30 Best Wineries in Okanagan for a Perfect Wine Tour

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There are many best wineries in Okanagan. These wineries offer many different types of wine which have fabulous tastes. If you are planning a trip to Okanagan, add the Okanagan winery tour if you are a wine lover.

Some of those wines are pinot gris, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and sauvignon blanc. These wineries are located in beautiful locations as these locations will make your day and relax your mind.

Okanagan is also known as wine country. The Okanagan wines are very delicious. Take an Okanagan wineries map along with and go on a wine-tasting tour. You will enjoy this trip. Some wineries in the Okanagan offer free wine tasting.

List of best wineries in Okanagan

There are many Okanagan wineries to visit. Most wineries in the Okanagan have a tasting room for wine tasting. A few wineries in the Okanagan offer pinot gris, and some offer pinot noir. And so many wineries specially offer cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir rosé, and cabernet franc.

These wineries are located in beautiful locations like Lake Okanagan, Okanagan Valley, West Kelowna, Napa Valley, and Okanagan falls. Many amazing wineries have a modern tasting room for wine tasting.

There are many best Okanagan wineries in the Okanagan to visit some of them are mission hill winery, gray monk winery, painted rock winery, Indigenous-owned Winery, nk’mip cellars, Hillside Winery, moon curser vineyards, and many more.

We will discuss all the best wineries in Okanagan in detail.

1. Tantalus Vineyards

Tantalus Vineyards is the oldest continuously producing vineyard in British Columbia. In this winery, the grapes are grown in the best environment, and their rieslings are in good condition, then the wines are produced by those grapes.

Tantalus is well known for its high-quality pinot noirs and chardonnay. It is a single vineyard that offers wines with different styles. They offer a gallery-style tasting room for wine lovers. It specially offers four wine samples which are 4 CAD.

Location: 1670 DeHart Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

2. CedarCreek Estate Winery

CedarCreek Estate Winery organizes an Okanagan wine tour for wine lovers. They offer many different types of wines to try for consumers.

It offers organic wines for consumers. It is located in a beautiful location. It enjoys the shore of Lake Okanagan with the award-winning Okanagan wine. They offer Canadian cuisine along with a glass of wine.

The environment can change your mood even if you have a bad day. Just have a glass of wine and enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Okanagan. This will make your day awesome.

Location: 5445 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

3. The Vibrant Vine Winery

The Vibrant Vine Winey is a quirky winery and one of the best wineries. They offer nine different types of wine, and they are perfectly crafted. The environment is full of fantastic art and beautiful wine bottle designs.

They also organize some events for the consumers on special days. They have two big outdoor stages for the events, a great place for chilling. Take sparkling wines in your hands and chill.

Location: 3240 Pooley Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

The Vibrant Vine Winery
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4. The View Winery And Vineyard

This winery has a wine cellar for the storage of wine. They also have a special tasting room for wine tastings. There is no tasting fee for delicious wines, which are just for tasting.

Location: 2287 Ward Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

5. Sandhill Wines

If you visit South Kelowna, please visit South Kelowna wineries in the Okanagan. They offer 10 special types of wines. One of them is Sandhill Wines. You can try the unique taste of wine here.

Some food and beverage industry students also visit their production houses. They serve some snacks along with the wines. You can also enjoy the vineyard tour to see the wine-making process.

They learn the complete winemaking process and observe the equipment, ingredients, and quality of ingredients. They produce wines with the best quality grapes.

Location: 1125 Richter Street, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

6. Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill pyramid winery is the only winery with a biodynamic vineyard. Their main attraction is the organic wines produce in their vineyard.

This Okanagan winery offers wines of different types like whites, reds, roses, sparkling wines, and Canadian ice wine. They offer pinot gris and pinot noirs. This winery is located near the Okanagan Valley.

This is one of the best Okanagan wineries because they have different wine regions for different types of wines.

Location: 4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

7. Ancient Hill Winery

Ancient hill winery is a boutique winery. It is located in north Kelowna. This winery serves European-style wines. They have their vineyards, and they grow grapes there only.

Those grapes are used in making wines. Their production house is near the hillside, so the temperature is less and constant every time. You can visit their tasting room to taste the different types of Okanagan wines. It also offers pinot gris and pinot noir.

They have a picnic area so you can enjoy and chill with your friends and enjoy the panoramic views of Okanagan Valley.

Location: 4918 Anderson Road, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

8. Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery prepares wine from the grapes grown in the mountain’s fertile volcanic soil. They specially prepare wine from the Gewurztraminer grapes, a special grape type.

All the wines which they serve are BC VQA certified. This Okanagan winery offers pinot noir and ice wines to try. They have a very nice theme in their winery: volcanic theme blends. You will enjoy your time here because they also offer magma, eruption, and lava flavor wine.

Location: 2845 Boucherie Road, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

9. The Hatch

The Hatch also known as Westside Wine Trail has a relaxed, fun, hipster, and modern environment, and its wine tastes incredible.

You can do a dinner party with your friends. They have decorated the bottles with different labels, so they look amazing. They labeled them with the tattoo of octopuses, dinosaurs, and narwhals.

They serve some starters and wine, and for a change, they also serve beer. You can have your dinner as well.

Location: 3225 Boucherie Road, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

10. Grizzli Winery

Grizzly’s main attraction is the Grizzly Bear. It is a form of Canadian bear. Its logo is a brown bear along with the Canadian maple leaf. This winery is special because it uses traditional and modern techniques to prepare wine.

They also organize many festivals, such as the ice wine festival and art and wine workshop. It is an award-winning designed winery which is liked by youngsters very much. There is a music system and a stage for dance so that people will enjoy their moment.

Location: Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

11. Quail’s Gate

Quail’s gate winery has the best views and wines all over Kelowna. Okanagan is a wine country, and you will find the statement true by visiting this place.

This winery has a tasting room and offers many different types of wines to try. This place is in the city center, so many malls, cinema halls, and markets are nearby. So you can do your work and then enjoy the evening.

The staff of this winery is very helpful. They use modern techniques to produce wine.

Location: 2550 Boucherie Road, Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

Mission Hill Family Estate, West Kelowna, Okanagan Valley

12. Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

Mission Hill family estate is an architecturally stunning winery. This winery provides all the experiences a wine country has to provide consumers.

There are many special quality wines to try at affordable rates. This winery also offers a rolling vineyard tour to its consumers. There is a terrace restaurant near it so you can overcome your craving for food there.

Location: 1730 Mission Hill Road, West Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

13. Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

Burrowing owl estate winery has a beautiful selection of wines. This winery is named after the birds who inhabited the vineyards.

In the vineyard of this winery, you can spot many wildlife creatures. This winery is part of the Burrowing owl conservation society which helps in the conservation of burrowing owls. It also has a vines restaurant for good food for the consumers.

Location: 500 Burrowing Owl PI, Oliver, Okanagan, Canada

14. Indigenous World Winery

Indigenous world winery was established in 2016 and it is the first 100% indigenous-owned winery. They offer the best world-class wines. They have special modern designed tasting rooms.

They have a native-themed gift shop for exclusive souvenir shopping. It is located near Okanagan Lake, and this winery has an outdoor picnic area, so pick up your glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful view of Okanagan Lake along with your drink.

Location: 2218 Horizon Dr, West Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

15. Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery

Mt. Boucherie estate winery is named after the extinct Mt. Boucherie volcano, a Canadian landmark in West Kelowna.

It offers many different wines. It has a tasting room for wine tasting. Along with this, it has a restaurant near it. The Modest Butcher restaurant is specific for meat lovers. It offers special types of meat dishes.

Location: 829 Douglas Road, West Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

16. Black Hills Estate Winery

The black hills estate winery is located in the middle of Canada near the Okanagan Valley appellation. It focuses on sustainable farming and grows high-quality grapes.

These grapes are used in the production of wine. The special attraction for the consumers is reds, whites, merlot, and cabernet franc. There is a vineyard kitchen near it so you can go for dinner there.

Location: 4190 Black Sage Road, Oliver, Okanagan, Canada

17. Blind Tiger Vineyards

Blind Tiger Vineyards serves a chilled glass of wine and tasty Italian food.

The best food is the woodfire pizza along with the organic wine. You can also enjoy the best garden patio with wine. It is in a stunning location so you can enjoy the beautiful views of the lakes.

The logo of the Blind tiger vineyard contains a charming vintage and a giggle water design. Their specialities are Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Noir.

Location: 11014 BondRoad, Lake Country, Okanagan, Canada

18. Hester Creek Estate Winery

Hester creek estate winery can satisfy the guests with its wine and Italian meals. It is located in the beautiful Golden mile bench vineyard so that you can enjoy nature and the food and drinks.

Location: 11014 Bond Road, Lake Country, Okanagan, Canada

19. Gray Monk Estate Winery

Gray Monk Winery is a beautiful winery which is located on 75 acres of vineyards. This winery is named after the Gray Monk grape, which is used to prepare famous pinot gris. 

You can enjoy seasonal dishes here along with the cocktail, wines, beer, and frozen roses.

Location: Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

20. Painted Rock Estate Winery

The painted rock estate winery serves the best of white and red roses. It has a grassy picnic area along with a patio lounge.

This winery serves some snacks like flatbread pizza, olives, and charcuterie. It is located near Skaha Lake so you can enjoy the views of the lake and the beautiful weather in this place.

Location: 400 Smythe Dr, Penticton, Okanagan, Canada

21. Moon Curser Vineyards

Moon curser vineyards are highly recommendable wineries. If you visit Okanagan, then you must visit this place, and it is going to be a memorable moment of your trip.

You can enjoy the views of the Okanagan valley by having a glass of wine in your hands. The pets are allowed with you in the tasting room to visit this place with your pet.

Location: 1055 Camp Road, Lake Country, Okanagan, Canada

22. River Stone Estate Winery

River Stone Estate winery hosts some live music functions and barbecues. They serve wines with the best combinations. They also serve cocktails.

 They also serve some snacks with a glass of wine.

Location: 143 Buchanan Dr, Oliver, Okanagan, Canada

23. Poplar Grove Winery

Poplar grove winery offers special types of wines along with some snacks. Hills and valleys surround this winery, so it is a beautiful location, and people enjoy it a lot.

There are six special types of wines which you can try. It has a tasting room for wine tasting. There is a small restaurant where you can enjoy lunch and dinner prepared with local ingredients.

Location: 425 Middle Bench Road, Penticton, Okanagan, Canada

Poplar Grove Winery
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24. Lake Breeze Vineyards

Lake breeze vineyards are one of Okanagan’s best wineries because they serve European-style wine. It serves some special drinks like sauvignon blanc, rose, and chardonnay.

You can taste the wine in the tasting room and the courtyard. The tasting of wine is done by reservation. This winery also has a farmstead area with a greenhouse, a herb garden, vegetables, and animal pastures.

Location: Kelowna, Okanagan, Canada

25. Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery is the home of three brands. The three brands are Steller’s Jay Wines, Sumac ridge private reserve, and Black sage vineyards.

This winery is famous among locals as well as visitors. They organize unique events for consumers. You can get updates about the events on the website of the winery. You can taste amazing wines along with tasty snacks.

Location: 930 Sammet Road, Naramata, British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

26. Arrowleaf Cellars

Arrowleaf Cellars is named after the Okanagan sunflower, also known as Arrowleaf Balsamroot. It is one of Okanagan’s best wineries, spread over 16 acres.

The best food of Arrowleaf is French-style pastries and cream puffs.

Location: 1574 Camp Road, Lake Country, Okanagan, Canada

27. 50th Parallel Estate Winery

The 50th parallel estate winery is the most cosmopolitan because its designed winery features floor-to-ceiling. It has vineyards where it grows grapes for producing wines.

It is located near the Okanagan Falls, so the location is stunning, and you can enjoy the view. They produce wine with a combination of modern and traditional techniques. It has its restaurant near it you can enjoy the tastiest snacks here.

Location: 17101 Terrace View Road, Lake Country, Okanagan, Canada

28. Bench 1775 Winery

Bench 1775 Winery follows the traditional culture and produces wines by the traditional method. They also serve some traditional snacks along with drinks.

The working staff of this winery is very helpful. It has an outdoor stage for the events organized by the winery for the consumers. They are special music and dance events.

Location: 1775 Naramata Road, Penticton, Okanagan, Canada

29. Noble Ridge Vineyard

Noble ridge vineyard is one of Okanagan’s best wineries, offering a high-quality winery and a friendly environment to enjoy. It has a very relaxing and chilling environment so that people will forget their tension and worries.

Location: 2320 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls, Okanagan, Canada


30. NK’MIP cellars

This winery is located near the Okanagan Valley. Beautiful scenic views surround it. It has a farmhouse-style tasting room.

Its specialties are bordeaux varieties like petit verdot, merlot, malbec rose, and Gewurztraminer. Visiting this place will be a great experience for you.

Location: 1400 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos, Okanagan, Canada

Final Note

We have discussed many best wineries in Okanagan. People visit these wineries to relax and chill. After working the whole day, they need entertainment and enjoyment in their lives, so they visit wineries. You can enjoy a wine tour in Okanagan.

As you know, Okanagan is a wine country, so many people plan their trips to Okanagan wineries to visit. We have discussed many best Okanagan wineries. These wineries have a tasting room for wine tastings.

These wineries have many different features which make them unique. Some wineries are famous because they are located near Okanagan Lake and Okanagan Valley, so they are located in a beautiful location. In contrast, other wineries are famous for their unique serving style.

If you visit Okanagan, take some time for a wine tour, which will be memorable.

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