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The area around Victoria has three gorgeous beaches on both sides of the city. This could make out an enthusiastic out-beaching variety: if it’s cloudy and breezing heavily  for one other side, heading over the side to observe the calmness of the water. If the breezing moves up and down, don’t make yourself sweat down – a large number of beaches are within the cities aligned for a short drive from one place to another.

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Best Beaches in Victoria

Here are some amazing beaches found in Victoria that one must visit!

1. Cordova Bay

 The beach of Cardova Bay is one of the widest and longest best beaches in Canada. The views are great, especially because the beach goes both north and south. Cordova Bay beach is fit for walks of longer hours  with your dog or on your own.

The sand is a rocky beach near the beginning of the ocean beaches, but as you walk towards the water around cattle point, it gets more sandy. Cordova bay beach isn’t as windy as the other beaches in Victoria. Wear what you’re comfortable in since there can sometimes be four different seasons herein.

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 Coming back over the rocky beach and in need of somewhere good to eat? Have a meal at Beach House.   The institution implemented by Cardova Bay is been under the protection of decks and is right by the seashore. Get an summer table for relaxing your mood over meal, and access in all this local treasure has to offer.

Although Cordova Bay beach is usually known as Cordova Bay, there are other access points that lead to slightly different belonging to similar plots of the bay beach. These are included as Gloria Beach Access, McMorran Park, and Agate park . Altogether these access points are found near Cordova Bay Road.

2. Esquimalt Lagoon

One of the best beaches located in Victoria is Esquimalt Lagoon. You can walk on a long cattle point, a flat of an sand that imparts the ocean  by an the lagoon. The views  are always beautiful, taking in snow-capped mountains and the shimmering water of the lagoon.

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The rocky beach is so large level of combination of soft sand and small stones, you’ll feel like you have your own private paradise on the shore. Esquimalt Lagoon beach known to be famous  island view beach, but the plot diameter is  still large so you’ll occasionally be able to find solitude here if you look hard enough. Many people enjoy parking here in the winter at Shallow Lagoon, especially because some  liking to have sit in their cars and watch the scenery without the ice and snow interfering with their views.

3. Gonzales Beach

“Gonzales Beach can be found on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. Located in among two headlands, it’s protected from waves. The water here tends to be warmer and there’s also a chance you can go swimming!”

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Maybe you’re not a huge fan of the max temperature in summer being consist of 13 degrees in the Celsius in Gonzales beach? Luckily, there are more amazing to appeal  on the Gonzales beach besides swimming. Luxury homes sit on the  large rocky shoreline by the Gonzales beach, and just behind it is a little park near to terrace with availability of park for making picnics.

Gonzales Beach is seems for an sea lovers life  is part of an Oak Bay Marina area and has limited parking available. The   slot of the parking is small and many people park on the other roads that surround the area at Gonzales bay beach: Cresdent Road, Ross Street and Richmond Ave.

4. Spiral Beach

In fact not an swim-friendly and rocky beach, the amazing tide pools of Spiral Beach are scenic and have lots of parking spots because it’s so close to the Dallas Road. The long sandy beach itself is rocky and shiny with driftwood and soft sand, and for that reason, it’s difficult to walk with any kind of low tides.  But there are sections of the Spiral beach with a walkway  back away from the water which makes it easier to explore, and a scenic loop has to be done to get from an enormous part of Clover Point.

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You can walk downtown Victoria beaches on either side of the water along Clover Point. If you walk down to Cook Street, you’ll notice a staircase that leads back up to where you started. You can alternatively grabbing a delicious lunch at the marvelous Cook Street Village before returning to Clover Point through another staircase.

5. Cadboro Gyro Park

One of the best beaches in Victoria is at Gyro Park and Cadboro Bay Beach for families. Cadboro Bay beach is a regional park that seems to be one of  the largest beautiful beaches and swimming spots meeting out with families at Victoria, and with lots of things to do, it’s perfect for kids.

The Gyro beach runs in a northeast to southwest direction and is roughly shaped like tail top of the mushroom. One of the best parts of the Gyro the beach is side by to Cadboro Gyro Park, in which it makes it easy to visit both areas. Beachgoers can expect calm, walking trails and protection of the waters with tiny waves and pebbles shorelines patched with soft  sand dunes through Gyro beach. Circling the Gyro beach is driftwood and it’s an enjoyable movement for kids to enhance wooden forts along with the parents in windbreaks.

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Gyro Park is well-known as a regional park for children’s playground with many different play structures, for example, the octopus, the salmon, and the shipwreck. Cadborosaurus – which literally translates to “cadborosaurus” has been spotted around here.  additionally, the availability of traditional swings, playing’s and zipline for children to play.

There are plenty of activities near the Gyro beach, including the boast a great view of the Olympic mountains, and yacht races which are regularly hosted by the Club Royal Victoria Yacht.

6. Island View beach

If you’re looking for beautiful, soft sand and a peaceful place to relax,  View of Island Beach is perfect. It’s 25 minutes away from downtown Victoria and it feels like being on a Vancouver island among light amount of people around. You get all the benefits of having lots of space, quiet, and making memories.

You can walk around for  many kilometers although at the place of Cordova Spit through lower tides, as long as you don’t mind being an excursionist. The level trail starts back from the beach and takes fewer than three kilometers to complete.

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Offshore, you get a great view of Haro Strait, and sandy colored bluffs by James, San Juan Island, Sidney Island, and Darcy Island. The island view beach is a bit rough with rocks and some sand in parts. Driftwood can be found near the back.

Camping on the beach is an famous activity for many people during the summer months. This can be enjoyed by staying at a campsite that’s located close to the water. You might get packed to have good sleep at night by the sound of waves, and soft sand and wake up each morning with a view of the sea, as you’re sunrise over it.

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7. Willows Beach

Ravishing spots are viewed over the Haro Strait to Mount Bachelor along with the rotating Olympic Mountains welcome you as you come to Willows Beach, facing southwest. On many occasions, this southern Vancouver island view beach has had the enormous views of all beaches in Victoria.

There are not many beautiful beaches in downtown Victoria with green spaces like Willows behind it. Willows beach is great for playing Frisbee or tossing a football.  The big lawns are made for various families.  They are great for picnics and letting kids to run up and down.  The Washrooms are located on the northern part of the green space and a season-round teahouse is found right on the water’s edge.

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Walking near the beaches at low tide is a popular activity on a hot summer day. Due to the shifting conditions, it’s important to pay close attention to warning signs. The Drive at Esplanade and walkway are great options for when you need a break.

The parking lot is great because lives  nearest to the water’s edge which makes loading gear easy. The shore is also just a short walk away.

8. Arbutus Cove

Arbutus Cove is one of the fewer points are known as best beaches in Victoria and goes hand in hand with most of settings done with spectacularly. Situated between two high cliffs covered with trees of arbutus which seems to be calm and peaceful place. The beach can be difficult to access since it requires walking over a pathway and then climbing up a lot of stairs.

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The walk to the main beach is surprisingly worthwhile – chances are you’ll have it all to yourself diligently. The sand is nice and soft which is a bit rocky before the waves start to hit. You’ll find a lot of backwards to the driftwood. The bookends seems as large lands of heads on end of very protected spot.   However the beaches are cold, chilled and windy continuously over Arbutus Cove when its quite and cozy.

Parking for the rocky beach is quite limited, if the parking is full, you may want to try accessing it end of Southern part of Hollydeen Park off Hollydeen spots.

9. Thetis Lake

The Thetis Lakes at main and west beaches are different from the other best beaches in Victoria on this list because it’s a freshwater lake. Another bonus is the water temperature here isn’t as extreme as at the Saanich Inlet.

At the main beach in downtown Victoria, Thetis lake is a public beach that has a very shallow shoreline with sandy beaches. There are picnic dining with foods and washrooms as well as changing rooms just back from the beach.  Bikes seems to be also available.

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 The smaller of West Beach is quieter than the rest of the uplands park.  The bikes and washrooms are available here, but there aren’t any change rooms.

The lots of parking has varieties and sometimes it can be difficult to find one that is available. Ensure to be first to skip a lot you come to and continue down the path until you reach Thetis lake. The beach will be right by a Thetis lake so you’ll have an easier time carrying all your gear up to a swim area.

Final Words

So this was all about the best beaches in Victoria which are an absolute wonder to a beach lover’s soul. Do visit all of these beaches and enjoy.

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