Little India Restaurant:10 Famous Places You Must Try

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 Little India restaurant offers Indian food with special homemade recipes inside India and also, outside India. Singapore is called Little India.

The little India restaurant offer very delicious Indian cuisine like butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, deep-fried rice, tandoori chicken, naan, meat combo, naan bread, and many other dishes. These dishes include both types of dishes, vegetarian and non-vegan.

You can have some wonderful experiences every time whenever you will visit the little Indian restaurants.

These restaurants also provide gluten-free options along with beautiful buffets and catering. Little India restaurants are very popular in India and outside India, and people from all over India want to try and taste Indian food. These restaurants also have popularity on all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Little India Restaurant Cuisines

As we know that Little India restaurants are among the best Indian restaurant, they provide Indian food along with Indo-Chinese food.

They provide essential cookies to large groups of people, with a great meal.

These Indian restaurants have authentic aromas with a very ethnic dining room. The famous dishes of these little Indian restaurants include spicy garlic ginger naan, pizza with chutney, tomatoes, desserts, gulab jamun, onion bhajia, and many other Indian dishes, these restaurants are very much famous in Toronto.

Now, let’s talk about the cuisine- so, the cuisine offered here in these little Indian restaurants provides exceptional service with the best Indian catering and buffet. The dishes offered here are served with a very kind heart, and the dinner here is amazing in the traditional Indian style.

Some of the little Indian restaurant menu and food is described below:

Different Little India Restaurant

Little India restaurants are those which offer very wonderful Indian food items. They provide different dishes with great Indian flavors. These below-mentioned restaurants are among the best Indian restaurant. Eating in these restaurants provides the same wonderful experiences as eating in India.

They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. On the vegetarian menu, they serve spicy rice, spinach, garlic naan, and fresh, flavorful food. In non-vegan, they serve spicy hot fresh Asian chicken tikka masala, simple, delicious chicken. Now let’s talk about each restaurant in detail,

1. Bombay Chowpatty

This restaurant comes under the best little Indian restaurant. The location of this restaurant is Toronto, Canada. They provide two-time meals, lunch, dinner, and drinks. They served cooked food with the crockeries. The name of the restaurant generally originated from Mumbai’s Chowpatty.


This restaurant provides excellent service with very good cooked food and a buffet. They also provide many facilities to their premium customers like facility of reservation, free delivery, and parking facilities. They also provide free Wifi and digital payment.

What is Special about this restaurant— This restaurant has famous dishes like every team in fast food, and the famous Bombay burger, along with the pan-fried potato patty topped with some red onions, chickpeas, and red tomatoes.

Location1386 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Canada

2. Gautama

This little Indian restaurant offers a wide range of dishes with special flavors. The interior of this restaurant is fabulous and amazing. This restaurant also offers Kingfisher beer along with the dinner meal. They have the best chicken dishes, like butter chicken masala.


They provide the best Indian meal, and on the menu, they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. The service here is fabulous. This is a very famous restaurant in the city. They provide free delivery, takeout, and also highchairs available.

What is special about this restaurant- This restaurant comes from the best Indian restaurant. They have an excellent buffet system. Vegetarians provide rice to eat along with this, they offer drinks and spices. In non-vegetarian, offer cooked chicken and butter chicken.

Location: 1416 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Canada

3. Greenleaf Cafe

Definitely, I can say that this is among the best Indian restaurant and offer excellent Indian food with a beautiful buffet with good service. They offer Indian, Asian, and Healthy cuisines.


They also provide delivery, takeout, and reservation along with this outdoor seating and wheelchair accessibility.

What is special about this restaurant- This little Indian restaurant offers great Indian food with a gluten-free diet. Their butter chicken is very famous in Toronto, and that is very famous worldwide too.

Location: 9604 Cameron Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

4. Aromas Of India

Now here comes another little Indian restaurant with great Indian food. The cuisines offered here have a unique flavor with a Canadian touch. Cooked chicken,  butter chicken, rice, and spices are famous and wonderful.


They provide reservation facilities, along with outdoor seating, parking, and television facilities.

What is special about this restaurant- This restaurant is popular in the city. There are dishes like chicken, rice, and spices that are mouth-watering and are very famous in Toronto as well.

Location: 590 Dundas Street, Ontario, Canada

5. Taj Mahal Restaurant

This Indian restaurant in Toronto is very famous for its North Indian cuisine. They offer the same flavor as offered in India. This restaurant has a very welcoming atmosphere. It has been working since the year 1996 in Toronto.

Here in these restaurants, meals are served in clusters of trailers. Because it has been working for a very long time, So, now in Toronto, this restaurant become a gathering place.


This restaurant provides free delivery along with fine dining facilities.

What is special about this restaurant– This restaurant is very famous for its sizzling kababs, these kababs are specially cooked in charcoal-filled clay, which gives them a very soft and amazing texture and taste. Another special thing about this restaurant is the homemade almond kulfi.

Location: 4816 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary Alberta, Canada

6. MotiMahal

This restaurant is one of the cheapest places to have Good quality Indian Food. This restaurant opened in the year 1976, MotiMahal is one of the oldest little Indian restaurants in Toronto City. The interior of this restaurant is like the fast food-style decor.


MotiMahal is one of the busiest places in Toronto because of its amazing and delicious cuisine and world-famous flavors, it also provides free delivery to its customers.

What is special about this restaurant- The specialty of the MotiMahala is Channa Bhatura.  In Channa Bahutura, two pieces of deep-fried beads are served with potatoes and with some fresh chickpeas. This restaurant also offers various desserts like gulab jamun and all.

Location: 1805 14 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

7. New Haandi 2000

New Handi 2000 is the best Indian restaurant. This place is a place where you have the best biryani experience. A full plate of herb-infused basmati rice served with a tasty, rich curry sauce can make you fall in love with it.

New Haandi is well known for its taste and affordable lunch and dinner buffets. They also have a great selection of the carte.


They provide three-time meals with free catering services. Along with this they also, offer good delivery facilities and parking facilities.

What is special about this restaurant- This restaurant is very famous for its biryani dishes. They served delicious biryani with some crip salads along with desserts.

Location: 1401 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Canada

8. Regency Restaurant

This restaurant offers very budget-friendly buffets along with Indian staples. The buffet offered by the Regency Restaurant is very fresh and very carefully prepared.


This restaurant offers a diversity of vegetarian dishes. They have diverse vegetarian dishes like paneer, veggie, and pakoras. They also serve desserts like kheer, ice cream, and gulab jamun. The interior of this restaurant is straightforward, sweet, and clean.

What is special about this restaurant- This restaurant’s dishes are mild and quite simple, and these dishes are generally liked by people who are fond of eating but avoid spicy foods.

Location: 328 Centre Street S, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

9. Himalayan Indian Cuisine

This little Indian restaurant only opens in the evening time only, but yes, it provides late-night delivery for its customer. It also provides affordable Asian Dishes with great taste and a flexible menu.

The food court of the chomp hawker center is also called the Serangoon garden food center. It has many stalls which are cooking up hawker fare like grilled stingray, spring rolls, noodles, and barbecued.


This restaurant provides 00 pm delivery and also provides a menu with affordable rates. This is among the best restaurant which provides fast food at an affordable price.

What is the special thing about this restaurant- The special and best thing is the late-night delivery of fast food items, it is mostly like by the people who are working the night shift, they usually do not have time to cook food, at this time, this restaurant provides excellent facility of late night delivery. This restaurant is famous and has the best Food. And it is the perfect place for couples and families.

Location: 39 Eden Street Unit 5, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

10. Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace is the very restaurant in Toronto, it offers very delicious South Indian cuisine. This restaurant’s name is found in the city, which is situated near the west coast of India.


This restaurant has a very unique feature, it provides home delivery along with the crockery. Along with this, it has its own parking area, dining facilities, and a digital payment system.

What is special about this restaurant- The special thing about this restaurant is the dosa, this restaurant offers various diverse dosas, and those dosas are unique and delicious. They also offer chaats, curries, and uttapams.

Location:1460 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Canada

Final Note

There are many Little India restaurants in Canada. The main motive of the Little India restaurant is to serve Indian food with the same taste as outside India. The restaurants which offer Indian food are called Little India restaurants.

In simple words, The Little India restaurants are Indian restaurants which are located outside India and provide traditional Indian dishes with the same flavors.



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