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Here are 10 Fun facts about the Skookumchuck Hot Springs that will make your trip worth reminiscing about.

Going on a trip with the family is not only to click fancy pictures for social media handles but also to create memories. Vacations are arranged to spend quality time and give yourself a recreation to re-energize from the exhausting monotonous lifestyle.

Take a break from the ongoing buzz of busy urban life and visit the T’sek Hot Springs in Saint Agnes Well to reconnect with your glistering soul. It is famous for the peaceful glimpse of nature and the various adventurous and therapeutic facilities the place provides. It is also known as Skookumchuck hot springs in Canada, British Columbia.

The T’sek hot springs were named by the ancestral indigenous community of Skatin.

Skookumchuck hot springs
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1. Ring Of Fire As The Creator Of T’sek Hot Springs

Isn’t it surreal for hot springs to exist naturally without any human interference? The Skookumchuck hot springs remain bubbling and hot 24/7. It is nothing but just the magic of our blue planet.

The main reason for the existence of the best hot springs is the presence of the Lillooet River close to volcanic Mt. Meagre which falls under the ferocious Pacific Ring of Fires. The heated pressure built due to geothermal energy forces the underground water to come out at the surface from the fissures and broken rocks, making the Skookumchuck Hot Springs one of the best tourist relaxing destinations.

The Lillooet River is formed from melted cold water. Thus, it comes from the glacier-fed creek from the Pacific Ranges in the southwestern side of British Columbia, Canada.

2. Rich History Of Tsek Hot Springs

In-Shuck-ch Nation Tribal Council in British Columbia takes care of the hot springs. The In-Shuck-ch nation consists of four rich tribal communities- Samaquam Bands, Skatin First Nation, Port Douglas First Nation, and N’Quatqua First Nation. They were the residents who lived in the lower Lillooet River valley.

They built plank houses, and pit houses to form a permanent village. The nearby forests provided good hunting grounds for them and their neighboring villages.

In 2008, the Tretheway family sold the undeveloped hot springs to the Canadian Federal Government. Presently, the Canadian Federal Government controls the hot springs. Pemberton volcanic belt is situated in the sacred location.

Tsek cold springs is a healing pool as the elder mothers trained men to be strong in the cold water tubs. These are the most important spiritual site.

The visitors must be respectful of the rules and regulations and the tribal ethnicity of the inhabitants. Furthermore, good hygiene, polite language, kind attitude, respectful body language, and cultural appreciation are crucial when visiting the place.

3. Skookumchuck Hot Springs – Open Year Round 

Do you have to worry and overthink about when is the best time to go on a trip? For instance, in winter, the snow-capped mountains are worth watching. In summer, going to the beach, playing in the cold water, making sandcastles with children, or clicking candid pictures of the blue ocean is best suited.

But when it comes to visiting the Skookumchuck hot springs, you do not have to put yourself in these dilemmas.

In short, the hot springs can be visited at any time of the year, especially on summer weekends. Skookumchuck is close to the bank of the river Lillooet River which provides temperate weather and helps to protect the beautiful place from the intolerable extremes of the climate.

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the Tsek hot springs and cold water tubs experience remains memorable.

4. Skookumchuck Hot Springs – Nature As A Healer

Physical and spiritual wellness is improved when the mineral hot springs benefit the visitors. The steamy hot springs early morning detoxifies stress, anxiety, mood swings, and irritation. The hot water reduces the tightness of muscles and joint pain, regulates blood pressure, gives skin benefits, and thereby calms the mind and body.

A good soak in cold springs helps to improve your immune system. The Sloquet hot springs are situated in the southeast of Pemberton which is near the In-Shuck-ch forest service road. Likewise, the Keyhole hot springs in Pemberton and Tsek’s hot soaking tubs are therapeutic.

Sloquet Hot Springs Adventure

5.  Intriguing Hiking Before The Warm Bath In Skookumchuck Hot Springs

Isn’t it obvious to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings and observe the smallest details of nature? Isn’t it an unforgettable memory to encounter the different species of birds, insects, and animals that reside naturally in the Skookumchuck?  The hiking facilities will make you feel lively especially when soaking in the hot tubs after the long journey.

Skookumchuck hot springs
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The short hike amidst the greenery will make the warm bath in the hot spring and cool spring worth enjoying. Both the hot water tub and cold water tub are available to visitors. The hike covers approximately 4 km which takes less than 70 minutes(depends) to reach the Skookumchuck Hot Springs.

The trek starts from Egmont to Roland Point. The provision of hot springs vehicle for elderly visitors makes their stay comfortable.

6. No Clothes Restriction In Skookumchuck Hot Springs

Won’t it be irritating to get into the hot springs with clothes on? It is a struggle when clothes cling to our skin when wet as it gives us a hard time changing into dry clothes. Especially when relaxing in the hot spring, you might not like the clothes to be the reason for discomfort.

To prevent this issue, the hot springs in Skookumchuck have a policy that will make you enjoy the bath without any annoyance.

The implementation of the clothing-optional policy gives visitors the freedom to choose to wear whatever they want to when bathing in the hot springs. Besides this one should still keep in mind to have basic mannerisms to keep the environment safe, secure, and respectful. This expands the overall experience and makes the trip more convenient and less complex. The comfort of the visitors has been given the highest priority.

7. Thrilling Tidal Rapids

Caught in a Skookumchuck Whirlpool | Facing Waves

Is it necessary to be confined in one place and make a grand vacation a staycation? Not. Skookumchuck is a huge place and visiting Skookumchuck Narrows won’t be a disappointing experience. The cold blue water flowing and making its unique patterns is mystical to the eyes.

Hiking on the Sunshine Coast, BC will take you to the Skookumchuck Narrows. It takes an hour to hike. The good quality trails will make walking easier and the 4km distance won’t be an uphill battle.

Skookumchuck hot springs
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Moreover, Skookumchuck Narrows Strait is popular for the rapid flowing of water, especially during the change in high tide and low tide. The gushing of water from all directions is a miraculous scene that nobody should miss. The flow of water in Narrows Inlet, Salmon Inlet, Jervis Inlet, and Sechelt Inlet creates whirlpools.

Lastly, it is dangerously beautiful so it is better to look from outside and must not try to swim in it.

8. Fishing

Is your hobby fishing? Will it be a perfect, over-the-top trip if the hobby mixes with the vacation?  If yes, then Skookumchuck River is a great spot to throw your fishing bait into the river for a rare satisfying catch.

skookumchuck hot springs
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The length of the tributary of the Chehalis River, the Skookumchuck River is 72 km long. The mouth of this river opens into the Pacific  Ocean. The Skookumchuck River, the reservoir, and Lillooet Lake are popular tourist destinations for fishing.

The best time to go fishing is around mid-July till late October. For instance, Blue Wing Olives and Green Drakes are found in abundance in October. Fish like Rainbow trout and cutthroat trout, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat are found in this river, especially during spring and autumn.

There is also a dam that was created in 1970.

Therefore, fishing lovers will have a great time. Fish like steelhead and rockfish are not allowed to be caught because of their declining population. Certain fees need to be paid and two-pole fishing is not supported. Most importantly, before going fishing, one must do proper research on fishing regulations.

9. Camping In Skookumchuck Hot Springs

Skookumchuck hot springs, Lillooet Lake, and Vancouver Island avail camping facilities. A certain amount of fees must be paid for each night’s stay. The stress-relieving hot springs before going to bed will be a stirring experience for you and your family.

There are certain rules and guidelines for reservations in the private campground. Keep in mind to bring toilet paper. It is hard to find a gas station as well so make sure to be prepared when visiting In Shuck ch.

skookumchuck hot springs
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A bonfire can be arranged at night so that even after coming back home, the memories stay alive. It is a very common place for Vancouver residents to spend their weekends or have a small day trip.

10. Diving For The Curious Adventurers

Skookumchuck Narrows is a great place for diving and exploring the water body. Under the Skookumchuck Narrows, there is a wide world of colorful marine ecosystems.

Anemones, sea stars, sea urchins, fish, colorful plants, and so on are found. But since the Skookumchuck Narrows are prone to high tidal currents, it is not advisable for everyone. It contains risks.

To prevent this issue the observation wall is built 70 feet down. One must dive within the safety boundary. This is one of the reasons why it is not as popular as the other scuba diving sites.


To sum up, there are many facilities and fun outdoor activities in Tsek Hot Springs that will give the visitors a joyous experience. Pets are also allowed on the campus, making sure that they do not enter the hot water tubs. It might be troublesome for both the pets and other visitors.

Camping, trekking, fishing, scuba diving, river rafting, and so on keeps the young blood satisfied. Hot springs vehicle is old-age friendly. Lastly, the natural view of the mountains and the gushing of the pure river water surrounded by dense trees and elongated cedar tree roots create a wholesome atmosphere.

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