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Despite being a French province, Montreal provides amazing Indian food in its local restaurants and cafes.

Some eateries adopt a more conventional strategy, while others give it a slight contemporary twist. You can choose from the list of 14 places serving the best Indian food.

Best Restaurants for Indian Food in Montreal!

1. Maison Indian Curry

One of the most well-known Indian meals is curry, and Maison Indian Curry is a perfect place to sample flavors from North and South India.

Their menu highlights include butter chicken gravy, tandoori-roasted meats, and lamb korma with naan. Their combination meals, which are about $10, are worth a try.

Screenshot from Maison Indian Curry
Screenshot from Maison Indian Curry

2. Le Taj

Le Taj has been providing services to Montreal visitors and locals since 1985 and is frequently recommended by food experts in Montreal.

Here, you can experience local Indian cuisine with a modern twist. This Indian restaurant is exceptional because of its exquisite ethnic design and prompt, friendly service.

In addition to an à la carte supper menu, Le Taj offers a tasty and fresh lunch buffet with a large selection of dishes, which includes tandoori specialties. Various naan or bread varieties, like Tandoor naan and vegetarian naan, are available on the menu.

The restaurant’s owner has also carefully included some classic Indian dishes. You may also discover numerous varieties of rice and appetizers.

3. Bombay Mahal

Bombay Mahal is a must-visit place for vegetarians. It is at 1001 Rue Jean-Talon on the city map. Being renowned for serving the best Indian food, Bombay Mahal specializes in South Indian cuisine and North Indian curries.

There are outlets at three locations of the Bombay Mahal in Montreal. It is also the city’s most popular Indian food delivery and takeout joint. One of the dishes with the most orders is the Poulet Au Beurre or the Butter Chicken.

indian thali food platter
Image Source: Bombay Mahal

4. India Beau Village

India Beau Village is one of Montreal’s best restaurants serving Indian food.  There are ample vegetarian options, spicy curries, and Indian desserts on the menu.

Sweet delicacies include mango shakes, gulab jamun, rice pudding, and mango ice cream.

5. India Rosa

India Rosa is situated on the Plateau Mont. It has recreated traditional Quebec cuisine to offer you an exquisite experience that combines the delicate flavors of India with the conventional Quebec meal.

It also has a great wine list, microbrews, and a range of classic beverages.

6. Restaurant Gandhi

Restaurant Gandhi is the best Indian restaurant in Old Montreal. This place provides a distinctive ambiance with its natural lighting, white linens, and extensive wine selection. The friendly staff’s behavior elevates their level of sophistication.

Bhindi masala, Bombay potatoes, butter chicken, tandoori specialties, varieties of rice, and different kinds of curries are part of the delicious menu. They even have gluten-free alternatives.

Screenshot from Restaurant Gandhi
Screenshot from Restaurant Gandhi

7. Mahli Sweets

Mahli Sweets is one of my favorite hangouts for delicious Indian food. They provide meals from various regions of India, but their main focus is on Punjabi cuisine. As the name suggests, they serve delicious Indian and Pakistani sweets.

The 45-seat restaurant has a pretty straightforward and uncluttered design. Additionally, they have televisions that broadcast well-known Indian shows to entertain people.

The easygoing ambiance and the reasonable cost of food are a plus, along with the enjoyable culinary experience provided here.

8. Le Super Qualité

Le Super Quality is a brand-new modest restaurant with all the flavors of southern India, where you can savor delicious and reasonably priced cuisine in a unique setting.

The restaurant’s decor differs considerably from other Indian restaurants in Montreal. Their 18-seat area is distinctive.

South Indian street food dominates their menu, along with other regional specialties. Every week, they also offer food from different regions of India on their thalis.

The innovative cocktails add to the experience of dining at Le. Their inventive and delicious appetizers are served to be shared.

Indian Thali Delicious Feast
Image Source: Le Super Qualite

9. Chand Palace

Chand Palace is a small, unassuming restaurant that serves some of the best Indian thali and other regional specialties at reasonable prices. It has a dining area with high and low wooden tables and solid chairs, which seats around 20 people.

Chand Palace offers thalis for lunch and dinner, with vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. As starters, the restaurant offers freshly made korma, vindaloo, dry-roasted meat, and other dishes.

The restaurant also serves regional delicacies from southern India, including multiple varieties of dosa, uthappam, vada, and sambar. Their menu also includes curries made with chicken, lamb, and seafood.

In addition to offering some of the tastiest Indian food in Montreal, Chand Palace is a delightful place to dine while enjoying your beverage of choice.

10. Darbar

Resto Darbar

If you’re in the mood for spicy food while visiting the city, Darbar is a perfect destination to indulge in some amazing Indian food. Darbar is equally famous among travelers and locals, as it has been serving delicious Punjabi food in Montreal for many years.

Each meal is prepared with great attention. The chef engages with the diners, and the staff is friendly. The beverages are tasty and inventive.

Make reservations in advance, as they may have to wait. Their outdoor terrace is also a great place to dine.

11. Singh’s

Restaurant Singh’s is well-known for its vast range of North Indian curries, butter chicken, tandoori, and rice dishes. Their menu is diverse, with reasonable prices.

Moreover, their service is friendly and efficient. One must try the starters, such as Chana masala (spicy roasted chickpeas), fritters served with three dips, and samosas. You can also bring your drinks inside.

Screenshot from Restaurant Singh's
Screenshot from Restaurant Singh’s

12. Dosa Pointe

Dosa Pointe in Montreal is a perfect place to indulge in different dosas. Dosa is a South Indian crispy pancake prepared using a batter of ground black lentils and rice flour soaked overnight in water.

Additionally, their Hyderabadi chicken biryani is also excellent.

13. Rasoi

The distinctive atmosphere of this Saint-Henri Rasoi restaurant is enhanced with high-quality dishes and a sizable cocktail menu.

The dinner menu includes chicken tikka, spicy dumplings, goat kebabs served with hot mango dip, crispy okra chips, baked barbecue chicken wings, and inventive drinks.

It offers a welcoming atmosphere and has helpful staff. You can also have a good time with your friends and family on their terrace while having food and drinks.

Note – Entry to the restaurant is allowed to 18+ customers only.

14. Le 409

Le 409 in Old Montréal provides a flavorful detour off the usual culinary course from happy hour till late at night.

The best Indian food, with fusion dishes like lentils and meat curry, grilled chicken, Lebanese salad, cod fritters, and even butter chicken stew, is available here.

Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe
Image Source: Le 409

Le 409 offers a creative array of award-winning cocktails and a wide range of wines.  The restaurant’s interior has a long central bar, with vibrant Indian film posters hanging above plush leather chairs and dark oak tables.

Wrapping up – The Unique Taste of India

India’s unique culinary offerings are heaven for food lovers looking for flavors, scents, and textures of the most exquisite sort. Due to the country’s varied history, regional composition, and customs, the food flavors vary with every dish.

Moreover, the variety of ingredients used for preparing Indian cuisine may help explain why dining Indian food is so enjoyable.

Rest assured, these restaurants in Montreal will give you the original and unique taste of Indian food, along with great service and a pleasant atmosphere.

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  • Being an Indian reading about the best Indian restaurants in Montreal is a delightful moment. The detailed descriptions and vibrant imagery paint a vivid picture of the gastronomic treasures awaiting enthusiasts. From aromatic biryanis to tantalizing curries, each restaurant seems to be a unique culinary journey, promising a delightful fusion of spices and textures that transport diners to the heart of India.

  • Hey,your article was super amazing and helpful! You know we always try to find good Indian Restaurants whenever we plan to visit foreign countries! And Montreal is one of the destination I’m going to visit in the month of June this upcoming year,and I’m surfing all the related details as possible and there I found your article about Indian Restaurants and I was so happy! Definitely gonna visit the Darbar Restaurant! Thank you sharing this information!

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