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After a hectic year, we all want a break in our lives, whether we are kids, adults, or younger. Beaches are where you can quiet, relax, and recover the energy you have wasted throughout the year. Here you can enjoy the beauty of Mother’s nature can feel the grainy sands on your toes.

If you are planning to go outside this summer, you can choose the place of Water Park in Centennial Beach, where you can do a lot of things. This article will explain the things in detail.

Centennial Beach Water Park

centennial beach water park
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It is one of the biggest water parks in Canada, situated in Toronto, where you get the best swimming experience not in the pool, not in a lake but an experience you never felt before. It is one of the great places for so much fun with your family, friends, relatives, etc. It is also called the heart of downtown Barrie.



 500 Jackson Ave, Naperville, IL, 60540


It has timing; generally, it opens at 11 am. Due to climate change, bad staff timings may change. For this, you need to check the official website of the company.


There are a lot of activities like monkey bars, climbing walls, splashing in the water park, and creating memorable highlights, which gives you so much fun in your day. Let’s check out the various activities that you can do here, and they are:

Swim Lessons

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If you love to swim and want to learn, this centennial water park beach offers you that. An experienced coach will be available who can provide you with the training related to swimming and you can easily learn these things in your holidays. It not only makes your body fit, but you will feel happy and healthy also. The Beach area is perfectly designed for you.

Enjoy Your Favorite Food

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The Water Park offers you services for your favourite dishes. You can have snacks and lunch available here in the canteen whenever you feel hungry. The food is fresh and affordable.

Climbing Walls

If you love to have swung, this is the best place to take this as it avails you with monkey bars, slides, life jackets, boasting climbing walls, climbing walls monkey bars, and so on. You have a wonderful summer experience on this beach. It is a great place to visit.

Water Park

Here you can enjoy water park slides and rain dance that gives you immense pleasure in your life during your summer holidays. You can laugh, splash and join it any time. There is no age barrier in this park. You will feel cool and great pride in this park.


There are certain rules and regulations of Centennial Beach Water Park that you need to follow after visiting there, and they are as under:

Alcohol Is Prohibited

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If you want to feel refreshed with the alcohol, then be cautious because it is strictly prohibited on this beach, and you should take out the alcohol at any cost. So if you are ready to follow this rule you can go to this beach otherwise you should search for another one.

Use of Lockers

When you are visiting the Water Park, it is advisable to take out the personal lockers to keep your belongingness safe and secure because if you don’t take the lockers and put your items aside and if it is lost, then the beaches are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to you.


If you are coming with small kids or children under 11 years of age, they should take care of the parents or guidance. If case of any mishaps, the beach would not be responsible for any of your life. In the case of emergency guards, supervisors are available.

Swim Attire

Before going to the pool, you should take the swim attire. If you do not take these attires, you are not supposed to enter the pool. Because of your health safety and concern, heavy other clothes are not allowed in the pool.

Other items

Other items like food, beverages, and glass containers are strictly prohibited in the pool.


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If you love having pets with you, you should not visit this place. Because Centennial Beach Water Park strictly prohibited the allowance of pets because they would create noise and dirt around the beaches.


After alcohol, smoking is one of the things that you should do on this beach. If you are addicted and cannot live without it, you can have it, but the distance should be 15 feet from the beach.

Use of Language

Abusive language, pushing each other, and throwing sand at each other is strictly prohibited.

To avail of these facilities, you can either book online or go offline.

Customers Reviews

Before buying any product or visiting any place, we often prefer to check the customer’s reviews to get a clear picture of it and not regret visiting there. So we have come up with deep research and found that the users are delighted after visiting Centennial Beach Water Park.

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They said, “They have enjoyed themselves a lot with their family member. They have spent the best quality time with their family and will never forget this trip”

Final Verdict

At last, we can summarize that Centennial Beach Water Park is the best place to visit in your summer holidays with your family in Canada. But make sure you read all the terms and conditions before visiting here so that if you do not agree with them, you should not spoil your mood and money on it. Overall it is a fantastic place to enjoy. Hope you have a great time.

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Have you ever visited Centennial Beach, Water Park? If yes, kindly share your experience with us in the comments section. 

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