27 Best Restaurants In Downtown Calgary —You Must Explore

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The foodie scene in Calgary is constantly evolving, with new creative and innovative culinary creations vying for the savory spotlight. Whatever meal you pick on the menu, your taste buds are going to get their fair share of drooling.

We have got the best Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Japanese for you to feast upon and build memories around.

Calgary restaurants have got it all, from the fine local dining fares to global gourmet grub with a tad Canadian vibe.

From the mouth-watering Alberta beef with some Asian-inspired raw seafood on the side or an exciting vegetarian meal, this city has it all. Some restaurants on this list have gotten reworked to get that fresh new interior to complement the palatable cuisine vibe.

We are gonna be looking at the 27 best restaurants in downtown Calgary to help you experience fine dining amidst a wide range of ambrosial selections.

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1. Calcutta Cricket Club

Calcutta Cricket Club is an Indian restaurant that serves classic Indian dishes retaining that tropical soothe. One of the top restaurants to get authentic Asian flavors.

The urban rustic cuisine here ensures one night of fine dining to cherish those pallets of yours. The great food of this place has quite an interesting vibe that complements the modern cooking techniques with which you’re presented with a wide variety of curries.

My personal favorite would be the Kati Rolls, tandoor grilled meats, or cottage cheese gently wrapped in a soft and savory parantha. The Kerlan Black Pepper Mushroom is a great choice as well. But that is not all, they serve a wide range of beverages to wash it all down. From craft beer to classic cocktails, everything pairs perfectly with the menu.

The Happy Hour from Monday to Sunday from 4 pm to 5 pm would be the best time to enjoy the great Asian flavors with their great service.

Location: 340 17 Ave SW, Calgary.

2. Calgary Momo House

An amazing destination for Nepalese cuisine awaits you in the Northeast of the city. Dumplings and chutneys are the main attraction of their menu, but the sukuti sandheko, the mix of perfectly spiced-up goat meat, authentic rice from Nepal, and roasted soya bean, would be a great pick.

Each order encompasses 10 ambrosial dumplings whose aroma is enough to get your mouth watered, a true perfect textural delight you’d seek in your comfort food.

Location: 4310 104 Ave NE #2150, Calgary, AB T3N 1W2, Canada

3. Silver Inn House

This restaurant has been serving perfectly sliced onions with dried beef and juicy bell pepper tossed and fried with a ginger sauce since 1975. Put those calorie counters away and try to soak the heavenly bits of fried chicken into the sauce, and enjoy.

The old-school ambiance with the Canadian influence brings out Chinese fine dining. The dinner menu has got a perfect selection of Classic ginger beef; not too saucy, tender beef, and crunchy batter.

Location: 2702 Ctr St N Calgary, AB T2E 2Y7

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4. Vero Bistro Moderne

One of the best restaurants in Calgary, Vero Bistro Moderne is the place to get the best Italian and French cuisines in a romantic red and black-themed dining area to invoke a classic romantic European vibe.

The restaurant caters to your tastebuds as well as your conscience, for this gourmet eatery is run by chefs that advocate ethically farmed fish and meat and organic produce.

You’re not just looking out for a delish healthy meal but also supporting the local community. The dinner menu is a carefully curated list of fresh pasta, meat, and seafood that is complemented with a side serving of meatballs and steak fries.

My personal favorite would be The signature sweet potato gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce, sage butter, and toasted walnuts. A perfect dish for a blue-cheese lover.

Location: 209 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V5, Canada

5. NOtaBLE

One of the best Canadian cuisines awaits you amidst its incredibly well-designed decor at NOtaBLE.

The Beef Brisket Burger, the Eggplant Curry, the Banoffee Desert, everything is carefully cooked using local ingredients and love to ensure you have a smile of contentment and pleasure when you walk out of the doors of this modern bistro.

The amazing food is well served, with free parking for 2 hours, more than enough time to get your dopamine and serotonin shooting through the roof. If you crave Canadian cuisine, you must visit this fine dining restaurant in downtown Calgary.

Location: 4611 Bowness Rd NW #133, Calgary, AB T3B 0B2, Canada

6. Alloy

Alloy is the best example of incredible dining outside of the “cool” city parts. This restaurant in Calgary has gotten a sweet aesthetic Japanese design with cherry blossom trees and bamboo woodwork that complement the bright pink trellised walls.

The alloy has been catering to our tastebuds with a wide selection of exciting Mediterranean, Latin, and Asian flavors since 2007. Alloy is also a part of the Mealshare program, so every item you order would help someone in need get a meal as well.

One of the fine dining restaurants, Alloy has got the best-smoked paprika roasted potatoes with arctic char. While you’re there, do try their signature Vanilla-braised beef short rib served along with a bed of parmesan cheese risotto and some roasted seasonal veggies.

Location: 220 42 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1Y4, Canada

7. River Café

The Canadian cuisine serving restaurants has gotten the best ambiance you could get, The incredibly picturesque Prince Island Park.

Their menu changes almost constantly to ensure peak freshness and unique flavors presented to you. They are known for procuring seasonal ingredients from local farms and ranches to ensure the finest dining experience in downtown Calgary.

Make sure you find time for this delightful experience, especially their signature wine list paired with a medley of six seasonal courses.

Location: 25 Prince’s Island Park, SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R1, Canada
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8. CHARCUT Roast House

The CHARCUT Roast has got a deep reflection of the urban dining experience, perfectly blending with rustic cuisine design. CHAR invokes the use of a custom-built char boiler, and CUT is the vintage-style bar.

The place has got carefully curated wine and craft beer lists that pair perfectly with the local ingredients grown in the restaurant’s garden.

Do ensure you check out the pig-head mortadella that is served with truffles and pistachios, one of their head chef specials.

Location: 899 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 1B8, Canada

9. Vendome

With an exciting selection of parties alongside a robust food menu with an amazingly subtle exterior, the Vendome is one of the best downtown restaurants you must pay a visit to soothe your tongues.

The Teatro group has not been humble in showing off their perfectly brewed coffee and espresso-based beverages that pair perfectly with their cute little Sunnyside breakfast option.

Vendome is perfect for a weekend brunch with your friends, where you can have all the comfort food and caffeine that’ll rejuvenate you thoroughly.

Location: 940 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0E6, Canada

10. Winebar Kensington

One of the oldest wine bars in Calgary, Winebar Kensington stands out for its romantic vibe that best brings out the carefully curated wine list and cocktail menu.

Visit the wine bar and grab a few flatbreads, olives, charcuterie, cheese, and craft beer and their signature cocktails along with your friends in the open kitchen seating the bar provides, or have your perfect romantic date by a fireplace with a fine dish of mushrooms on brioche toast.

Dine in and experience great food and great service, and the best meals with the perfectly paired drink for that perfect Saturday eve.

Location: 1131 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3P4, Canada
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Established in 2020, this new amazing eclectic dining experience was brought to life by the TOP CHEF CANADA finalist Jinhee Lee, one of the most celebrated Calgary chefs.

Korean pizza and fried chicken, and a cocktail menu that brings out the Korean flavors are one of the most beloved dishes of this place.

Head chef Lee has brought excellent food and flavors to life in her magical workshop, especially the South Korean Pizza topping with sweet corn & honey, Butter chip pies on the side with jalapenos and mozzarella, and parmesan. A perfect mouth-watering pizza that one should never miss.

Location: 111 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B4, Canada

12. Paper Lantern

The best restaurant in Calgary’s Chinatown has the best Vietnamese dishes to tickle those tastebuds. The head chef is non-other than the owner, Nhi Tran’s mother, with her perfect mother’s recipe of Banh xeo and bo luc lac (shaken beef).

This place also serves surprises every night to keep the ante high and the aroma heavenly. My personal favorite would be the paralyzing touch cocktail, along with the pork belly Vietnamese sub.

Location: 115 2 Ave SE Basement, Calgary, AB T2G 0B2, Canada

13. Ceasar’s Steak House

As the owners call it, Ceasar’s steak house is indeed a Calgary tradition. They have the best aged Alberta beef that is individually cut to order to your specification what they are charbroiled to.

The steak house in Calgary has been serving customers since 1972 and has rightfully been established not just as a restaurant but as an “Institution”.

Dine in with a perfect plate of Caesar salads and chateaubriand and enjoy the most aesthetic and ambrosial steak dinner “Ritual”.

Location: 512 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0J6, Canada

14. The Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

If you’re walking around the Calgary streets, you might stumble across this chain of perfect brewers.

Their insanely addictive Hoopla donuts and the latte-croissant pairing would make a perfect date or just another caffeine-powered productivity session.

Their arrangement at Simmon’s limited is by the Bow River, whose shores would be the perfect aesthetic conclusion of the day with a latte and donut from the Coffee Roasters.

Location: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1, Canada
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15. Koji Katsu

The best Japanese Tastes downtown, Koji hosts the perfect order-in-meal on a cold winter night and is the best house Japanese catering in Calgary.

It is affordable and delish, especially the deep-fried Tonkatsu which is a perfect representation of Asian flavors.

The Curry Udon and the Mixed Katsu are my personal favorites.

Location: 1111 6 Ave SW Unit 106, Calgary, AB T2P 5M5, Canada

16. Pure Kitchen & Bar

The Calgarians have been enjoying the best Vietnamese in the area, by Chef Lam Pham who has his way of crafting perfect hits that would make you come back again and again.

Vietnamese crepes, Banh xeo tacos, the sate surf and turf rolls, everything on their menu is heavenly and beautifully crafted. My personal favorite would be the chef’s special char siu sesame doughnut

with sesame seed party that is stuffed with pork and carrots and cilantro, and juiced cucumbers.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to try the amazing shaken beef that best goes with coconut rice and red wine.

Location: 815 8 Ave SW #100, Calgary, AB T2B 3P2, Canada

17. ConMi Taco

The only building in Calgary that serves the best Tacos with fun beverages like horchata and tamarind.

Con Mi has found a way to pull the crowds towards their perfect aromatic cuisine that ranges from crunchy and plump ceviche to velvety and smoky pork.

My personal favorite would be the Passion Fruit Cream Churro, which is the perfect amount of sweet and citrusy, perfect for my cheat days.

Location: 821 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 7N2, Canada
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18. Sukiyaki House

Sukiyaki’s house is by far the best seafood restaurant in Calgary. The Japanese eatery is managed by the Kwong siblings and presents a wide variety of Japanese dishes with their artistic touch.

Snow crabs, prawns, and scallops, and the chirashi presentations, Sukiyaki would make fall in love with their lightly sauced salads and the seafood.

The after-food deserts conclude an amazing dining experience that is worth every calorie consumed.

Location: 207 9 Ave SW #130, Calgary, AB T2P 1K3, Canada

19. Catch & The Oyster Bar

The Catch & Oyster Bar is an interesting seafood restaurant that has been divided into two spaces, a vibrant Oyster bar below and an Urban Catch Restaurant on the top floor. A very beautiful blend of old and new, with architecture that is a sight to watch and grab some aesthetic photos for the social feed.

The dining options are just as beautifully crafted. The tuna tartare, crab cakes, and amazing fried chicken along with chorizo gravy with a few vegetarian options like the risotto primavera are a few of their amazingly delish dishes that you get to enjoy amidst their new renovated cutting-edge design over their early rich historic architecture that makes the entire dining an incredible experience.

My personal favorite here would be the Wonton-crusted tempura prawns that come with a creamy togarashi mayo.

Location: 00 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K6, Canada

20. Model Milk

Model Milk was built to create a “perfect” restaurant and is one of the best Canadian Food eateries downtown.

The chefs have been creating exceptional dishes with high-quality local ingredients that bring out the signature texture and flavor of the place.

Moreover, model milk has objectively made efforts to build a practice of organic and biodynamic winemaking have created a 100% ethical and eco-friendly dining that has been encouraging the local producers of fish and food that use sustainable methods of cultivation.

Their fried chicken with Ryan’s buttery biscuits paired with sharp pickles and the wedge salad would be the best combination for your weekend brunch.

Location: 308 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A8, Canada

21. Raw Bar

Raw Bar has won the Hotel Art award for a reason. The recent amazing renovations brought the  Vietnam-themed vibe and made it one of the amzaing restaurants in downtown Calgary.

The seafood-based menu has truly celebrated the Vietnamese legacy and heritage of the robust and profound flavors that they prefer to describe as “Vietmodern”.

Their dishes are as incredible as their interiors, which include creative cocktail lists that include a wide variety of beverages from the regular classic martini to alcoholic bubble tea. The menu includes a myriad of flavors with quite a few vegetarian options.

The heritage beef carpaccio served along with red onion, chilies, and spicy peanuts with nuoc cham is what the chef calls their masterpiece.

Raw Bar is an ideal family restaurant that features a wide variety of value-for-money treats that would be great for a family getaway.

Location: 119 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G8, Canada

22. Anju

The award-winning chef, Anju with her vivid and genius thoughts brought this place to life. Her modern menu blends in perfectly with the traditional Korean cuisine that is served at one of the best restaurants in Calgary.

The name of the restaurant translates to “the food one eats with alcohol” which is why the Korean place has got a perfectly classic selection of drinks to pair with the Korean dishes that have gotten a touch of a Canadian vibe. The atmosphere has a soothing aroma and the raw bar has got just about everything you’d possibly require to suffice the flavor cravings.

Their maple Hill chicken wings dipped in the gochujang of your selection is the best dish to start exploring.

location: 344 17th Avenue, SW, Calgary, Canada

23. Deane House

This charming in-house dining has brought the perfect Canadian Vibe that complements the wide pallet-friendly food they serve.

The head chef prefers to keep the menu updated with the season’s freshest dishes with a few constants like the red lentil hummus and the frass-fed tartare along with the pickled canola seeds.

The house is intriguing and welcoming and perfect for celebrating big feats on small plates. The Lemon Saskatoon squares are of the more carefully crafted delicacies that soothe the tongue with their heavenly texture and flavor, and I would pick them as my favorite.

Location: 806 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S2, Canada
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24. Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle House

Holding the proud title of the best fully-vegan restaurant, Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle house has got exceptionally exciting flavors for everyone.

The southeast Asian flavors have got the best-slow-cooked noodle dishes in the city, with the most amazing Vietnamese dishes along with a few neighboring foods like vegan pad Thai.

As a personal favorite, I’ve been returning to this place to keep having the Pho Special Noodle soup which I just can not get enough of. Since, their relocation to the Beltline, they have redesigned the entire interior to give the area a more spacious appeal and aesthetic Vietnamese vibe that sets up the mood for a great dinner.

Make sure, you check out their Tamarind which has got an incredible aroma of its own. It sure is vegan, but it is one of the best restaurants in Calgary.

Location: 908 12 Ave SW Suite 106 Calgary.

25. Yellow Door Bistro

One of the fancier ones, Yellow Door Bistro would entice you right from the moment you enter through the gates, with the tall horse statue which is incredibly majestic.

The place is famous for its brunch options, offering amazing delights from morning to tonight. The souffle-style pancakes change almost every month yet retain their high fluffy stack that never ceases to make one drool.

Their fantastic selection of yogurt parfait, Lemon pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, roasted potatoes, Eggs Benedict, vanilla Panna cotta, and muffins. The beverages that include coffee and tea pair amazingly with the pancakes and make the brunch heavenly.

Location: 119 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G8, Canada

26. Proof

One of the Calgary restaurants with their signature cocktail menu. The interior is spacious and cozy and the bar has got layers upon layers of amazing drinking from all over the world.

The barkeepers have got just about everything to craft you the drink you prefer at the moment especially during their 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. happy hour that makes for the following day’s hangover with exceptional prices.

Special Occasions like Christmas could turn the entire house into a celebration with a great ambiance and service. Be sure to grab a plate with the tiny Asian bites from heaven with the shrimp mayo that brings out the crunchy soft texture beautifully.

Location: 1302 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V7, Canada

27. Niko’s Pizza

The Greek pizza place in the west Of Canada known for its heavy-handed Mozzarella toppings with crispy edges has got the perfect selection of pizzas for you to devour.

The perfect blend between the typical and the traditional, the pizzas are loaded with tasty toppings and extra cheese layers to make your cheat days overly delicious and amazing.

location: 1405 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0J8, Canada
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That brings us to the end of this ride of exploring the best restaurants in Downtown Calgary that deserve to be tried has made into this list. most of these places are incredibly affordable and have got the perfect Instagram post aesthetic that you’d want for your trip to Downtown Calgary.

Do let us know your favorite eateries and cafes and restaurants you came across downtown and we would make sure to update the list. Happy Feasting! Bon appetite.

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