Brewing Excellence: Top 10 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

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Does your day start with savoring the delicate aroma of a fresh morning coffee? Or hitting Starbucks, perhaps, for your daily shot of espresso?

Whether you call yourself a “caffeine aficionado” or take pride as a café connoisseur of supreme beverage culture, Colorado Springs is the place to go for a cup of joe!

For coffeeholic residents and visitors of Colorado, you are in luck with the best coffee shops in Colorado Springs. They come in handy, especially on those long road trips before you explore Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and other great places.

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

You say coffee. I say, Colorado! Colorado Springs is the area that holds the secret behind exceptional coffee shops. From cute tiny shops to the 2nd best roaster in the nation, this place knows its way around caffeine.

The high-altitude roasting process produces the strongest flavors for a robust cup that lower elevations fail to meet. The local roasters of downtown Colorado Springs craft bold flavors that no coffee lover can resist to kickstart a productive day.

Narrowing down the list, these are the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs to savor great coffee.

1. The Wild Goose Meeting House 

A favorite amongst the locals, The Wild Goose Meeting House hosts many community events and gatherings of students, artists, business people, and coffee lovers from all over, to be precise.

If you are a fan of full-bodied, rich, earthy coffee, then this is the best place for you. This meeting house is not just about coffee but also delicious side delicacies. There’s something for everyone in this café, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their grilled sandwiches with gooseberry relish and the giant cinnamon rolls, chai latte, lavender latte, and homemade ginger beer are special treats.

The airy, open front and laid-back atmosphere make you sink into one of the lounge chairs and relish some great live music. With trendy Edison lights and dark walls, this local establishment switches things up by adding a bar in the café.

Have them pour you the perfect espresso shot using their state-of-the-art Modbar system, or enjoy your favorite cocktail during happy hours; Wild Goose Meeting House is more than just a coffee house.

If you are looking for vegan-friendly snacks or dog-friendly coffee shops to grab coffee before your next hiking adventure, stop by the local hotspot, Wild Goose Meeting House, in downtown Colorado Springs.

Location– 401 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

2. Switchback Coffee Roasters 

This artisanal and sunlit coffee shop has two locations in Colorado Springs – Shooks Run Cafe (the original) and Hillside Cafe. The open floor plan with white walls, mismatched frames, plants, a spacious patio, and switchback coffee roasters make for a fresh and hip hangout.

More than just a place for a drink and dining, Switchback brings specialty coffee to Colorado Springs and has built a strong reputation ever since. At the 2018 U.S. Coffee Championships in Seattle, Switchback won the 2nd best roaster in the nation.

So, stop by the trained roasters to learn more about coffee cultivation and grab a bag of ethically sourced, high-quality roasted coffee beans for a homemade brew.

Beloved for the cozy atmosphere, food, and service, Switchback offers several simple yet delicious fare, i.e., Avocado toast, granola, tacos, and lattes with some of the best latte arts. They also cater to gluten-free and vegan options.

Located just a few minutes from Garden of Gods in downtown Colorado Springs, Switchback Coffee Roasters is your answer to cozy coffee shops with great coffee and comfort food.

Location– 330 North Institute, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 / 909 East Moreno Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

3. Jives Coffee Lounge 

Screenshot from Jives Coffee Lounge
Screenshot from Jives Coffee Lounge

Jives Coffee Lounge truly runs by its motto, “Coffee, Music, Life.” If good music and coffee are your jam and you haven’t visited the eclectic Jives yet, you are missing out on great deals at coffee stores in Colorado Springs!

A large entertainment area with a hint of steampunk twist and ample space for the customers to sit and relax, Jives welcomes you with all your creativity and unique coffee drinks. Music brings lots of character to the coffee house. Enjoy the live music by talented locals or join them in an open mic event.

Jives Coffee Lounge has a unique choice of spread to call its own. From their specialty drink “Forte’s” to hot spicy mocha, white tiger mocha, chai latte, and fresh smoothies. Jives also offers a limited menu of pastries and bagel sandwiches to satisfy your hunger cues.

Based right around the corner in Old Colorado City, on Colorado Avenue and Colbrunn Street, this quirky coffee shop will surely make a lasting impression on your mind.

Location– 16 Colbrunn Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

4. Urban Steam 

The social heartbeat and one of the busiest coffee shops, Urban Steam American Bistro is a unique all-in-one roaster and coffee shop. 

A delightful mash-up of order and chaos, Urban Steam is loved for its upbeat, welcoming vibes. With an industrialized decór and large lounge access, they take pride in roasting coffee beans in-house and brewing fresh cups in the bar.

Enjoy boutique-quality coffees in this vibrant coffee shop. To treat your taste buds, Urban Steam offers delicious platters all day long. Some special mentions include Cubano con Leche, Turkish coffee, Nutella banana waffles, pulled pork panini, and the California salad.

The place is always packed during Happy Hours,” so they often host music events and special performances for entertainment. With good coffee, good food, and good vibes, this coffee shop is worth visiting.

Location– 1025 South Sierra Madre Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

5. STIR Coffee and Cocktails 

Located on the edge of northern Downtown Colorado Springs, STIR Coffee and Cocktails is a hidden gem in Colorado Springs.

Freshly brewed coffee in the morning with some hearty breakfast food, STIR is famous within the local community for serving some of the best sandwiches around Colorado Springs!

For the evening crowd, this cozy coffee shop turns into a bar. STIR’s cocktail menu is literary-themed, unique alcoholic beverages based on the names of classic books. They roast their coffee, which contributes largely to the superior flavors.

Some signature cocktails are Tequila Mockingbird, Gin in Wonderland, Sangria Island, The Lion, the Witch, The Vodka, and Dorian Black.

Their indoor space is a perfect winter hideout, while the outdoor patio is perfect for soaking up the sun during warmer months. Come and look around if you are searching for some good coffee shops and bars in the area.

Location– 2330 North Wahsatch Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

6. Story Coffee Company 

Fall in Love with Story Coffee Company | Colorado Springs Hidden Gem

The first tiny house coffee shop in the world, Story Coffee Company easily takes the cake as the “coziest coffee shop” in Colorado Springs. Named one of America’s Most Beautiful Coffee Houses by Architectural Design Magazine, this local coffee shop offers more than just coffee.

Story Coffee is located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, in the Acacia Park hideaway. Instead of being a walk-up café, their cozy lobby welcomes you with the warmth of home. Although there isn’t much space to accommodate a crowd, they have few seats to keep their guests warm in the winter. Or you can even lounge on the outside deck to catch up with the sun in summer.

The cozy vibe and excellent coffee make your coffee experience here so hearty. Next time you stroll to the big blue fountain or around the downtown neighborhood, grab a cup from Story Coffee Co.

Location– 120 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Check out their story for more information-

Springs Focus - Story Coffee Company Interview

7. Yellow Mountain Tea House 

Calling for all the tea enthusiasts here! If your favorite type of caffeine is the one you get from sipping a warm cup of tea, then Yellow Mountain Tea House should not be missed. As peaceful as the name suggests, this place is a haven for all tea lovers.

This traditional Chinese Tea House follows Chinese traditions by heart and has over 300 types of teas to choose from – you can grab some loose-leaf tea to steep up at home.

A few of their most unique blends include the Milky Way Chai, Stress Relief, and Sweet Tea Leaves made from the Chinese Blackberry Bush.

The Yellow Mountain Tea House offers tea to-go at their quick-serve counter, or you can stay for a full tea-serving experience. Guided by Chinese wisdom, they believe in the unique benefits of herbal teas while crafting special blends. They happily offer recommendations for those willing to learn more about tea.

From their interiors to traditional Chinese foods and, above all, tea, even coffee addicts will find this place special and worth a visit.

Location– 2616 W Colorado Ave #21, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

8. The Perk Downtown 

Screenshot from The Perk Downtown
Screenshot from The Perk Downtown

One of the oldest coffee shops in downtown Colorado Springs, The Perk Downtown Coffee House is an anchor among established cafés. They offer the perfect vantage point to watch the busy downtown unfold. 

They welcome you heartily to stop by and enjoy a coffee made from freshly roasted beans just a couple of blocks away at Purple Mountain Roaster. Given their expertise, it is heard that baristas at Perk Downtown receive additional training in Seattle.

Perk’s menu specializes in CBD-infused drinks and gluten-free pastries, among other baked goods, to spread the joy of good food and drinks to more people. Try the Buzzer (double the caffeine) and pair it with a locally made pastry, or grab a breakfast burrito.

The Perk Downtown might become one of your favorite coffee shops in the central downtown business area.

Location– 14 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

9. Wayfinder Coffee Co.

As one may assume from the name, this cozy coffee shop and tapas spot is a traveler’s home away from home. Established by two women who love to travel, Wayfinder Coffee Co. uses sources worldwide to brew the most flavorful and unique beans. 

Open throughout the day and night, this coffee shop is always ready to lift a wayfarer’s road-worn spirit. Famous for the best collection of coffee beans, countries in Europe and South America inspired some of their best brews.

Screenshot from Wayfinder Coffee Co.
Screenshot from Wayfinder Coffee Co.

In addition to coffee, Wayfinder serves fresh pastries and other baked goods every day. Their giant croissants and Spiced road coffee are some of the menu favorites. They also offer happy hour special wine, the perfect complement to the tapas.

Location– 6140 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

10. Loyal Coffee 

For a five-sense experience, stop by Loyal Coffee. One of the only barista-owned coffee shops, this coffee shop holds a reputation as one of the best coffee shops.

An icon in the community, Loyal Coffee is all about quality. With two locations in Colorado Springs, Loyal Coffee has rightfully earned the love and support of the local people.

For the love of their city and craft, the baristas have contributed a big deal, building the reputation of Colorado Springs in the world of competitive coffee.

With precision and creativity, Loyal Coffee brings out the best in the coffee. This is where their specialty coffee wins the taste game, whether a small batch Kenyan pour or a sweet and silky latte.

This is the perfect spot to fuel up with some classic egg on toast or a sweet potato hash on your way to the Garden of the Gods.

Location– 408 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Some More Places Worth Mentioning –

You will find many hidden gems exploring the city. Some more coffee shops in Colorado Springs that you must visit include –

Coffee shops in Colorado Springs
Image by Couleur on Pixabay

Wrapping Up: Coffee and Colorado

The quality keeps coming when it comes to the coffee shops in Colorado Springs, CO. You’d probably have a hard time finding another city of this size with so many quality coffee roasters, but thankfully you are in Colorado Springs!

If the home-grown coffee culture and home to some of the best roasters in the nation aren’t enough to convince you, I suggest trying the first-hand experience. The refreshing aroma of quality beans added to the warm and hearty welcome will enrich your coffee experience.

As we say, a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away!

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