10 beautiful beaches near Halifax

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The gorgeous beaches in the surrounding region are one of the most excellent aspects of Halifax’s position on the Atlantic coast. Nova Scotia has almost 7,400 kilometers of magnificent coastline and various beaches. If you love a tranquil seaside escape, this list of local most fantastic beaches includes some of the Halifax area’s greatest bets.

Take a bow at 10 beaches near Halifax!

1. Birch Cove Beach, Taylor Head Provincial Park

Beaches near Halifax
photo by shalender Kumar/pexels-copyright 2022

Explore your picnic lunch and a relaxing plunge. You can also go around the corner to Sand Beach (to the left if you’re facing the ocean) and check out one of the top sites on the East Coast for kite/windsurfing and standup paddle boarding.


20140 Hwy 7, Spry Bay, NS B0J 3H0, Canada

2. Rainbow Haven

Rainbow Haven is one of the simplest beaches to visit if you want to get away from the city without traveling far. It’s just a half-hour drive from downtown Halifax, and it’s well worth the trip!

The sand is some of the finest-grained sand I’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping into. It’s like stepping on a sliver of paradise. It’s so soft! There are plenty of beach areas for resting, playing, or strolling, so you’d have trouble finding a place to spread your towel even at its busiest. It’s a beautiful place, whether you’re gazing out into the ocean or over the expanse of flora.


2248 Cow Bay Rd, Cow Bay, NS B3G 1K8, Canada

3. Martinique Beach


This is one of Nova Scotia’s longest sandy beaches, stretching over 5 kilometers, making it ideal for stretching out and taking it all in. If you’re looking for an adventure, take a surf class at Halifax Surf School or go out for the sunset and see the vast sky change as millions of beautiful stars appear.

4. Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

This sand-and-cobble beach is one of the most incredible spots to surf on the East Coast.


East Petpeswick, 11 km /7 mi south of Musquodoboit Harbour in the Eastern Shore region

5. Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park

Beaches near Halifax
photo by Aleksandra/pexels-copyright 2022

Crystal Crescent Beach comprises three beautiful white sand beaches and a 10-kilometer circle walk over a diversified coastline. If you want to get up early, go to the beach at dawn and explore the secluded coves. It’s a very beautiful beach.

See if you can find the Sambro Island Lighthouse while relaxing on the beach and soaking up the rays.


220 Sambro Creek Rd, Sambro Creek, NS B3V 1L8, Canada

6. Queensland Beach Provincial Park

Queensland Beach is the ticket if you want a trip that is as beautiful as the destination. This peaceful beach is drenched in fabulous pastel pink and purple hues when the sun goes down. Get ample parking, businesses, and restaurants that dot the route. Bring a sweater and settle down for spectacular views of St. Margaret’s Bay.


Nova Scotia Trunk 3, Halifax, NS B0J 1T0, Canada

7. Carters Beach

This is a long way to go for a day at the beach park, but one glimpse at its three snow-white crescents and the distance will be forgotten. Bask in the splendor, look for sand dollars, have a brief swim (the water may be a little cool here since it’s Nova Scotia), and realize how fortunate you are that such exquisite views are just two hours away.


Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia, Canada

8. McNabs Island Provincial Park

Halifax is often overlooked since it requires a boat ride. Being on McNabs is a one-of-a-kind experience, with forts dating back to the 1860s.

McNabs Cove has the nicest beach with two small ponds attached to the beach which are perfect for kids to wade in.


Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada.

9. Conrads Beach

Conrads Beach is an excellent place to remove your shoes and stroll on the longest sandy beach.  You can also go around the corner to Stoney Beach (to the left if you’re facing the Atlantic Ocean) and check out one of the top sites on the East Coast for kite/windsurfing.


Beach in Lawrencetown, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

10. Cleveland Beach

All along the winding St. Margaret’s Bay Road towards Hubbards, you’ll discover crescent sand beaches of all widths and degrees of peakedness, ample parking, each charming and rough in its way, and all easily accessible for a brief swim. But, before you get to the most popular of the four, Queensland, Cleveland, a provincial park with a bit more elbow space than its sister beach.


Park in Queensland, Nova Scotia, Canada

Some More Beaches near Halifax


We will have no trouble getting the finest enjoyment now that we know some of the beaches near Halifax.

Each beach near Halifax has its own personality. Halifax offers it everything, from the most famous beach to the tiniest. You will find everything from a promenade to excellent hotels on most beaches. The ones that do not have boardwalks are no less impressive since the breathtaking vista compensates.

Some of these Halifax beaches offer soft sand that is ideal for youngsters. You can even take your dog for a stroll on these Halifax beaches. However, keep them on a leash since the ocean is constantly deep.

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