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It doesn’t make any difference if it is a bustling night when you have to snatch a simple supper or film night at home where you might want to take a stab at something new. Having a decent pizza is something everybody needs. Domino is one of the famous pizza fast food chains. If you didn’t know, pizza is an Italian-origin dish.

Best Pizza In Brampton

Venezia Pizza specializes in Brampton’s finest homemade pizza. They have been making delicious, homemade pizza since 1963. They work hard to ensure every pizza is as delicious as the last. You can even create your best pizza with your favourite ingredients. But for now let us find the best pizza joints in Brampton. 

1. Tony & Jim Pizza

Tony and Jim have been presenting delightful pizza to the Flowerton people as far back as anybody can recollect. If you’re looking for a city with many flavors, city south could be the right place for you. Most pizza lovers hang out on Flowerton Avenue, Brampton, to find the best pizza. Tom and Jim Pizza and restaurant is the best place where you can find delicious pizza in Brampton.

Tony & Jim's Place
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Other than pizza, you will also get other food items in Tony and Jim Pizza restaurant. Other items include salad, burger, and fish wings. Chicken dishes include chicken sandwiches, chicken wings, and chili chicken. KFC is one of the famous fast food chains for chicken wings. They also offer added sanitation procedures.

Tony & Jim restaurant is also known to take offer takeout. City south pizza is one of the best pizza places in Brampton city’s south side and also has some of the best Indian-style pizza. Most hotels with all these varieties of food availability are famous in Brampton. 

2. Gusto Pizza

Gusto Pizza is located at 247 Queen Street, East Brampton. They are specialists in making homemade authentic Italian pizza. Their dishes even include pasta. The pizza made by Gusto in Brampton is made with fresh dough, Tre Stelle cheese, homemade sauce, and other varieties of fresh toppings to choose from.

No doubt the best pizza is almost always found outside the realm. Your taste buds will love this pizza if you’re a cheese fan. Even though that Italian place is always packed, people love to have their Italian cuisine. Everyone likes pizza, even if it’s not Italian, and the fast food menu here is always open.

This pizza house has been serving its delicious pizza to their customer for over three decades now.  It is worth trying their Gusto Pizza, especially in Brampton.

3. Mackay Pizza

This reliable pizza place presumably presents the greatest value for your money. You will get a huge pizza for $15 and a medium pizza for $1.75. MacKay’s pizza has been a city’s number one pizza house for a long time. Try their stuffed pizza with Jamaican patties stuffed with lettuce and mayo.

The cooks of Mackay try to provide their visitors a good Pepperoni, vegetable pizza or patties. In this fast food center, you can even order a takeaway. Many locals and tourists know this place, and most people love to visit this place often. The best part of this pizza place is its fast service. So, you can expect to get a faster delivery when you visit Mackay Pizza.

Mackay Pizza
Image From Mackay Pizza and Submarines

Other than pizza, you can even order soft drinks for yourself. Besides this, you will also get different juices, hot chocolate, coffee or tea, and 2% milk. Garlic Bread with cheese, Turkey, Ham, and Super Assorted are some foods you can order from hot subs. Mackay patties include plain beef, a Mackay patty seasoned with cheese, and salads. 

4. Pizzanini

This pizza place is located at 18 Main Street, South Brampton. If you are looking for some good pizza in and around this place, you can turn your sight towards the Pizzanini. This pizza hub is one of the best pizza houses in Brampton. They are a family claim and eatery that presents the customers with their flatbread pizza. It even allows you to change their garnishes. 

They have various menu options to suit your dining needs. If you’re a panini lover, this is the best pizza in Brampton. Locals of Brampton love to visit this place to taste Pizzanini’s fabulous pizza. 

This place is one of the 5 best pizza places in Brampton. In 2013, the food network’s “You Gotta Eat Here” visited various restaurants across the country. In addition to that they tried more dishes also. They concluded Pizzanini to be on of the best pizza place in Brampton.

5. Tonino’s Pizzeria And Panini

Located at 10088 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, Tonino’s Pizzeria and Panini is a number one eateries that provides varieties of pizza, pasta, and panzerotti at various events. This eatery is a Italian cuisine and was also voted for the same thing. Tonino’s Pizzeria is know to be one of the best pizza house in Brampton. 

They are open from Sunday to Thursdat from 11 A.M to 8 P.M and on Friday & Saturday 11 A.M to 9 P.M. They make some of the authentic Italian food which are inspired by the true Italian heritage. They are known to make their food with find and fresh quality ingredients.

Tonino has severe the Brampton residents and people for around two decades now. Their family has now a expertise in make fine Italina foods and the famous Italina pizza. You can always bring your friends and family members here to enjoy the meal. They are ready for any major events and to fulfill your cause.


Most Brampton pizza restaurants offer a relaxed dining experience for families. You must try meteor pizza topped with beefy bolognese sauce and pizza mozzarella. The fast food menu features so many dishes, but pizza ends every other word in that fast food menu. Popular Brampton categories are cheap hotels and pizza restaurants.

Pizza Fiamma is a good place to find your basic pizza needs. The hotel brand’s popular amenities are also important factors. Safe lengths pizza Establishment Type Restaurants Quick Bites Dessert Coffee and Tea with pizza.

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