Marc Lalonde Passes Away: Prime Minister in Grief!

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Marc Lalonde, the honorable Politician and statesman of Canada passed away on 06 May 23.

The news has sent shock waves across the nation. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada took up tweeter to express his grief. Prime Minister tweeted,

“Marc Lalonde was brilliant. I remember him and my dad sitting around our dinner table, having long and engaging debates on anything and everything – including our country, its people, and its future.

It was clear my dad had a lot of respect for him and, as I grew up and came to know him myself, I did too. I know many people across the country felt the same way because it is impossible to overstate the impact that Marc has had on Canada.

He ultimately transformed the way we thought about health and, in doing so, he no doubt changed – and saved – countless lives. But his legacy extends far beyond even that.

From finance to justice to sport to the status of women, he served in several cabinet positions. In each one, he worked tirelessly to better the lives of Canadians.

I join those who are mourning this enormous loss today, and I am keeping his family and friends in my thoughts.”

Tribute to Marc Lalonde by Justin Trudeau
Source: Twitter

Press Release

The Prime Minister has also released a press statement to pay tribute to the former health minister. He also shared the statement on Twitter with a link.

In the statement,  the Prime Minister stated that Marc Lalonde was proud of being a citizen of Canada and he had worked with dedication toward exemplifying the fact.

He was elected for the first time as a Member of Parliament from the province of Outremont in 1972 and thereafter he was appointed as the  Minister for National Health and Welfare.

Trudeau also mentioned that Marc Lalonde is responsible for the excellent medical services in Canada.

His report famously known as the Lalonde report resulted in a shift of focus to health and the promotion of a good lifestyle. This is considered to have changed the lives of millions in Canada.

He also stated that Marc had served in other ministries such as finance and sports.  The latter had served in each of his appointments with utmost dedication and commitment to work.

Marc’s commitment to health services, however,  is respected throughout the world.

Justin Trudeau conveyed his deepest condolences to the great politician’s family and friends on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Who was Marc Lalonde?

Marc Lalonde was a popular politician who discharged the duties of a cabinet minister. He had helped numerous prestigious portfolios in his illustrious career.

Honorable Marc Lalonde

He was appointed as an Officer of Order of Canada in 1989 and had the privilege to work as an ad hoc judge of ICJ. He represented the country on numerous trade issues.

In recognition of his service to the nation, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Canadian Medical.

It was in 2005 when he reappeared in the political scenario. The then PM Paul Martin nominated Lalonde as the co-president of the party and its election campaign.

His contribution to nation-building over the last few decades was noteworthy.

On this occasion, let us pay our homage to one of the greatest nation-builders and a great human being.

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