Saint-Laurent, this club is a decent wagered all the time for an enthusiastic night out. Incredible music, amicable staff, sensible costs, extraordinary food, and drinks make this club an amazing spot to party at the end of the week.

The principal floor is a space that is committed to a mashup of music from oldies, top 40, house, and rock while the succeeding floor is less diverse playing for the most part standard, hip-hop, and R&B.

The place is open from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays and Fridays and on Saturdays, the timings are 10 pm to 3 am.

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15. Complexe Sky

As though four stories of party fun were not sufficient, the Complexe Sky additionally includes a roof pool, spa, and smaller than usual café to commend the fundamental floor contributions. It is turned into ‘the objective club’ for the gay local area from Montréal.

The party develops more extreme the higher you move until you arrive at the overall quiet of the roof. On the primary floor, snatch a beverage or a nibble at the moderately quiet eatery/bar or make a beeline for the second floor for the drag supper club supper show.

Dance devotees head to the third floor to look at the tremendous dance space and ear-parting music. The club is open from 3 pm to 12 am Tuesday to Saturday. For the best clubs montreal reddit also gives good information on it.


Even though the above-mentioned bars are some of the popular clubs in Montreal, you might hear about Bar le Jockey in Montreal, which is another famous bar in this city.

Along with being a party animal and a constant visitor of the best clubs in Montreal, if you are a shopaholic, then check out the Top Fashion Brands in Canada.

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