Top 12 Restaurants in Jasper That Will Satisfy Your Hunger

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Many restaurants in Jasper offer wonderful foods, a great environment, and heartwarming natural sceneries around them. By seeing the location, you cannot stop yourself from going there. The location involves places like Patricia Street and the Canadian Rockies.

These restaurants in Jasper have the environment and location and offer a fantastic menu of classic Canadian, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean foods.

The menu of all the best restaurants in Jasper involves mouth-watering dishes of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The menu includes pizza, salad, sandwiches, seafood, burgers, tofu, wicked food, and arctic char recipes (name of a cold water fish). They also offer gluten-free foods.

List of 12 Best Restaurants in Jasper

All the restaurants in Jasper are located in a wonderful place. The food quality is very nice, and they all use the local Canadian ingredients to prepare the food.

Some are on the ground floor, some are on a terrace with a wonderful view, and some are on the second floor of the building. All these restaurants give consumers a wonderful dining experience.

The list of top restaurants in Jasper are listed below:

1. The Raven Bistro

The Raven Bistro is a beautiful place loved by artists due to its arty vibes. What attracts food lovers is that they serve a fusion of Canadian and Mediterranean cuisines.

The Raven restaurant serves various types of foods. Its menu contains gluten-free options, many vegan and non-vegetarian foods, different soups, fresh seafood, salads, sandwiches, and delicious cocktails. They also offer organic teas.

It serves different foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. The menu contains delicious and mouth-watering dishes: Elk Osso Bucco, tofu chorizo tostadas, coconut and lime crushed halibut, bison and boar belly flatbread, and many more.

2. Harvest Food and Drink

Harvest Food and Drink is located in the Jasper National Park. It is also a center of attraction for the people visiting the Jasper National Park. It is located on Patricia Street.

Many food bloggers come here to cover the Jasper food tour. This restaurant offers many mouth-watering lunch, breakfast, brunch, and dinner dishes. It offers food at a very reasonable price.

The full menu of this restaurant includes French toast, grilled sandwiches, a rooftop patio, scrambled tofu, smoked salmon benny, and chickpea burgers. 

3. Syrahs of Jasper

A screenshot of the cover page of the Syrahs of Jasper website
Source: Syrahs of Jasper Official website

The Syrahs of Jasper is the next name listed in the list of top restaurants in Jasper. Chef Jason Munn opened this restaurant. This restaurant is also known as a paradise for meat lovers. It offers various non-vegetarian dishes, which are very delightful.

The service and environment of Syrahs of Jasper restaurant are very famous. They try to make new dishes for their consumers. They try to innovate new dishes that people like. They add local ingredients to their foods. They use bison, elk, and wild salmon in their dishes.

The menu contains dishes like smoked bison ragout, Alberta boar chop, Alberta elk stroganoff, and Alberta bison ribeye. It also offers vegetarian foods and a heavenly list of beer and wine. This restaurant provides a great environment.

4. De’d Dog Bar And Grill

A screenshot of the cover page of the Dead Dog Bar and Grill website
Source: Dead Dog Bar and Grill Official website

The Dead Dog Bar and Grill is famous for its music and happy environment. It is a favorite place for the youths because it is their favorite nighttime spot.

They offer special food on Wednesday and Sunday because they celebrate them as their special days, and they are named Wednesday wing nights, and Sundays are known as Sunday steak nights.

They offer a fantastic menu of foods and are famous for quick bites and drinks. The menu contains chicken wings, thick burgers, and many more articles. 

5. Jasper Brewing Co.

A screenshot of the cover page of the Jasper Brewing Co. website.
Source: Jasper Brewing Co. Official website

The Jasper Brewing Co. is the first national park brewery in Canada. It has been in the Jasper National Park as an institute since 2005. It is located in the rocky mountain steelhead trout, one of the best jasper locations. It has beautiful mountain views.

Jasper Brewing Co. is very famous for the beverages it offers. They produce the beer using the accurate classic method, made up of local malt found only in Canada. They also provide the local Alberta spin like IPAs, red ales, and stouts.

They also have a fantastic food menu with a beer menu, which contains delicious dishes like rustic elk meatloaf, burgers, poutine, sandwiches, and wild boar tacos. They offer casual and fine dining in their restaurant.

6. Fiddle River Restaurant

A screenshot of the cover page of the Fiddle River restaurant website.
Source: Fiddle River Restaurant Official website

Fiddle River Restaurant may be famous for the location of the restaurant. Beautiful views of mountains surround it.

Regarding the food menu, this restaurant offers different Canadian dishes. Some are mango basil, poutine, butter tarts, peameal bacon, etc.

Visitors like the restaurant’s taste and service as the staff are very helpful. The food is prepared in totally hygienic conditions. 

7. Olive Bistro and Lounge

The Olive Bistro is one of the top restaurants in Jasper, giving you a wonderful dining experience. The Olive Bistro is famous for its innovative dishes and the exquisite mix of classics.

They offer all types of foods like French, Italian, Greek, and Spanish and specialize in Mediterranean fare.

They always serve on small plates because they think it is easy to share the food in it. They offer food like truffle poutine, different kinds of pasta, and Moules et Frites.

They have a very good serving speed. They can serve a long, decadent meal, a cheese plate, and a chilled glass of wine.

8. Jasper Pizza Place

As the name suggests, Jasper Pizza Place is a heavenly place for pizza lovers. It has been functioning since 1979. Jasper Pizza Place offers various types of pizza, and they also prepare the best pizza using traditional methods and local ingredients.

Jasper Pizza Place offers thick-crust pizzas and hand-stretched wood-burning pizzas. They also give you the offer to select the ingredients, and they will prepare your dream pizza you want to eat. The pizza prepared here is famous in nearby cities.

The classic Canadian pizza contains bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms spread on a thick-crust pizza. They will also prepare some pizza from their innovation, which contains an olive oil base, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked duck breast, arugula, and pickled golden beets.

9. The Pines (Pyramid Lake Lounge)

The Pines is located in the Pyramid Lake Lounge

Pyramid Lake Resort

Here, the experts prepare the food and ensure it is prepared in a good and clean environment. It also offers a lounge so you can stay there for some time. You can save room here to visit the nearby places.

It is a beautiful place to have your meals because it has a wonderful location and a view of Pyramid Lake. You can enjoy the highest quality Canadian cuisine in this heartwarming location. They offer favorite local foods like fish and meat.

10. Coco’s Cafe

Coco’s Cafe is famous for its bakery foods like birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. The cakes and pastries have delicious and amazing flavors. It also offers wonderful coffee.

They also prepare healthy cakes made up of fruits and dry fruits. The ingredients that are used are fresh. It is a small, wonderful, peaceful place, so visitors looking for a peaceful workplace can also visit here.

It is the center of attraction for couples who are likely to spend time with each other in a peaceful place. It also gets booked for birthday parties or wedding receptions. Along with baked foods, it also offers a fantastic menu for lunch and dinner.

It is a stunning place that offers special organic coffee with a unique method of serving. They offer many different types of coffee like espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino, and many more. Morning Mason and the famous Archie’s Pancakes are the most popular dishes at this cafe.

11. Orso Trattoria

A screenshot of the Orso Trattoria in Fairmont Japser Park Lodge website.
Source: Official website of Orso Trattoria in Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

The Orso Trattoria is located in Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge which offers Italian cuisine in Canada, and it is very famous in Jasper for its Italian cuisine.

Many people visit this place from a long distance to taste the Italian cuisine here. It is a top-rated restaurant in Alberta.

The thing which makes it more beautiful is the scenic view of the mountains. It is located near Lac Beauvert, one of the most beautiful lakes in Alberta.

This restaurant’s food menu is fantastic, and the prices are reasonable. The menu contains dishes like braised leek agnolotti and duck leg gnudi, which are dishes of modern Italian cuisine. The ingredients used in the food preparation are fresh and local.

Along with these dishes, it impressively serves AAA Alberta meat and many other meat and chicken products. The dining experience here is amazing.

12. Sunhouse Cafe

The Sunhouse Cafe was established in 2018.

They will use local and fresh ingredients to prepare the coffee. They offer snacks, a long lunch and dinner menu, and coffee. They also make a bond with the local suppliers who work independently.

The main attraction of this restaurant is the different types of serving Robson Valley Organics, Calgary-based Monogram Coffee, and Ripple Effect Teas. They offer falafel salad, Turkish eggs, french toast, sandwiches, and coffee or tea.

People will love to visit this place, especially for breakfast and brunch. There are various options for vegetarians and meat lovers. They also offer gluten-free food. The staff have a very pleasant nature, and they are very helpful towards the people. The food is prepared in a clean environment.

Final Note

The list of best restaurants in Jasper is very long. These restaurants are the center of attraction for many tourists because of their scenic views. These restaurants are located in beautiful locations. Some are near the river, and some are in beautiful mountains with scenic views. So, don’t forget to visit the above-listed eateries whether you plan your trip to Jasper!

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