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7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Chestermere, Alberta

Explore a perfect combination of man’s efforts and nature’s beauty in Chestermere Alberta

Every place has many attractions, giving many reasons for travelers to discover that region. Chestermere, Alberta is one such place where you’ll find much to explore.

With its natural surroundings and a great deal of enjoyment, Chestermere can be an ideal travel destination for you. In this article, you’ll learn the top 7 reasons why you must visit Chestermere, Alberta.

First, let’s get to know about the lake city of Chestermere.

About Chestermere, Alberta

Chestermere is a small city in Alberta, Canada. It lies within Rocky View County. It’s setting on Chestermere lake gives a dreamlike feature to this place. This small town acquired the status of a city in 2015.  It is one of the fastest-growing towns in the province of Alberta.

Chestermere is a popular spot for outdoor activities. From beautiful surroundings to recreational facilities, this lake city offers all a person needs. There are parks, beaches, a public library, and many other attractions.

Hang out with family and friends and get the best of everything in a single-day trip to this small yet beautiful city. Chestermere is all about more in less space.

1. Chestermere Lake

Image by Arron Choi, On Unsplash

Chestermere Lake is a 4.8 km reservoir constructed by Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s. This lake helped farmers in land irrigation. With time it became a place of settlement and fun. You can enjoy loads of activities with parents, friends, and kids.

From swimming, fishing, kayaking, or relaxing at its beaches in summer to ice skating and snowmobiling in winter, it always has something to offer every season. You can go for walks or run a bike in its lovely pathways while absorbing the moist, nice lake breeze. There are parks and beaches around it, where you can have your meals or enjoy yourself with your gang with the lovely view before you.

Map the lake by sailing a boat or having a thrilling ride in a motorized boat. It is not a big lake and gets crowded during good summer days. If the crowd is something you don’t prefer, then early morning and weekdays would be the best time to visit. All the surroundings are clean and well-managed.

A quick tip: Go early in the morning to do exercise, yoga, or meditation on the breezy shores.

2. Parks and Beaches at Chestermere

There are many parks in Chestermere, Alberta. Though they are small, they’re perfect for picnics, spending family time, and playing with kids.

Anniversary Park

Located on Highway 1A, it is next to the lake. The park has small trees and rolling grassy areas. There is a small man-made beach where you can play with your kids. Amenities like swimming, picnic, benches to sit, washrooms, and outdoor shower are available here.

Also, there are stores for shopping, restaurants, a bank, a gas station, and all that you might need. It has a safe swimming area as the water here is cleaned regularly. One more attraction is its war memorial.

Sunset Park

It is a popular spot for picnics. Bring wood and charcoal, as this park has BBQ pits to allow people to make and eat hot and fresh food. There’s no beach here. But water sports like paddle boarding, sailboarding, windsurfing, and kit skiing are available. Sports lovers can head straight to its volleyball court, while nature lovers can escape in the Birth Forest.

Cove Park

It is at the northeast end of the lake. There is a small beach, a tennis court, a basketball pad, a pirate ship playground for kids, and a gazebo to immerse in the lake view.

Rainbow Falls Park

This park’s lovely small waterfall, winding pathways, and serene environment are peaceful and relaxing.

Things to remember

Take part in all the activities at the lake at your own risk. So be careful and follow all the rules and regulations of the park. (click here to know all the rules and regulations)

3. Tons of recreation

Chestermere, Alberta offers a lot for your entertainment. There are leisure activities, sports, and creative things to do.

Image by Courtney cook, On Unsplash

Lakeside Golf Club

This club is 20 minutes from Downtown Calgary and a 5-minute drive from Dawson’s Landing. It offers many golf courses (like the lakeside greens golf course) for beginners to skilled players. This club also organizes tournaments and leagues.

It has a nice sitting area with greenery and a lovely lake view. The club offers excellent food and services. (click here to learn more about this club)

Chestermere Recreation Centre

It offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. The Chestermere community organizes functions here. This place also offers classes for different activities like hockey, gymnastics, softball, and soccer. They also provide BBQ facilities. They have many clubs of which Chestermere residents are part.

Be active during your trip and try your hand at the different things this center offers. (click here to know all the facilities available at this place)

Chestermere Library

The public library of Chestermere has several programs for kids and adults. It has classes for people of all ages. All family members can find something here based on their interests. By registering on the library’s website, one can get updates on library events and enjoy many library services.

This library organizes a Harry Potter Book Night every year. Anyone can join this event, from kids to adults, and celebrate the fascinating series by JK Rowling.

For timings and contact, click here.

Calgary Yacht Club

Situated on the east side of Chestermere lake, this club is a non-profit organization. It offers facilities for boating, paddling, and much more. It also hosts water events and tournaments.

Hyperactive Watersports

Open during the summer months, this place rents beach kayaks, sit-in kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. If there’s no cold, rain, or wind, this place has lots of adventure in its bag.

Tip: Chestermere coordinates a community guide every season (3 to 4 month intervals). You can find all the upcoming events and recreation programs in this guide. It is available for Chestermere homes and at public facilities.

4. Festivals and Events

Festivals and community events make your trips more enjoyable. They offer so much fun and so much to observe. Visiting a place at the time of special occasions is always a plus!

Chestermere water festival

2018 Chestermere Water Festival

John Peake Park is the usual venue for the Chestermere Water Festival. Another name for this event is Summer Music Fest. This festival hosts water sports, music, food, fireworks, kids’ play, and many other activities.

Soar above water while parasailing and race with the wind while surfing. The best part is even kids can indulge in these water sports. This festival is a haven for adventure seekers.

Winter Lights Festival

Celebrated at John Peake Park, the Winter Lights Festival is full of Christmas vibes. Trees, rides, and everything clad in lights make the surroundings magical and thrilling.

In this night festival, you can see dazzling fireworks, take rides in lovely carriages, enjoy yourself with many activities, and have lots of fun.

5. Best stop by destination

Chestermere, Alberta has all sorts of things to do. Shopping, dining at restaurants, to hanging out on the shores. It also has New Apostle Church here, adding to the list of places. It is a part of the Calgary bike pathway system on the western side. You can burn your calories moving along the way amid nature.

Take a day’s break for birdwatching, walking along the gravel paths, and relaxing in a calm environment. All these reasons make this city the best stop-by destination.

6. Easy access to nearby areas

Chestermere, Alberta is near so many places. A short drive can take you to places like Calgary’s Nose Hill Park, Prince Island Park, and many more.

Chestermere has access to main roadways like HW1, HW1A, and Stoney Trail. You can go with ease anywhere, that too within a short time. So, you can plan to start your trip from Chestermere and then move to other nearby areas. There are plenty of attractions around.

Downtown Calgary is an important industrial and commercial center within 20 minutes of Chestermere

7. A great place to live

New developments made by Chestermere real estate have made it easy to buy a home. Most residents here work in Calgary and commute daily.

It is a well-organized city. Education is all set in public schools here like Chestermere High School, Prairie Waters Elementary School, Chestermere Lake Middle School, East Lake School, and Rainbow Creek Elementary School. So there’s going to be no worry about your children’s learning. Living here will contribute to the overall development of your child.

The city of Chestermere has a small population. More than 22,000 people reside here. Less population means less congestion and traffic. Thus this lake city in Canada has a perfect location.

It has all the major facilities like parks, libraries, and recreation centers within a safe and short distance. It’s great living in such an area where you can enjoy many things and be close to nature.


So, all these reasons are here for you to decide whether Chestermere, Alberta is worth paying a visit or not. All one needs is a reason to do something. Pick one and get set to Chestermere.

Which reason appealed to you most? Do leave your reaction below.

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