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These New Restaurants Montreal have what it takes to pique your visual and gustatory interests by fusing design and flavor. Here is a selection of excellent latest trendy restaurants serving Montreal delicious food, in no particular order.

They may have just started or have just had a few years to hone their craft, but their culinary skill is unquestionably drawing attention. This list includes everything you could want, from tacos to noodles, gourmet French cuisine to delectable vegan dishes, and Haitian food to Spanish tapas.

This list might assist you in making the finest choice if you ever need to select where to go for a fun evening with good meals. Check out the options for where to eat, where to drink, and even what to do while you’re in the neighborhood below.

Best Restaurants Montreal To Check Out

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1. Tiramisu

This might seem strange that a restaurant with a reputation as among Montreal’s most stunning dining experiences would be located on the ground floor of a Hilton Hotel. You may ask what the Latin word for “Irasshaimase” is since it too offers an unexpected fusion of culinary styles.

Tiramisu’s menu of classic Italian meals that have been artistically mixed with Japanese ingredients has captured the hearts (and stomachs) of both local hipsters and visitors.

2. Moccione Pizza

In the location where their excellent Italian restaurant Moccione formerly stood, they have launched a brand-new idea. It had shrunk too much to serve its devoted and expanding clientele. We like having the option to order a delicious pizza for delivery or just stop in and get one.

Luca Cianciulli and Maxime Landry, the co-owners of Moccione Pizza, consider it a dream come true. One of Luca’s first occupations was baking pizza, and he told us that he never gave up trying to start a restaurant. And as luck would have it, his brother Giancarlo joined the journey to create a pizza duet that is unstoppable.

3. Mignon Steak

For well-grilled steaks, this restaurant is worth a visit. You won’t soon forget the delectable martinis that you can obtain. Many tourists remark on how adorable the staff is at this establishment.

Customers agree that the service is nice. Mignon Steak received a 4.6 out of 10 rating from Google users.

The best fine dining establishment on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Mignon’s Steaks & Seafood, is committed to serving up captivating meals with unmatched attention to detail, exceptional service, and mouthwatering fare that will satisfy even the most discerning palette.

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4. Jack Rouge

Jack Rouge invites revelers seeking a classy setting to dance to Latin music in Montreal’s nightlife.

The trendy Plateau Mont-Royal district on St. Laurent Boulevard in eastern Montreal is home to the nightclub, which is housed in a remarkable two-story, all-black edifice. The club recently underwent renovations to provide warm décor and a tropical-themed atmosphere.

Local DJs that play smooth Latin music in the club keep the crowd moving all night long. Professionals who want to let loose or those catching up over cocktails and supper are the main crowds at Jack Rouge.

5. Vinette

With Vinette, the Joe Beef group’s new seafood-focused restaurant is currently open in Little Burgundy.

The 25-seater, which is described as “a space inside a space,” is hidden behind the already-existing restaurant Liverpool House. Although the two establishments are linked, the new restaurant is operating independently and is run by chef Gabriel Drapeau.

East and west coast oysters, crab toast, and lots of smoked fish will all be available when Vinette opens. Co-owner Dave McMillan also said he hopes to bring back some defunct favorites like clam blanquette, a traditional French white stew.

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6. Perles and Paddock: Cafe

The interior of the restaurant Perles et Paddock was created in close cooperation by a designer, an architect, and a restaurateur. The Clairoux team provided a genuine design experience based on the history of the neighborhood and customized to the philosophies of the restaurant.

This Griffintown treasure was created by FX Studio Design’s Frédric Clairoux and Julie Lafontaine, two skilled designers. Having collaborated for 19 years, they are aware of what it takes to strike the correct design note and consistently come up with high-end, meticulously produced creations.

7. Buvette Pastek

One of the top restaurants in Montreal is Buvette Pastek. Although Buvette Pastek discreetly launched its breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch services a few weeks ago, it is currently awaiting the approval of its liquor license before launching its evening service in the low-key, wine-flowing style that co-owner Thomas Vernis has previously described.

Pastek joins Vernis’s collection of other Old Montreal establishments, which also includes the Tommy Café across the street, the Unibar hamburger business, and the dinner club Santos.

It is tucked away on the bottom level of an establishment on Saint-Paul Street that also houses a new branch of Sonder, a firm that rents out hotel-style apartments, and whose food and beverage program Pastek also manages.

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8. Osteria MKT

In the heart of the city’s center, Osteria MKT offers grilled calamari, fresh pasta, expertly cooked fish, shellfish, and meats, as well as other delectable Italian fares.

Chef Marcel Machado carefully selects the fresh ingredients for each day’s menu from nearby markets. His nonna’s favorite recipes are filled with authenticity, passion, and flare in every mouthful.

Pici alla Contadina, the chef’s hallmark dish, is not to be missed: a heap of steaming fresh pasta drowned in a delectable combination of five-meat ragout and creamy tomato sauce. A platter of heaven!

9. Osteria Pollino

An all-too-well-kept secret for dinner (Tuesday through Friday) or a delightful evening in Little Italy is Osteria Pollino, which debuted last autumn in the space formerly occupied by Café Via Dante.

The food of Domenico Armeni, previously of Lucca, is “bistro” style (it’s an osteria, after all), despite the atmosphere being more traditional than fashionable with wood paneling and excellent silverware.

This is unusual for an Italian restaurant, especially one from the South since the amiable chef often alters the menu (and what’s posted on Instagram) to reflect the freshest regional foods.

10. Mici d’Ici

Romanians consume 440 million mici annually, which are grilled garlicky rolls of minced meat (usually lamb, hog, beef, or a combination), sometimes referred to as skinless sausages, according to Radu Iosif, co-owner of the upcoming Mici D’ici fast-casual restaurant on the Plateau.

He is using information from the Romanian Meat Association from 2017, which states that the quantity of sausage-shaped rolls totals between 20,000 and 25,000 tonnes, with the variance apparently due to differences in the size of the rolls.

(However, if their name is any guide, they shouldn’t be very bulky; “mici” or “militia” translates to “little ones,” alluding to their diminutive size.)

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11. Blandino

The Italian-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available at the seasonally open restaurant, bar, and patio in the Blandino area. Its name honors Montreal-based artist Carmelo Blandino, whose creations are displayed on the building’s side.

An ever-evolving design that evokes nostalgia while being modern was produced by Atelier Zébulon Perron. The setting is appropriate for a relaxed business lunch meeting or a get-together with friends over a beverage. A quick coffee, a lunch, or an aperitivo are welcome here. There is also a delivery option.”

12. Hang Time Pizza

A homage to the 1990s is Hang Time Pizza. Come for the pizza, stay for the hang, as the saying goes.

When you order pizza, it is always enjoyable. People should grin as soon as they enter the space, therefore they set out to create that ambiance “According to the chef, Time Out Montreal.

There are plenty of vibrant colors, 90s hip-hop music is playing continuously, and a basketball hoop is being repurposed as a pizza stand. The menu is also included: Every pizza has a name that refers to a 1990s television program.

13. Pincette

You may escape to a stylish lobster shack on Canada’s East Coast at Pincette- Lobster Bar. Our restaurant offers a range of distinctive meals with lobster as the primary ingredient, including lobster poutine, lobster spaghetti, and lobster mac and cheese, as well as traditional options like lobster rolls and, of course, whole lobster.

Take advantage of a complete raw bar and a variety of seafood platters, such as fish and chips and linguine with clams and oysters.

Enjoy a great lunch in a cozy and quiet setting in the center of Old Montreal at this restaurant, which is situated on St. Paul street just across from the historic Place Jacques-Cartier plaza. For lunch or supper, try their lobster specialties, seafood, and hamburgers.

Best Restaurants
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14. Pubjelly

The “little brother” of the well-known eatery Jellyfish, Pubjelly is a stylish wine and cocktail bar with an oyster bar, a market kitchen, and pizza made to order.

It is situated in the center of Old Montréal. The menu offers well-prepared fish and vegetable meals as well as a variety of white and red pizzas that are topped with premium meats, cheeses, veggies, and herbs.

It also contains dishes that are ideal for sharing. The environment is lively, welcoming, and friendly, giving visitors a special experience.

15. Ol’ Sweet Pastry

One of Montreal’s top new eateries is Ol’ Sweet Pastry. Visit Ol’ Sweet Pastry after you’ve visited Rue Duluth. People may sample wonderful spit cakes and delectable ice cream here, as well as dig into delectable cuisine. You’ll be given a cup of wonderful coffee.

The personnel at this establishment is kind, according to several reviews. There has a reputation for rapid service among visitors. Regarding the Google rating, this place received 4.9.

16. Tropikàl Restobar

Visitors to this restaurant recommend trying Caribbean food, which is well-known across the globe. For well-prepared spaghetti, fried chicken, and fried chicken sandwiches, Tropikàl Restobar comes highly recommended.

Because clients may order meals for takeout, this restaurant is great for those who need to eat quickly. Visitors are always welcome, and the staff is creative.

This restaurant offers service that can only be described as exceptional. The lovely décor and enticing atmosphere will appeal to you without a doubt. On Google, customers have given this eatery a 4.1 rating.

17. Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette Triple Crown provides a novel idea: a wicker picnic basket with almost everything you need for a picnic (plates, silverware, etc. – reusable things are returned after you’re finished).

Dinette Triple Crown goes above and above by also offering a full-fledged picnic option, unlike the majority of Montreal restaurants that only provide dine-in or take-out.

The Little Italy restaurant makes baskets full of hearty Southern comfort food, such as fried chicken and waffles, creamy mac ‘n cheese, and buttery biscuits with gravy, that will warm your body and spirit.

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18. Le Vin Papillon

Le Vin Papillon, the newest member of the Joe Beef and Liverpool House family, has decided to be the most unique and creative to stand out from the crowd, just as the youngest member of every other family does.

The strategy has worked very wonderfully. Consider Vin Papillon to be Joe Vegetable. Because the majority of its cuisine, created by chef Marc-Olivier Frappier, consists of roots, leaves, and other similar ingredients that are cooked in a delectable combination of butter, duck fat, and house-smoked bacon.

Several other restaurants have unsuccessfully attempted to replicate the iconic wood-roasted cauliflower with crispy chicken skin.

19. Giulietta

150 seats are available at the wood-oven-baked pizza restaurant Giulietta Pizzeria, which has a 5500-square-foot space in Saint-Leonard. Fresh pasta and cured meats are prepared in-house, demonstrating the kitchen’s commitment to taste and genuine ingredients.

An amazing and reasonably priced collection of Italian wines, artisan beers, and classic Italian aperitifs are also available.

20. Chez Potier

After almost ten years of waiting, Chez Potier is making a return with a brand-new pastry bakery and gourmet grocery store in Old Montreal, after a two-year sojourn at Marché 440 in Laval.

When he first established himself on Downtown Sherbrooke Street in 2012, pastry chef Olivier Potier had a true monster on his hands.

Not that I’ve been forgotten, but rather that the folks on Sherbrooke Street haven’t forgotten about my cakes, is what matters most. To see them again is incredibly touching “said the chef.

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21. Café Kuya

Wonderful neighborhood café where family, friends, and visitors can meet up to recharge with their preferred coffee brew, have a snack, and enjoy sandwiches with Filipino influences and delectable dessert pies!

In addition to serving delicious food and coffee, the staff is quite friendly. They always take the time to greet you and enquire about how your day is going. I’m very thrilled Brossard has a cute, locally owned café!

22. Hanzo Izakaya

Hanzo, a new izakaya serving Japanese small meals, drinks, and sake, has opened on St-Nicolas in Old Montreal.

Yann Levy, owner of the Gokudo bar, Biru, and Escondite restaurants in the city, is the one who brings it to you. Levy, however, has another well-known name on his team: Hanzo’s menu was created by renowned Toronto fusion brasserie DaiLo chef Nick Liu.

There are several variations on izakaya classics; among these, Levy mentions crab croquettes with maple tonkatsu and shiso relish, pork neck with a Sapporo caramel, and beef with a shiso pepper crust. Konbini Fried Chicken, often known as KFC, is fried chicken that goes above and beyond the typical karaage.


In the center of Plateau Mont-Royal on Saint-Denis Street sits Barranco, a contemporary Peruvian restaurant. Several items imported straight from Peru give it a unique taste.

The Plateau is switching from one Peruvian eatery to another. In May, a hip new restaurant specializing in “urban Peruvian cuisine” will debut in the same St-Denis space that formerly hosted the rotisserie chicken place Pio Pio Mtl.

24. Rose

Rose Cafe is a neighborhood cafe that offers a relaxing space to relax in a wi-fi atmosphere while showcasing local goods.

Rose Cafe is delighted to support local farmers, vendors, and caterers that provide their specialties: savory and sweet delicacies, coffee, tea, and chocolate A few tables in the front and the “hidden garden” in the rear of this little café contribute to its appeal.

Regular workshops in artistic creativity are presented at Rose Cafe, which also acts as a gallery showcasing the creations of regional creatives.

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
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25. Perles et Paddock

The interior of the restaurant Perles et Paddock was created in close cooperation by a designer, an architect, and a restaurateur.

The Clairoux team provided a genuine design experience based on the history of the neighborhood and customized to the philosophies of the restaurant. This Griffintown treasure was created by FX Studio Design’s Frédric Clairoux and Julie Lafontaine, two skilled designers.

26. Restaurant Pichai

The Épicerie Pumpui team’s newest and most anticipated restaurant is called Pichai. The bright flavors and colors of Isaan food set it apart from the more widely consumed Thai and Laotian meals.

“Pichai” means “big brother” in Thai. This is appropriate since the address represents a logical development from Pumpui.

Closing Thoughts

Many people agree with Montrealers that their restaurants are excellent. This year, the local culinary industry attracted a lot of expert attention, earning prominent spots on Canada’s 100 Best and Forbes lists, soaring high on Air Canada’s list of “Best New Restaurants,” and making it into the top 10 of Tripadvisor’s “Best in Canada” list.

Whether you are in mood of smoked meat poutine, seafood platter, quality foie gras, absolutely delicious natural wines, izakaya style menu from a world class japanese restaurant or just some classic french fries set with daily tasting menu, these are some of most favourite restaurant in montreal’s restaurant scene for their abosolutely delicious dishes.

These restaurants not only provide fine dining experience, but they also beat the competition in terms of ambiance and friendliness.

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