14 Best Restaurants in Guelph You Must Try

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 The best restaurants in Guelph are going to be crucial if you’re going to travel to this cultural hotspot just outside Toronto. Why? Because you did not get to know Guelph if you didn’t get to know its food. Guelph has everything you can need, from classic dine-in to a casual takeaway. Not to mention the fresh food from the local farms is something to die for.

So hop in as we explore the fantastic food culture that Guelph offers and pick the most popular restaurants in Guelph that you cannot miss, a foodie or not. 

15 Best Restaurants in Guelph

This Canadian has an astounding variety of cuisines and food to offer. It can be award-winning Italian diners to casual coffee shops for a chill evening; you just can’t go wrong. Here are some we think may be the best food you can get from.

  1. Baker Street Station (Pub Grub)

A restaurant inspired by the classic British public houses, with two separate floors and outdoor patio space, this place is an amazing place to enjoy the food in a wonderful atmosphere. This diner has a large variety of items on its menu for its patrons. Be it steak and duck fat chips, goat cheese beignets, or pork pot stickers with sesame marinated vegetables, the food is just mouthwatering.

You also get Taco Tuesday and Sunday Brunch, along with take-out. And, of course, we can’t finish talking about this fantastic restaurant without its beer. Enjoy a beer on one of its patio spaces from the wine bar. By the way, all the beer and wine here are from local brewing companies. So, be it a dinner date night or just meeting with a couple of friends, Baker Street Station, with its service and wonderful atmosphere, do visit this restaurant.


76 Baker Street Guelph, ON N1H 4G1

  1. The Vienna

    Vienna is probably one of the oldest restaurants in Guelph. This place originated as a coffee shop and bakery and still has that vintage aesthetic. Vienna has a great service added with fresh foods from nearby farms, all at a very pocket-friendly price. Schnitzels, egg benedicts, pancakes, waffles, bacon-fries, Vienna does it all.

    Also, did we mention the infinite amount of coffee here? Yes, that is another thing. Basically, for great breakfast options in downtown Guelch on a pocket-friendly bill, try this place out. However, weekend mornings can get a bit busy.

    best restaurants in guelph
    The Vienna Restaurant


    28 MacDonell Street Guelph, ON N1H 2Z3

    1. Aberfoyle Mill

      Another excellent restaurant with rich historical background, this place is a real hidden gem in the Guelph food circle. Aberfoyle’s menu is a combination of interesting seasonal fares and traditional dishes. Aberfoyle Mill offers a traditional vintage dining experience, ideal for a dinner date night.

      You can go for a typical Caesar salad, a plowman’s platter, Maple salmon, prime ribs, or dishes like Ontario striploin with shallot brandy and green peppercorn sauce; you won’t be disappointed. In other words, this small-town surprise will be a great experience if you give Aberfoyle Mill a shot.


      80 Brock Road S Guelph, ON N1H 6H9

      1. Park Grocery Deli and Bar

        Nice food, great vibe, and cheap eats; if these are what you’re looking for, Park Grocery Deli and Bar just might be a real hidden gem for you. Firstly, as mentioned, this restaurant has some great vibes. A vibrant neighborhood and the overall ambiance of this place just make you feel warm and fuzzy.

        With all the local farms nearby, the food here is fresh. The trout platters and goat cheese beignets are some of the many amazing things they offer. Organic fair trade coffees, fresh soups, sandwiches, and a wine bar with locally brewed beer and wine; go ahead and visit this establishment for a good lunch meal.

      2. Address:

        294 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H 3W3, Canada

      3. Diwa Classic Indian Kitchen (Fabulous Indian Food)

        Among the popular restaurants in Guelph, another hidden gem is this restaurant. Frankly speaking, this should be one of your top picks for authentic Indian food during your stay in Guelph.

        What happens when you mix up the comfortable ambiance, and excellent service with finger-licking Indian food? Yes, you get this small-town surprise. And some amazing food they have. Beautifully presented Butter Chicken curry that seemingly melts in your mouth, Tikka chicken masala, Curry fish, Gulab Jamun, all the foods are gonna be sure to please your taste buds.

        They have the trademark biriyani, fantastic seafood cuisine, and authentic Indian beverages such as mango lassi very tasty. Oh, they also have gluten-free options. So, to get some fabulous Indian food during your stay in Guelph, don’t forget to check this place out.

        Screenshot 346 e1709285144969
        Website Screenshot: parkeatery.ca


        336 Speedvale Ave W Guelph, ON N1H

      4. Rise and Shine:

        Among the most popular restaurants in Guelph, ‘Island Flavour’ Rise and Shine is a must. Truth be told, this restaurant holds up to its name. This is among the most popular brunch destinations in downtown Guelph; rise and Shine brings a Caribbean theme with some nice food. Traditional Canadian cuisine has a nice twist of Caribbean flavors throughout the menu.

        Here you can find some of the best fast food you can have in the whole Guelph in huge tasty portions with an incredible beverages menu to go with it.

        They also have a comfy outdoor patio space to enjoy a cozy lunchtime. Their Rise and Shine burgers are some of the best we’ve ever had. In terms of lunch, the Mexican benni is quite satisfactory.

        Any of The Butter Chicken Curry, Curry Shrimp, Curry Goat, and Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl make a good lunch meal. We are also sure that the mimosa menu from the wine bar would be a very welcome surprise for you.


        44 Macdonell St, Guelph, ON N1H 2Z3, Canada

      5. Manhattans:

        This pizza bistro and music club are located in south-end Guelph. Despite being in a plaza with a tattoo store and a pet shop, you will be pleasantly surprised if you give this restaurant a go. Nightly music acts and a cozy interior add to the already great vibe of the restaurant.

        You are up for a treat if you only consider this place a pizza parlor. Although you can choose from one of their many New York-style pizzas, like Nina Simone or Sonny Rollins, you can also give some of their other great food a go.

        Manhattans serves a fantastic Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, their Bolognese pasta, their highly reviewed Seafood Linguini, the Earl grey tea, or you can just settle for a Bone in Pork Chop with roasted fingerlings.

        Oh, and make sure to give their wine list a go. The local beer, red wine, and white wine are just extraordinary.


        951 Gordon Street Guelph, ON N1G 4S1

      6. Borealis Grille and Bar:

        Perhaps no one pays more attention to fresh and local food and ingredients than the ‘ Obsessively Local’ Borealis Grille and Bar.

        You can choose from their dinner, lunch, date night, and happy hour menu, and oh boy, is the menu filled to the brim.
        Salads prepared from locally produced ingredients were already a delicacy. Still, the food reaches a whole new level with the delicious Great Lake Fish and Chips, tasty Mussel Linguine, wild boar chop, and Bolognese pasta.

        Or you can try to have your lunchtime meal there with some Ontario Chicken Wings or some Chicken taco Salad. The Seafood trout is sure to make any date night extra memorable. Oh, they also have take-out.
        Bottom line? Great food, great staff, and a great vibe make it one of the top restaurants, and rightfully so.


        1388 Gordon Street Guelph, ON N1L 1C8

        9. Na Ha Thai’s Kitchen:

        Looking for authentic Thai food here in Guelph? Well, look no more. Na Ha Thai serves some of the best Thai food you’ll ever taste during your stay here. Approved by the Thai government, this small establishment will be a very welcome surprise for you.

        They have a wide variety of options on their menu and you can practically order whatever you want. Also, they serve in huge tasty portions, so you can get a bang for your buck.

        Also, there is a very generous gluten-free menu here, with stuff like fresh roll shrimp and Black sticky rice with peanut sauce. The tom yum is so delicious, and so is the red curry. There are also several tasty Thai fast food, such as chicken curry spring rolls. The Pineapple Fried rice, iconic tom yum fried rice, khao soi, Earl Grey tea, and finger-licking pad Thai, this list will never end.

        So, what’re you waiting for? Go try the best Thai food. Oh, and just so you know, the parking spot is small here.


        471 York Road Guelph, ON N1E 3J1

        10. Mijida Cafe and Bistro (Open Now Gastropub):

        Heavily focusing on local foods and ingredients, Mijida twists its modern menu on historical Viking, Portuguese, and northern gastronomical cuisine. Among the more popular restaurants in Guelph, this one is arguably quite easy to miss, But missing it is the last thing you want to do.

        Why do you ask? For starters, this place is cozy, neatly illuminated, and just the thing you need for a relaxing evening or a romantic date night; on top of that, it is also connected to a bookstore. Local artworks are showcased in the brick interior, giving it a wonderful dining atmosphere.

        Now, let’s talk about the great food that they serve. You’ll get six menus here, including a kids’ menu.
        Their lunch menu has some delicious soups and salads, veggie burgers, lunch pizzas such as delicious sausage pizza, and mains like fish and chips and seared trout. We can vouch for the veggie burger and the delicious sausage pizza as those were good.

        The dinner menu includes elk, beautifully presented pork tourtiere, pan-roasted chicken, and braised beef cheeks that seemingly melt in your mouth.

        The best options for the kids’ menu are different kinds of kids’ pizzas, mac and cheese, and herb-fried chicken breasts.
        They also have quite an enjoyable patio space, so you can just be yourself during your much-needed lunchtime.


        37 Quebec Street Guelph, ON N1H 2T1

        11. Planet Bean:

        If you’re a coffee lover and only looking for a restaurant in Guelph to try some, Planet Bean is the one for you. Among the popular restaurants in Guelph, this one stands out for multiple reasons. For starters, it is a fair-trade gourmet coffee roastery. They roast their coffee in small batches and are available to buy, along with another bunch of coffee-making products.

        Planet Bean is located in downtown Guelph, and roasting is taken care of by the members of the roasters guild, guaranteeing their quality. The music is hearty, the seating is spacious, and the other foods are delicious as well. There are wonderful pastries, lemon poppyseed cakes, and other mouth-watering desserts.

        You can also try their tea here if you fancy. The fair trade coffee, extremely friendly baristas, and the delightful surprise that is their food make this place one of the best and the best coffee place in Guelph, no doubt.


        259 Grange Road East Unit 2 Guelph, ON N1E 6N9

        12. Eggcetra:

        Probably the best place to catch breakfast here in Guelph; this restaurant is a favorite in the locality. Eggcetra is a restaurant where the waitlist is long, and the only thing longer is their menu. Let’s get straight into what kind of delicacies they serve here. Eggcetra offers an extensive breakfast menu to choose from from Lox, Stock, and Bagel, and Western Sandwich to grilled veggies and chorizo sausage and everything in between. We fell in love with their Tomato, Bacon, and Goat cheese sandwich, so head’s up on that. Also, their smoked salmon bowls are another head-turner.

        Let us get to lunch now. The amazing proportion of their menu is maintained in the lunch section. You can treat yourself to a Quesadilla, have some of those Crab cakes, go for a little bit of Greek food with their Greek salad, or just settle yourself with a Double Trouble Bacon and Cheddar.

        There would be a delightful surprise will be waiting for you in their drinks section. There are premium Plum tea, Torani syrups, Chai latte tea, honey lavender latte, and many more.

        The beer they serve is quite good, and their mimosa menu is varied and tasty, but our favorite would be the bloody Caesars. Visit this place once, and you’ll keep visiting it.

        best restaurants in guelph


        200 Victoria Road S Guelph, ON N1E 5R1

        13.Cusina Mediterranian Bistro:

        If there are cheap eats, fresh food, and amazing cuisine, Greek food is your niche; Cusina Mediterranian Bistro has you covered. Greek cuisine is highlighted on the menu, and boy, aren’t they authentic. We will come true, this place, with its vibe, fast service, and the absolute sweethearts that are the staff, We will keep visiting it again and again just because of the experience.

        The chicken souvlaki is highly reviewed, and rightfully so. Their saganaki is delicious, the Greek salads are fresh, and the salmon is flavourful too. Best part? You can order classic food items like Fish and Chips and BBQ Ribs and items such as Brizola and Poetica. Our personal favorites would be the Mediterranean Penne and Lobster Ravioli. If you visit them, do not miss out on those two.

        In the end, restaurants like this one will keep making you go back not so because of their food, but because of how much you’ll enjoy being there.


        160 Kortright Road W Suite 5 Guelph, ON N1G 4V7

        14. The Shakespeare Arms:

        The Shakespeare Arms is another old English pub perfect for an afternoon in. This pub offers delicious food made from fresh ingredients, a classic, rustic ambiance, and a pocket-friendly menu loaded with various options.
        This is an authentic British pub with a Shakespearean theme. This cottage-style pun has a gorgeous patio, perfect for summer.

        Oh, the fireplace they have just added more to the flavor while at the same time making winter far more enjoyable here. The Shakespeare Arms is near the University of Guelph, yet the crowd is not by any means extra. The amount of people here just makes the pub feel more homely. The waiters are super friendly, and their service is completely satisfactory.

        The food here is simply delectable. Their chicken curry, French onion soups, fish and chips, everything is great. The burgers and meat pies they serve are our personal favorites. The beer is also great. The menu itself is similar to a British pub menu, while at the same time having a flavor of Canada. The Cornish pies and the baked potatoes here are some of the best we ever had.

        Overall, Shakespeare and Arms is the kind of pub you’d want to visit to have an authentic English meal, relax after a hard day at work, or simply watch the game.

        15. Eric the Baker:

        The last one is a restaurant we stumbled upon by chance. This bakery located in downtown Guelph is a pure ecstasy of taste and heritage. His grandmother opened this, and it was one of the first bakeries ever in Toronto; today, Eric and his uncles own bakeries all over the world. This bakery itself is arguably the best one here.

        The menu is an assortment of croissants, tarts, cakes, and bread. The best part is they come in so many amazing varieties. The pastries, sausage rolls, chocolatine, and espresso justify the long queue that seemingly stays before Eric the Baker. As for us, we loved everything they served, but the special shootout to the sausage rolls was the highlights.

        Go to Eric the Baker right now if you’re craving some delicious baked foods or just want to have a good time. The line is going to be long, but in the end, it will be worth it.

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        Concluding Thoughts:

        Guelph is one of those places where you go out for a stroll one day and find out a restaurant that instantly becomes your favorite. Guelph is a place that always has something to offer you, and it’s great too. But for your first-time visit to Guelph, these best restaurants in Guelph will be some good starting points. For a city such as Guelph, you can always find what you are looking for in its diners, coffee shops, and bakeries.

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