Justin Trudeau’s Response to the Main Deli Closing in Montreal!

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Montreal’s Favorite Steakhouse -up the Main Deli Steakhouse is no more.  This famous steakhouse has put up a notice of permanent closure in front of the Building.

The steakhouse appears to be a favorite spot for smoked meat for Justin Trudeau,  the Prime Minister of Canada. Reacting to the news,  the Prime Minister tweeted,

Ouch. Surprised at how much this hurts. An end to decades of The. Best. Smoked. Meat. In. Montreal.

Main Deli Closing in Montreal
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Continue to read to know why the Main Deli Steakhouse was closed and how netizens are reacting.

The Main Deli Steakhouse

The Main Deli Steakhouse, also popularly called Main Deli, is one of the main attractions of Quebec. It is located in Montreal.

The Steakhouse was founded in 1974. The restaurant continued to serve the best-smoked meats for nearly five decades.

The steakhouse always had a rival steakhouse opposite – Schwartz’s Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen.

Both restaurants were famous for smoked meat in Montreal style.

Main Deli was a favorite amongst the locals, especially students from the university. The closure of the Deli came as a surprise to its patronages.

Main Deli Closing in Montreal
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Closure of Restaurant

The news of the permanent closure was unexpected by many. The news was put up as a notice in front of the store.

The notice had a heartbreaking announcement of the permanent closure of the Main Deli, and the notice began with the words, “It is with regret that we inform.”

It indeed was regretful for all the Main Deli fans.

The notice went on to inform that the Deli had decided to close, and the owners thanked all the loyal customers for their support over the years.

The Unpleasant Surprise

The customers who recently dined at the Main Deli as late as last week were surprised as no such signs of closure were there.

The restaurant had served them the same love and taste as ever. The customers would surely have had another meal at their favorite Deli had the news been out before.

Many customers call the Main Deli’s permanent closure a pleasant surprise. No one had a clue that Deli was in trouble.

Probable Cause

The Main Deli owners could not be found in the morning for an interview.

However, speculations are causing a reduction in the profit levels of the restaurant.

However, loyal customers are still surprised how their favorite restaurant can run into losses. The employees of the Main Deli were aware of the closure only a week prior.

Another speculation is that the high wages of employees and inflation had run Main Deli aground about a year ago.

However,  the restaurant continued to run to keep up its legacy.

Main Deli Closing in Montreal
Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Employees’ Reaction

The news of the closure also disheartened the employees. One of the employees worked in the Main Deli for almost 35 years, and this news shattered his life.

The Main Deli’s closure coincided with the manager’s birthday, which is unfortunate for him.

The employees, however, did not voice any of the concerns with the immediate restaurant closure.

This is indicative that the plan for the closure of the Deli was taken after due deliberations.

Unfortunate Incident or Cause of Concern

The closure of the Main Deli is indeed an unfortunate incident.

But the cause of concern is that it is the third Deli to close in the last 30 months.

Is it an indication of the fall of our economy or poor business management; tell us your views in the comments below.

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