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Soak and Unwind: 7 Amazing Hot Springs Near Revelstoke for a Relaxing Retreat

Revelstoke is known for its astounding displays of Mother Nature and great adventure. It is fortunate to be surrounded by numerous man-made and natural hot springs and hot pools, which offer a variety of health benefits.

It has some incredible outdoor activities, but nothing beats a soak in a natural hot spring to relax tired muscles after a long day of navigating the hikes, slopes, and trails.

Hot Springs Near Revelstoke

1. Crazy Creek Resort and Hot Pools

Screenshot from Crazy Creek Resort
Screenshot from Crazy Creek Resort

These pools in Crazy Creek Resort, which are geothermally heated, draw their water from a glacier-fed well at the foot of Eagle Pass Mountain, which is west of Revelstoke along Highway.

These sulfur-free pools are always crystal clear and have a range of temperatures, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences while overlooking mountains and short-distance waterfalls. On your journey from Revelstoke to Sicamous, feel renewed and revitalized.

2. Canyon Hot Springs

Canyon Hot Springs resort is nestled between Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks, which will take a short drive from the Revelstoke. It has two mineral pools: a hot pool with a temperature of 40 degrees and a swimming pool with a temperature of 32 degrees.

The remote but easily reachable hot springs are tucked away in a lush green forest beneath soaring mountain peaks.

You can take a soak and enjoy one of their many lodging accommodations, such as camping or even lodges. There is a ton of nearby forestry and natural scenery to discover.

Minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfate, chloride, silica, and fluoride are found in pools. There are plenty of forests and natural landscapes to explore in the area. You can bathe in the hot tub or the warm pool, which will be an unforgettable experience.

Canyon Hot Springs Revelstoke

Railway Workers of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) was the first to open this hot spring to the public.

They established a village here while building the rail line through Rogers Pass that would cross Canada and constructed a small pool lined with timber to contain the steamy water after discovering the hot springs.

3. Halcyon Hot Springs

This tranquil spring is on a picturesque waterfront with expansive Arrow Lakes and Monashee Mountain range views. The views from this waterfront facility are simply breathtaking.

Arrow Lake and the Monashee Mountain range are visible in the distance, and the Halcyon Hot Springs pools are surrounded by luxuriant trees that are largely devoid of any other vegetation.

On-site amenities include fantastic restaurant accommodations and spa services for wellness and unwinding.

Due to a special mineral composition that includes trace amounts of lithium with anti-inflammatory properties, the hot water in these pools is so pure that it is even drinkable.

Hot springs near Revelstoke
Photo By WildOne on Pixabay Copyright 2022

4. Lussier Hot Springs

It is located in the East Kootenays of southeastern British Columbia, between Canal Flats and Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park.

The warmest pool at the springs is around 43 degrees Celsius, and the pools are made of rock with gravel bottoms.

5. Nakusp Hot Springs

The Nakusp Hot Springs is a fantastic place to unwind, relieve tension, relax, and replenish tired ski legs.

Take a free 20-minute ride across picturesque Upper Arrow Lake from Revelstoke by traveling south on Highway 23 to the Upper Arrow Lake Ferry.

Turn off the highway onto Hot Springs Road 14 kilometers before reaching Nakusp town as you head in that direction.

As the thermal pools’ spring water contains 11 minerals- sulfate, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, silica, sodium, and more bathing in them is considered therapeutic and has healing benefits.

Nakusp Hot Springs, cedar chalet accommodations & hiking trails

6. Halfway Hot Springs and Leon Hot Springs

Halfway Hot Springs and St. Leon Hot Springs are undeveloped and rocky hot springs between Revelstoke and Nakusp. These springs are in the middle of the forest, bordered by a cliff and a raging river.

These artificial swimming pools are made possible by a network of tubes that distribute spring water to various locations with varying temperatures.

These pools are only accessible to those willing to put in time, energy, and sweat to forget unnecessary tension.

7. Liard River Hot Springs

The Liard River hot springs have two pools, the largest of which is the second largest in Canada. The water temperature at the public hot spring known as Alpha Pool ranges from 42°C to 52°C.

A boardwalk leads to the hot spring pools through a warm water swamp and boreal forest, home to numerous mammal and bird species and rich and diverse plant communities.

Liard River Hot Springs

Wrapping Up

Revelstoke’s main attraction is its hot water springs, where you can soak yourself completely, sink your toes into its sandy bottom, relax your shoulders, and release some load from your mind and chest, and you will surely feel like heaven!

In addition to providing on-site lodging, many hot springs in Revelstoke offer camping or RV sites and log cabins.

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