Explore Vancouver City with 5 Hours of Rental Bike

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Are you ready for a five-hour once-in-a-lifetime ride across Vancouver? Be prepared to peddle your way, enjoying the landscape of Vancouver.

Head on to explore Vancouver with 5 hours of bike rent on several days commencing 20 May 23, starting from Waterfront Station in Vancouver.

So, are you ready to enjoy Vancouver on a bike and create a memory to cherish forever?  Read to know more about the event.

1. Things to Know about the 5 Hours of Rental Bike

1. Event

Feverup organizes a tour of Vancouver on a rented bike for 5 hours.

You can tour the city of Vancouver. You can tour a place of your choice.

It can be the beach or mountain trails or just the city itself.  The time of the tour is what you decide.

Explore Vancouver City
Ride in Vancouver on Rented BikeFeverup

Cycling in Vancouver is considered the city’s most amazing thing to do.

You can enjoy the calm of the beach and spend as much time as you can to return the cycle in five hours, and if you are not a beach person,  the mountain trails are calling for you.

2. Cycles

The cycles are available for 5 hours, and you can check in and check out any time you wish within working hours.

The cycles are well maintained and are best-suitable for riding along the popular sea walls.

Don’t worry if you are too tall or too short.  The cycles are available for all sizes. So, choose the cycle that suits you.

3. Venue

The starting point for the collection of bikes is the Waterfront Station. You will need to collect the cycle and deposit at this point.

Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 - by drone [4K]

The station is located in Address Waterfront Station, 601 W Cordova Street.

4. Date and Time

There is no need to look for a day for your ride because any day is an amazing day to cycle in Vancouver.

You can book your cycles starting from May 20 2023. The cycles can be redeemed as per the working hours.

5. Tickets

Tickets are available only on the internet. You can book your tickets from your mobile phone or a PC through the Feverup website or mobile app.

The tickets are priced at $37.00 for all age groups. You can, therefore, enjoy an hourly ride of $6.00.

The tickets, as per the regulations of Feverup, are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled, so please read the terms and conditions before you book your tickets.

6. COVID Protocols

As per British Columbia’s regulations, you must be vaccinated for the event, so do not forget to bring your vaccination certificate for verification.

Are you not vaccinated yet? Rush to your nearest vaccination centre now, or regret missing amazing events in BC.

7. Age Restriction

However, all persons above 15 years are allowed to participate in the event and apply for the tickets only if they know how to cycle.

2. Explore Vancouver with 5 Hours of Rental Bike this May

  • What: Ride in Vancouver on Rental Cycle for 5 hours.
  • When:  Multiple days commencing from 20 May 23.
  • Where: Waterfront Station, 601 W Cordova St.
  • Time:  Anytime. Redeemable during working hours.
  • Tickets:  click now to buy.

Explore Vancouver City with 5 hours of Biking Today

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