Canada Embraces the Coronation of King Charles III

Canada is celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III and as part of the celebrations,  Canadian Post Corp has issued the traditional stamp which features the new king.

The Crown in Canada through the official website tweeted, “

“Today’s stamp issue marks the first time His Majesty #KingCharlesIII has appeared on a Canadian stamp.

This continues @canadapostcorp’s long-standing tradition of issuing definitive stamps depicting the Canadian sovereign. 📮”. 

Canada Celebrates Coronation of King Charles III
Source: Twitter

Read on to discover what is tradition behind the release of stamps and the history of the Canada Postal Corp.

1. Coordination of King Charles III

Post-death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles III acceded to the throne on September 22.

The coronation ceremony of Charles III was conducted in a slimed-down manner.

He was coronated as the King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth nations and Canada being a commonwealth nation, celebrated the ceremony and commensurated the occasion with mint coins and stamps.

On the occasion of coronation, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada expressed his joy and happiness through a tweet.

He tweeted,

Today, we celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III and reaffirmed Canada’s enduring commitment to the Commonwealth. Find out how we’re marking this historic occasion – with the new Royal Crown, Royal Flag, Canadian stamp, collector coins, and more:“.

Canada Celebrates Coronation of King Charles III
Source: Twitter

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada attended the coronation ceremony in England along with Mary Simon,  the Governor General of Canada.

2. Commensuration by the Government of Canada

Canada released stamps and coins on the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III. In addition, the following were announced by the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada.

2.1. Donation to NCC

In recognition of King Charlies III’s contribution to the conservation of the environment, The Prime minister has announced a donation of $100,000 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

2.2. Unveiling of New Royal Crown and Flag

Post coronation ceremony,  the Government officially unveiled the new Royal Crown and flag.

2.2.1. The New Royal Canadian Crown

The Royal Crown has imbibed unique symbols such as maple leaves and sinusoidal lines to depict land and water.

The crown is a symbol of the Canadian monarch.

2.2.2. The New Flag of the Sovereign

The new Flag of Sovereign has been vetted by His Majesty himself.

The rectangular flag has features of the maple leave and emblems of royalty from the United Kingdom.

 2.3. Definitive Stamp

The stamp commemorating the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III was released by the Canadian Postal Corp.

The tradition of the release of postal stamps dates back 170 years. These stamps have been depicting the Canadian Monarchs.

The new collectors’ stamp is a portrait of King Charles III but of the times when he was Prince of Wales.

2.4. Collector Coins

Royal Canadian Mint has released special collector coins as part of the celebrations. Announcing the release,  the Crown in Canada tweeted, ”

“A new chapter in Canadian history. 🇨🇦👑
Today, we mark #KingCharlesIIICoronation.

In celebration of this momentous event, the @CanadianMint introduces the first Canadian coins to feature The King’s #RoyalCypher.”

Canada Celebrates Coronation of King Charles III
Source: Twitter

You can buy your own collector’s coin online from the Royal Canadian Mint website by clicking here.

Join the celebration of the coronation of King Charles III as he takes over the throne and shall rule the Commonwealth Nations.

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