Escape Toronto’s Mystical Ghost and Pirate Ship this Summer!

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Test your mystery-solving ability onboard the abandoned haunted pirate ship at Escape the Ghost Ship: Boat Cruise & Escape Game, taking place at Queens Quay West, Toronto, on multiple dates and times and open to all age groups.

So book your tickets for your family or friends to enjoy the attempt to loot a ship by solving mysteries and clues before time runs out.

Tickets are available on the Feverup website, and this immersive Ghost Shipe escape has been running successfully for over a year. It has been thrilling the mystery seekers at various locations in Canada.

It is time for the pirates and looters to embark on a mystical journey onboard the abandoned pirate ship, which is haunted, followed by a cruise in the inner harbour.

1. Experience

The Escape the Ghost Ship is an opportunity to showcase your mystery-solving ability.

It is a themed escape room experience. The theme of the experience is looking at an abandoned ship.

A total of 18 people will be hosted at a single game with three teams of 6, each competing against each other for the ultimate loot. 

Escape Toronto's Mystical Ghost and Pirate Ship this Summer!
Escape Room – Abandoned Ghost Ship. Source – Fever

2. Theme

You will loot a haunted ship of Bethany Bishop abandoned in the harbour. This is a sea-based theme.

You will join Captain Kelly in his quest to lay his hands on the loot, and it is not as easy as you hear. You will be racing against time to survive the curse.

3. Venue/ Date

The event is being conducted at 585 Queens Quay West in Toronto on multiple dates, with three events at 5:30 pm, 7.30 pm, and 9:30 pm.

The event is a 90-minute escape room and a boat cruise.

4. Tickets

Feverup is the place you need to be to book your tickets. The ticketing platform is providing tickets for the event.

The tickets are priced at CA$59.00 per person, and this General Admission ticket also includes the evening boat cruise around the beautiful inner harbour.

After a challenging, mind-blowing mystery escape game, the city lights will relax your mind.

Escape the Ghost ship is Toronto

4.1. Where to Buy?

Tickets can only be bought online on and are not available at the venue for you to purchase; make sure you carry the softcopy of the ticket to get access to the event.

You can book your tickets by visiting the official website or downloading the application from your mobile’s Play Store.

You should avoid downloading the application or booking your ticket from unknown sources. 

4.2. Ticketing Policy

The tickets can neither be cancelled nor can you claim a refund under any circumstances. You may, however, modify the tickets once provided the event is not Housefull.

So do not forget to read the terms and conditions and check for the exact date of the booking before you click that next button while booking.

5. Escape The Ghost Ship in Toronto this Summer

  • What Ghost Ship Escape Game and Boat Cruise.
  • When – Available on many dates; check here.
  • Where – At Toronto’s 585 Queens Quay West, Ontario, Canada.
  • Time – Three events at 05:30 pm, 07:30 pm, and 9.30 pm.
  • Tickets – Book on Feverup.

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