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Planning to visit “Cambridge,” one of the most famous cities in Ontario, Canada, this time. Alright, you must also be looking for some of the best restaurants in Cambridge.

Go through the article and find the perfect place to have your favourite dinner, lunch, or breakfast in this wonderful city.

Cambridge – The Legendary City

Cambridge is among the three core largest metropolitan cities in Canada. It is a part of the regional municipality of Waterloo. Apart from that, this city is also loved for its architecture and natural beauty. Several spots in this city attract tourists worldwide; Cambridge is a modern city with a small-town feel. Cambridge is a lovely city with a rich culture.

Apart from its natural beauty, you will also like this city’s artworks, galleries, sculptures, and markets. It is an amazing food spot where you can easily delight your tastebuds with some great food and cuisine from the top restaurants in Cambridge, Ontario.

So, check where you can find your favourite delicious and comfortable food.

Best Restaurants In Cambridge

Here we have elaborated on the top restaurants in Cambridge. Make sure to visit these incredible restaurants whenever you travel to this city.

1. Cambridge Mill Restaurant

The Cambridge Mill Restaurant is located at 100 Water St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 1P1, Canada.

Special Features

Besides some good food options, the restaurant offers stunning river views; The dining area comprises stone walls with large glass windows.

The covered terrace and the intimate dining room give a warm feeling to all the diners.

A traditional restaurant with a modern touch that serves classic dishes from the past with new innovative ideas and flavours.

It gives you an awesome brunch experience along with dinner, lunch, and afternoon tea. Every dish is beautifully presented and has an incredible taste. The brunch buffet is its main highlight.

You will get delighted with its ambiance and amazing staff services.

Foods And Drinks

It offers various exciting dishes, including charcuterie, fresh seafood, prime rib, and eggs benedict that are served hot.

Lamb saddle, meat steak, steak fries, shoulder of lamb, oysters, fish dishes, sweets, pastries, and chocolate bar desserts are some of its most famous words.

Caesars, mimosas, coffee, tea, and juice are also served as demanded.

2. Grain Of Salt, Indian Cuisine

The Grain of salt restaurant is located at 561 Hespeler Road Unit-18, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J4, Canada.

Special Features

If you are fond of Indian foods and cuisines, this Cambridge restaurant is the perfect destination, where you can have fresh Indian food flavoured with natural spices.

This classic restaurant has been rated the best Indian cuisine in the tri-city regions. All the dishes served are not only loved by Indians but are appreciated by other visitors also.

The best authentic food is served here with great hospitality and service. The place also caters to home parties, weddings, and other functions.

Foods And Drinks

They serve several mouth-watering starters, including vegetable samosa, papri chaat, aloo Tikki, mixed pakora, and lots more.

The menu for lunch and dinner is even more exciting. You will eat tasty seafood curries, tandoor bread, butter naan, kulcha, roti, and parantha.

Some vegetarian curries are chilli paneer, dal makhani, baigan bharta, malai kofta, chana masala, and many non-vegetarian curries.

Apart from these, have some beverages like mango shake, lassi, and masala chai. You can try kheer, gulab jamun, kulfi, or ice cream in desserts.

3. Langdon Hall- Country House Hotel And Spa

Langdon Hall is a very famous place in the country. It is located at 1 Langdon Dr, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8, Canada.

Special Features

It is the best place to have a good time with friends and family or have food with fun at its best.

It gives you a fine dining room, luxury, and comfort in one place.

The place is also famous for offering a great dining room, which has been awarded the coveted five-diamond award for 7 consecutive years. It is also the fourth-best Canadian restaurant.

The restaurant has a luxurious spa, considered among the 25 best hotels in Canada. Also, they offer special venues for weddings and personal meetings,

You can also shop for your favourite items from their E-boutiques.

The amazing dining room gives you an overlook of the gardens. You can opt for lunch and a cocktail in its Wilks’ Bar.

Foods And Drinks

The food items are prepared from natural products collected from community farmers, forgers, and artisans. All the dishes served there embrace a story of the relationship with them and have a unique taste.

Some of the most demanded and famous foods served there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner include pain perdu, smoked salmon on toast, chilled lobster, tartare, truffle soup, carrot porridge, young chicken, and many more dishes.

There is also a special list of menus for children, including chicken fingers, french fries, mini cheeseburgers, and sandwiches.

Please choose your favourite wine from their impressive wine list, including 1400 wines from around the world, and add to your incredible experience.

4. Sam’s Grill Cambridge

Sam’s Grill restaurant is located at 55 Pinebush Road #100, Cambridge, ON N1R 8K5, Canada.

Special Features

The environment of this restaurant is very family-friendly, and most of the items served here are homemade. They do the best quality food at a good price.

Foods And Drinks

The Sam’s Grill Cambridge is popular for its burgers and poutines. Some favourite items are specialty poutines, chicken fingers, homemade 100% beef burgers, real cheese curds, vegetable gravy, fish, and chips.

Some of their signature dishes are Montreal smoked meat, Sam’s super burger, Pulled pork sandwiches, and Hamburger fried onion poutine.

It would be best if you visited there to satisfy your cravings for burgers and other fast foods.

5. The Keg Steakhouse And Bar

The Keg steakhouse and bar is another famous place in the country. It is located at 44 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 8K5, Canada.

What’s Special

It is famous for its steak and seafood dishes. It is truly a classic yet casual chain restaurant.

Whether you visit the restaurant on Friday night or Monday morning, it is always busy and full of people. Please book your table earlier.

Great service, amazing and helpful staff, and superb atmosphere with delicious food makes this restaurant so popular.

Foods And Drinks

They offer several food options on their menu for lunch and dinner.

You would love to eat the famous garlic mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, apple short rib, lobster, Keg caesar salad, grilled shrimp, and Keg steaks.

They also offer amazing drinks, including Chilli mango margarita, cucumber cooler, high tea, and lots more.

Also, try their amazing red wine collection in the bar.

6. Mango Chutney

The Mango Chutney restaurant is located at 900 Jamieson Pkwy Unit 15, Cambridge, ON N3C 4N6, Canada.

What’s Special

It is an amazing restaurant in Cambridge that offers contemporary Indian cuisine. The food served is healthy and fresh for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The chefs here keep experimenting with curries. They try avoiding excess oil, cream, and salt in the curries.

The services, staff, foods, and ambiance are top-notch.

Foods And Drinks

The menu keeps changing seasonally, and food is prepared from natural ingredients that give you a complete Indian feel.

Some of the best Indian foods served here are palak-paneer, red gram salsa, korma, rice, naan, tamarind chutney, butter chicken, chicken biryani, and paneer tikka masala.

7. Amici Restaurant

Amici Restaurant is one of the most famous Italian restaurants located at 30 Glamis Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R.

What’s Special

This restaurant is among the best in Cambridge, serving amazing Italian cuisine.

It provides beautiful outdoor seating, with wonderful live music and performances. The service is great, and the staff here is also very friendly.

The atmosphere is very relaxing and cozy. It gives you the feel of Italian vibes.

Foods And Drinks

If you are an Italian food lover, what could be the better choice for you!!!

The restaurant serves the special Tuscan style, thin crust wood fried pizza and handmade pasta. The visitors also love spaghetti, and grilled salads served here.

Some of its special dishes loved by everyone include stuffed meatballs, chicken pizza, homemade sausages, soups, gnocchi, shrimps, and mussels.

A special menu for kids is also prepared there. You will love the desserts like cake, cheesecakes, and blueberry cheesecakes.

8. Saffron Indian Cuisine

The Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant is located at 605 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J3.

What’s Special

It is a highly rated restaurant in Cambridge that serves East and North Indian cuisine.

The decor inside is very nice and eye-catching, and the atmosphere is cool.

The restaurant is clean and tidy, and the seating arrangement is made beautifully. The staff is just amazing. They not only serve the foods but also give you an insight into the details of the foods.

Food And Drinks

As the name suggests, the restaurant is full of Indian dishes and vibes. The special Punjabi food is the highlight of this restaurant.

Some mouth-watering dishes are chana bhatura, puri chholey, paneer tikka, and fried veggies.

Among the non-vegetarian section, famous offerings in the restaurant are egg bhurji, naan pizza, fish pakora, and butter chicken poutine.

Indo-Chinese food is also served here. Don’t forget to taste its delicious desserts.

9. Gator’s Tail Cambridge

This restaurant is located at 970 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8R3.

What’s Special

The Gator’s Tail is a sports bar and a restaurant known for its live music, Karaoke, and Yuk yuks.

Have some relaxing and chilling moments with your family or friends in its cozy atmosphere.

Foods And Drinks

This bar cum restaurant serves you some of the best mouth-watering dishes, including chicken and beet salad, fish tacos, shrimp, fish and chips, burgers, stacked nachos, and many more.

The kids’ steak, chicken fingers, and mini–Mac N’ cheese served here are loved most by the kids.

This restaurant is located at 970 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8R3.

10. Black Shop Restaurant

The Black shop restaurant is located at 595 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J3.

What’s Special

It is one of the liveliest restaurants in Cambridge that serves both inventive and traditional cooking.

The ambiance is so comfortable that you would love to visit this restaurant again and again. The atmosphere is very casual but still very elegant.

The food and the service are both up to the mark here.

Foods And Drinks

It would be best if you tried its famous Black shop burger. Some of its most loved dishes are scallops, steaks and frites, grilled lamb chops, seafood capellini, and pan-fried herb potatoes.

Also, try the apple butter, ground beef striploin, buttermilk fried shallots, lobster mac n cheese, black forest ham, cutlets, and bib lettuce.

The menu offers much more in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, enjoy the best food here.


So, friends above, we gave you a detailed list of the restaurants, which you can always try whenever you visit this city to have an amazing and memorable food-lover experience.

Most of these restaurants are wheelchair accessible and serve every diner’s needs. Parking facilities are available in all of them.

Apart from these 10 restaurants, there are some more restaurants which you can choose to have a nice mealtime. These are Old Marina restaurant, Beer town Public House, Piatto Pizzeria, Bar, and Grille.

So, what are you waiting for!! Book your table in advance from the website links of these restaurants and enjoy the best food options there.

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