Hot springs in Canmore

15 Famous Hot Springs in Canmore

Hot springs are regarded as a perfect relaxing spot that will help you relieve all daily stress. There are two types of Hot Springs in Canmore– natural and artificial. Both kinds are highly scenic and have their own different set of activities.

You can swim in the artificial ones, while the natural ones are usually just for observing the natural beauty. The article recommends that you experience both kinds of hot springs when you visit Canmore.

Hot Springs in Canmore

There are many natural hot springs in Canmore, Alberta. Here are 15 scenic hot springs.

1. Banff Upper Hot Springs

The Banff Upper Hot Springs is in Banff National Park. They are the main attraction at the park. The waterfalls flow from the mystic Sulphur Mountain. They are one of the best hot springs.

Nothing calms the spirit (and joints) like a bath in the therapeutic springs of the Banff Upper Hot Springs.

After all, these hot springs led to Banff National Park’s creation; an early explorer’s accidentally entering a steamy tunnel filled with mineral waters in the late 1880s was what caused the area to be preserved.

Apart from the mystic springs, you can also visit Banff town and Downtown Banff and visit the gift shop to get gifts for your loved ones.

Banff Hot Springs
Photo by 飞 谢 on Pexels

2. Fairmont Hot Springs

Two hours outside of Banff is where you’ll find the Fairmont Hot Springs. Three distinct hot pools are available there, along with a soaking pool that is 102°F, a big swimming pool that is 89°F, as well as a dive pool that is 86°F.

The Fairmont Hot Springs is the ideal day trip from Banff for families because of their variety of pools. The Fairmont is a fantastic place for a romantic getaway because it also has an on-site golf course and a soothing spa. After strolling the golf course, visitors can bathe their sore legs!

Although the resort is outside of Banff, the surrounding area has a rugged, natural beauty and offers incredible views of the Canadian Rockies.

The Fairmont Hot Springs are accessible as a day excursion from Banff or Canmore by following the beautiful route down Highway 93 and exiting onto Highway 95 at Fairmont Resort Drive.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel also offers amenities like a willow stream spa and a large hot tub. 

3. Radium Hot Springs

Situated by native rock walls close to a gorgeous woodland setting, these scentless mineral springs are a fantastic place to soak, rejuvenate, and relax. This is a natural hot spring.

The biggest mineral hot springs pool in Canada is located in Radium Hot Springs, and there is also a swimming pool that is colder.

The hot pool has sulphate, magnesium, calcium, silica, and bicarbonate and has a temperature range of 98 to 104°F.

Spend a day relaxing in the springs and then explore Radium’s historic district, where a lot of the buildings date from the time after World War 2.

The Banff/Canmore region is only a quick 1.5-hour drive from Radium Hot Springs down Highway 93, making it a simple day trip to take in the gorgeous drive, see the small hamlet of Radium Hot Springs, and rest in the beautiful pools!

4. Mist Mountain Hot Springs

Around 15 kilometres south of Highwood Pass and 200 meters west of the parking lot, on the eastern edge of Highway 40, is the trailhead for Mist Mountain Hot Springs.

It should be noted that the Mist Mountain Hot Springs access route is shut from December 1 to June 15 in order to protect wildlife. Strict guidelines need to be followed; check their website for more details!

The hot springs here are incredibly scenic and heavenly. The thermal waters and hot springs give spectacular views. It is Alberta’s most amazing spot.

5. Miette Hot Springs

The best spring in the Canadian Rockies region can be spotted at Miette Hot Springs, which is in Alberta’s Jasper National Park.

When the water comes from the hot springs pool, it has been cooled from the mountain’s natural hot springs’ 54°C (129°F) flowing temperature to a pleasant 40°C (104°F).

It is one of the best things to do when visiting Jasper National Park and one of Alberta’s best hot springs, which is known for its stunning setting and exquisite water.

Whether it is the quiet, tranquil panorama around the hot springs or the gorgeous journey along the untamed Fiddle Valley, Miette Hot Springs is a novel experience that will keep you going back year after year. This place is definitely worth a visit.

6. Lussier Hot Springs

The Whiteswan Forestry Road provides easy access to the four hot spring pools, which were built between rocks and boulders directly next to the Lussier River.

The pools’ temperatures range from a scorching 47°C  down to about 34°C (94°F). Many guests like getting cozy in the hot pools before cooling off in the Lussier River’s chilly waters and returning to the heat.

Lussier Hot Springs is 100% natural and free and normally open and accessible year-round. At the parking lot, which is just off the main road, there are restrooms and change rooms.

There are various different hotels that you can go to when you visit. Make sure to keep the place clean.

7. Stone Ridge Mountain Resort

At Stoneridge Mountain Resort in Canmore, Alberta, which the magnificent Canadian Rockies surrounds, you can find the opulent getaway you’ve been searching for.

There are hot springs and hot tubs at the Stone Ridge Mountain resort. Additional benefits other than the healing waters are the comfort of home, warm and cozy cabins, barbeque space, etc.

8. Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Not every hot spring allows bathing or dipping; others are merely great locations to view and visit, like the one at Cave and Basin National Historic Park. This is a scenic Banff spring.

The indigenous people of the area place a great deal of value on the historic springs at this location, and the small museum on-site provides detailed information about them as well as their historical and cultural significance.

9. The Malcolm

The Malcom does not exactly have a hot spring, but it has amazing hot pools. It is the best resort in Canmore.

The Malcom
Photo on The Malcolm’s website

After a hard day of visiting places, hiking, river rafting, horse riding, or whatever activity you went on, escape to the hot waters and rest for the next day’s excursions. 

Hiking is rather popular among visitors and residents of Canmore. You can find some trails at Canmore here.

10. Canmore Natural Springs

People are more familiar with the man-made hot springs in Canmore and often forget about the natural ones like the Canmore Natural Springs.

These are natural hot springs and pools created by nature.

Although you cannot swim or soak in these hot springs, you can go hiking to see these beautiful natural springs.

11. Manitou Springs

The Manitou are not exactly hot springs in Canmore, Alberta. They are situated on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.

The salt and minerals here have accounted for the name ‘Dead Sea of Canada.’

Although these springs are not in Alberta, they are close by and a must-visit place. If you do not want to soak in the water, you can also enjoy the spa at the Manitou Hotel.

12. Ram Creek Hot Springs

 These hot springs are rather hard to find. They are known as warm springs by the locals.

These hot springs are a hidden gem in Alberta, Canada, and since not a lot of people know about them, they are mostly less crowded.

You can lounge in these amazing pools with no noise and no one to disturb you. They are located on the hillside and are extremely scenic.

13. Kananaskis Nordic Spa

This is a hot pool with a spa with hot springs in Canmore.

The Kananaskis Nordic Spa is a very famous resort with three bars and a restaurant. You can enjoy the luxurious pools with some exotic delicacies here.

14. Blackstone Mountain Lodge

Blackstone is located in the Canadian Rockies. It offers various facilities other than hot pools.

Some other amenities offered by the Lodge are hot tubs, a spa, a penthouse suite, and an amazing view of Canmore.

15. Falcon Crest Lodge

The Falcon is very close to Banff National Park.

Falcon Crest Lodge is Canmore’s “preferred mountain hideaway,” providing pleasant accommodation in a classic mountain location, with features like two outdoor hot tubs, a 24-hour room service, a grill in every room, and suites designed like apartments.

The Bottom Line

Visiting hot springs in Canmore and the surrounding areas can be a unique and relaxing experience that offers many benefits.

Visiting the hot springs will not only relax your body and calm your soul, but also you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Make your trip to the Canadian Rockies with your family memorable by visiting these hot springs and cozy resorts. The beauty of these places will mystify you, and you will want to go back to them every year.

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