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Fredericton public library is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. It is located in Fredericton’s well-known Military Compound. The library is located just at the end of Carleton Street. You can also see Carleton Street Armouries from here.

It is the most famous library in the region. It has varied collections of DVDs, CDs, and books along with magazines and newspapers.

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It is located in the heart of the city with almost 700 visitors per day. The public library was established in 1995, moved to its current location, and later got remodeled and under expansion over the years to accommodate its growing popularity.

It henceforth is one of the busiest libraries.

Fredericton Public Library

Fredericton public library is conveniently located in the heart of the state with the beautiful scenery of the infamous Saint John River.

It is a great attraction and a great place to be holed up in winter. The library provides you with a perfect calm and beautiful view to keep you company while you spend some alone time or working on some project or research.

The library is situated at 12 Carleton St and also boasts a variety of events ranging from small children to adults. Their events are for all spectrums of people.

About This Library

The library highlights- it has more than 1,50,000 books, latest magazines, DVDs, journals, various documents, CDs, and much more. It also has a computer laboratory accessible to the general public. They even have a collection of sound recordings, different databases, maps, drawings, etc.

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The library services also consist of the great folklore collection of The Mary Morrison Mayo with none other than The Don Walker military collection.

The library also helps you with your research. It acts as a resource center for the Yolk region and the people of Fredericton. It also provides support to other libraries around and near it.

There are various services provided by the Fredericton public library. The library offers rented rooms to the public with prior booking.

With the help and support of Sun Life Financial for making art a more accessible program, the Sun Life Financial Musical Instrument was able to be set up. It is the first and one of its kind. It is the first of its kind in New Brunswick, and even in Atlantic Canada.

This in turn results in Fredericton Public Library offering a great collection of musical instruments. Guitars, ukuleles, violins, keyboards, and more could be found here. These can be borrowed for free with a New Brunswick Public Libraries card.

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Members Of This Library

There are various people’s efforts combined to keep this library running as it is now. The members of the Fredericton are listed out below. It’s due to their hard work that we can read peacefully.

  • Library Director: Julia Stewart
  • Head of Children’s Services:  Jessica Larocque
  • Head of Young Adult and Adult Services: Erin Smith
  • Regional Resource Librarian: Stephanie Furrow
  • Acting Circulation Supervisor: Kim Bent
  • Young Adult and Adult Services Head: Erin Smith
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Closing Thoughts

The Fredericton is a good choice of place for hanging out or just having some alone time. It serves as a good place to work on projects as it also provides you with free wifi.

To learn more the reference archival collection in e text format, reach out to resource centre. Do visit it once if you get to travel there! Here’s the link attached to another one of our articles.

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