10 Best Restaurants in Penticton

In the last five years, Penticton has changed a lot in terms of places that provide food. Many new restaurants have popped out in Penticton, which provide the much-needed refresh that was missing in the culinary scene.

Since the baby boomers have retired and the millennials are over-purchasing some real estate, the demands for some best restaurants in Penticton are rising. Over time, this place has tried its best, and now it witnesses some of the best restaurants in British Columbia. Now it has places like Elma, which is a Turkish tapas-style restaurant.

Let us check out some of the top restaurants in Penticton, British Columbia, which are local favorites and great for groups. After reading this post, you don’t need to search for restaurants near me in Penticton.

Best Restaurants In Penticton

Typically Penticton restaurants are known for their beautiful vineyards, stunning views, and pleasant climate. However, the cuisines served here in Penticton restaurants are the driving force for its popularity.

Restaurants in Penticton can offer your heartwarming Turkish foods, with unique sushi places and fast food. Let’s hop to the most known restaurants in Penticton without wasting any more words.

1. Salty’s Beach House

The Salty’s Beach House is one of a kind in Penticton. Since the name says it all, you can understand how beautiful the view of the waters from these restaurants will be. In addition, the entire restaurant is decorated with lighting, which also gives an aesthetic view and a different vibe to the whole place. This place can indeed find a spot on your Instagram page. However, you may expect a wait in the summer months since it is located right beside the beach.

Photo by shawnanggg on Unsplash

Judging by the menu this place has to offer, you will surely be impressed with the variety of foods they offer. You can try tasting their Fisherman’s Pot from the main course, which is very popular over places. It has a unique Thai flavor and is very popular among customers. This place is perfect for a seafood lover. You will find fish tacos, oysters, and seafood soup.

Address: 1000 Lakeshore Dr. W, Penticton, BC V2A 1C1, Canada

2. Elma

Elma is one of the trendiest restaurants that you will find in Penticton. It arrived in 2019 on the Penticton restaurants list and has elevated the fantastic dining options since then.

The menu of this place has a lot to offer, and we can promise that it will leave you in a daze. It is located near the scenic lake of Okanagan. After it arrived in 2019, the city’s choice of burgers and pizza was suddenly shaken, and locals started falling in love with their Turkish dishes.

It is a special dish for every chicken lover. They make it perfectly spiced and tender; over all these, it gets seasoned to near perfection. You can come up with your friends and choose their delicious craft cocktails along with Turkish Fried Chicken. In addition to this, you can even try their Lamb Shank, which is also a delicious meal.

Regarding drinks, you can look for Caesar Cocktail or a Lara bench. Both of these drinks are the best of their kind.

Address: 994 Lakeshore Dr. W, Penticton, BC V2A 1C1, Canada.

3. Loki’s Garage

Image Source: Loki’s Garage

Loki’s Garage is among those businesses which have popped up in downtown Penticton in the past few years. This city restaurant is at the top because of its excellent food.

You will find sandwiches, burgers, and salads from the core menu, along with fish, pasta, and paella for dinner. All of this food is made with local ingredients, but they are entirely pocket friendly. In addition, you will find the best Eggs Benedict in Loki’s Garage.

It works with freshly baked bread, perfect eggs, and the crispiest potatoes. If you have good taste buds, you will realize the waffles and meat here are the best in the entire Penticton.

Moreover, the decoration of this restaurant is also outstanding. It is not only known for making food from scratch dishes, but it also provides a street-level deck with seven tables to sit.

Address: 52 Front Street 84, Penticton, BC V2A 1 H1

You will find more on their website.

4. The Bench Market

This place is the best brunch restaurant in Penticton. It is the perfect destination for you to dine in Penticton. The eggs benny in this place is the best you can ever find in Penticton restaurants. Also, their coffee and tea are excellent and fit perfectly with their baked goods. You can buy some special items like infused olive oils, local honey, and deli meats.

Moreover, this restaurant will give you the best place to sit and watch people and socialize with them while enjoying your delicious meal. You can grab a large patio and send your one member to order inside. Since it is located right down the trail entrance, visiting these places after a bike ride or a walk will be perfect for you.

Address: 368 Vancouver Ave, Penticton BC v2A 1A5, Canada

5. The Nest

This restaurant can turn your worst day into a good one! The Nest is on top of all the cuisine in Penticton. It offers its customers from Stellar dishes to its different wine collections. Also, it has a unique outdoor setting and dining room facility. It is known worldwide.

Their Braised Beef can melt your mouth in a second, and the presentation, along with their excellent service, is considered top-notch in Penticton.

You can fill your table slot with their Carrot Cake, and Lamb Burger. It has many other delicious food that you can try and taste.

Address: Fairview Rd 301, Canada, Penticton, BC.

6. Poplar Grove Winery

This place is well known for its winery history and its scenic location. The tasting room and Poplar Grove Winery restaurants give you the most stunning Penticton and the Okanagan Lake look.

This restaurant was opened in 1993, and now it is one of the other oldest hillside wineries on the Naramata Bench. This ancient restaurant has huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which highlight its spectacular setting.

In the Polar Grove restaurant, you will find crab, local BC oysters, and beef tartare for lunch. You can stop for any special occasions, lunch stops, or wine tastings.

Address: Naramata Bench. A 5-minute drive from Downtown Penticton.

7. Happiness Thai Restaurant

It is located on the main street of Penticton and is known to spread happiness by serving some of its most authentic Thai food. This place is perfect for you if you are searching for some dishes and fine dining. It has a very relaxed spot, and you can have a casual dining experience in this restaurant.

Photo by sirasit gullasu on Unsplash

Their Tom Kha Gai Soup is the best bowl of soup that you can ever have. In this Thai noodle, every bite of the noodle will burst a new flavor. They also serve the Drunken Noodles, which are loaded with chicken and veggies.

However, if you are looking for some standard dishes, you can try their Thai Pai, which will surely please your taste buds.

Address: 107 535 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5C6, Canada.

8. Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa is a local favorite restaurant and was voted to be the best Italian restaurant in all of South Okanagan Lake. It has been offering consistently great food over time now.

If you want to taste some Italian dishes, you should book your table in Villa Rose in Penticton. Villa Rose is known for its salads, meats, a plethora of pasta, and antipasti. In addition to this is an excellent Italian wine list that you can taste.

Address: 795 Westminster Ave W, Penticton, BC V2A, 1K8, Canada.

9. La Casa Ouzeria

Image Source: La Casa Ouzeria

This restaurant is the second most-known Greek restaurant in Penticton. It is another family-owned Penticton restaurant that offers both Greek and Italian cuisine.

You can try their different pasta types, family platters, and black apron steaks.

It has known to be the best place for fun, especially on weekend evenings. However, you can expect this place to be loud with all the hillside winery collections.

Address: 1090 Main Street, Penticton, BC v2A 5E5, Canada.

10. Polish Bistro

Your trip to Penticton will be worthless if you do not visit this place and dine in. This place is all about serving ethnic Polish dishes, and the dishes served here can make you feel like homemade food.

The staffs over here are more attentive and very gentle with their customers. You can even find their culture inside the restaurant since the owners have attached some pictures from Poland.

People who have dined in Polish Bistro have claimed their flavor is a replica of Poland. Their Schnitzel is considered to be the best on their menu. Not only this, but they are very professional with their Cabbage rolls. The stuffing in their Canbagge rolls cannot be missed at any cost.

Moreover, the Wild Blueberry Pierogies have some sweetened sour cream, which can delight your heart immediately.

Address: 65 Nanaimo Ave E, Penticton, BC v2A 1M1, Canada.


If you are a food lover, these restaurants will bring water to your mouth. We hope that now you can find your ideal restaurant in Penticton.

The restaurants mentioned above are some of the amazing restaurants in Penticton. Choosing one of them will soothe your buds.

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