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Goderich Beach is on the east of Lake Huron. It is a short drive from River Maitland in Huron County. Visitors can enjoy their trip with their families or friends on the sandy beach, and the shore of the beach is so good to have a boardwalk.

Exploring the place, appreciating the beautiful beaches, standing on the shore, enjoying the waters, and creating memories will surely give you pleasure.

When you bring little ones to the location, they will love spending time making sand castles, and you can meet many locals and shop along the harbor.

Goderich Ontario | Canada

6 Best Places to Go In & Around Goderich Beach :

1) Rotary Cove Beach

Rotary Cove Beach is one of the tourist attractions of Goderich town, located on the shore of the lake Huron of Goderich.

Features of Rotary Cove :

  • It is an excellent sandy beach to enjoy.
  • You can dive into the water.
  • The bathroom is well-maintained.
  • Restaurants are also located nearby, being set up by many locals there.

2) Goderich BIA Farmer’s Market

The next spot is the Goderich BIA Market, famous for its fruits, vegetables, and other things. They have fresh items served every year in summer.

They have everything ranging from fresh capsicums, tomatoes, meat, apples, homemade jellies, jam, etc. So, consider this place to shop for your food needs in Canada during summer.

These markets are opened at three places: South Street Fountain Plaza, Montreal Street, and South Street near the Livery Theatre.

Features of This Place:

  • Selling fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Specially made home jams and jellies are sold.

3) St. Christopher’s Beach

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Also, Lake Huron Town’s beach provides a magnificent view and is suited for everyone, from kids to adults.

Features of This Place :

  • It is a good picnic spot.
  • There is a playground for kids.
  • Many restaurants are located nearby.
  • It has a parking area.

4) Sunset Beach

This Sunset Beach on Lake Huron in Goderich is a public place that attracts many visitors.

It is a good, relaxing spot for children and adults, and you can come when the sun is high during the day or to view the sunset in the evening; either view will make your visit to Sunset Beach worthwhile.

Furthermore, the place is well-maintained and clean.

Features of this Place :

  • Free parking is available here.
  • It has the cleanest water.
  • Play parks are available for children.

5) Huron County Museum

The County Museum is also part of Goderich town, along Goderich beach. It was built by Joseph Herbert Neill in 1856; later, Huron County bought it and made the place public.

Many visitors come to see the gallery, which is precious and loved by many.

6) Goderich Lighthouse

Historic Lighthouse in Goderich, Ontario
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From the lighthouse, a stairway is available to reach the beach. Additionally, if you walk 100 steps from the lighthouse above, you can get a beautiful view of the beach.


Goderich is an amazing place with some of the most beautiful locations to visit. The lovely sandy beaches with clean waters and various facilities will surely provide a great, relaxing experience.

Additionally, historic sites like the museum and the lighthouse will make your visit to Goderich all the more interesting.

Lastly, while you are here, you must also try out some local restaurants and explore the local cuisine, which is delicious.


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