Canada Strengthens Relations with New Zealand

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Canada is on a roll to be a World Leader, and as a step towards the same, it is essential to build strong relationships with other countries. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, met his New Zealand counterpart, Chris Hipkins, on 06 May 23.

In a recent tweet from the Canadian Prime Minister’s account on 07 May 23,  the information on the meeting was provided. The tweet reads,

Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau met with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins. The leaders discussed opportunities to further strengthen the relationship between our countries and address common interests and challenges. Details:“. 

Prime Ministerial Meet
Source: Twitter

Read on to learn more about the Meet and Canada-New Zealand relationship.

Prime Ministerial Meet

The PM started the meeting by acknowledging the commonality of being a Commonwealth nation and being under the realm of King Charles III.
Further, both nations discussed numerous points that merited the corporation of both nations.

Justin Trudeau ascertained the friendly relationship between both nations. Both nations discussed the action required to counter terrorism and promote peace across the world.
Both nations also discussed improving trade and establishing a reliant supply chain.
Another important aspect discussed during the meeting was global warming and climate change.  Both nations agreed to take necessary actions to counter climate change and continue with sustained development.
The meeting strengthened the strong bonds between the nations.  Read on to know about Canadian-New Zealand relationships.

Canada-New Zealand Relationship

Both the commonwealth nations have a strong bond. Both nations have set up their high commissions in their respective countries.

The High Commission of Canada is located in Wellington, and the High Commission of New Zealand is located in Ottawa.

Both nations share numerous common issues, such as peace,  trade,  anti-terrorism, human rights, and, most importantly, Indigenous issues.

Both nations are members of the United Nations, Common Wealth, G20, and APEC, and both nations advise and provide input on regions where diplomacy is constrained due to geographical locations.

Canada aids New Zealand in establishing diplomatic relationships in the Caribbean.

Trade Relationship

Canada and New Zealand are long-term economic partners. Both nations are reliable trade partners for each other.

Both nations are involved in international trade and have signed numerous trade agreements to prevent business conflicts.

Canada and New Zealand marked a trade value of $1.6 billion in 2022, more than in 2021 and 2020. This showcases the growth of trade commitment between the countries.

Canada’s exports include wood, pharmaceuticals, and machinery. New Zealand exports beverages, meat, and dairy to Canada.

Canada was one of the top direct investors in New Zealand, valuing up to $ 2 billion in the year 2021.

Experts believe that this meeting of the Prime Ministers may be a stepping stone towards the unification of Canada,  Australia, and New Zealand, wherein the citizens of these nations can work in any of these countries without a visa.

Only time can tell us if this dream project of Commonwealth nations will be fulfilled.

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