Calgary’s Joyful Escapes: 5 Most Celebrated Amusement Parks to Explore

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When it comes to planning holidays, Calgary is an amazing destination. Known for its cold winters and warm spirit, Calgary is a metropolitan city in Canada’s Alberta.

Calgary has many activities to keep you energetic other than just visiting Calgary sights. There are several amusement parks in Calgary if you want a thrilling experience.

So, if you are searching for popular amusement parks, this article will help you find the answer!

1. Top 5 Amusement Parks in Calgary

Amusement parks are the perfect way to spend quality time with your family. You will get everything to suit the choice of every age.

1.1. Calaway Park

Next to the Rocky Mountains, Calaway Park of Calgary is the largest outdoor amusement park in the city. Known for its 32 rides, Calaway Park has been the right place for family fun since 1982.

Calaway Park is affordable even if you are visiting with your family. From enjoying fun rides to watching live shows, you can do everything by taking the one-pay gate.

You can explore unlimited rides and enjoy various shows without paying repeatedly. You can buy your passes online for this park.

Calaway Amusement Park l Calgary Alberta Tour and Review 2021

1.1.1 Things to Do at Calaway Park

Now that you know the one-pay gate of Calaway Park has good value for money, you must be wondering what fun things you can do at this theme park.

There are rides like the Vortex Roller Coaster. You will also find three roller coasters at this thrilling park.

There is a spray park in the middle of this park. You can enjoy the splashes of water and ease yourself from the painful heat of summer.

Who doesn’t love street performances? At Calaway Park, you can enjoy various street performances like juggling, stilt walking, and clown shows.

You will find different food stalls in Calaway Park. But you can also bring your food and water while visiting Calaway Park. Your packed meals are acceptable at this theme park. This will make your visit affordable and so much fun.

1.2. World Waterpark

Known as North America’s second-largest indoor amusement park, World Waterpark is a fun paradise. Running since 1986, this indoor amusement park can take 5,000 guests and is located in West Edmonton Mall, Calgary, Alberta.

World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall in HD: a Video Tour

1.2.1 Things to Do at World Waterpark

If you are planning your holidays at World Waterpark, you must know what fun activities you can enjoy at one of Calgary’s most exciting theme parks.

For a thrilling experience, you will discover many rides suitable for every age. For beginners, you will find slides like Carribean Cove, Carribean Cruiser, Sun Runner, and Splash Pad.

Carribean Cruiser is exciting, mainly for small children. This slide drops into a splashdown pool of 1′. The runner is known to carry at most three people. Sun Runner comes with a padded trough, making it the only slide in World Waterpark without a splashdown pool.

If you love interactive games, try Slideboarding at this water park. By matching colored lights to different buttons, you score points and reach a new level.

You can also enjoy advanced slides at this water park. You will find slides like Twister and Howler. Twister is one of the highest slides in this amusement park.

This fun park also has a Sky Flyer Zipline. Sky Flyer Zipline is known to be the world’s largest permanent indoor zipline. This zipline is 145 meters long.

World Waterpark is home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool.

The Slogan ” Wet, Wild, and Wonderful!” fits this water park perfectly.

1.3. Village Square Leisure Centre

Village Square Leisure Centre is a multipurpose indoor leisure center.

This leisure center attracts visitors because of its affordable pricing and thrilling activities for every age group. You can buy tickets online for admission to Village Square Leisure Centre. Admission is allowed for the entire day.

1.3.1 Things to Do at Village Square Leisure Centre

If you have never visited the village square, you must know you will find thrilling water rides in this leisure center. They offer two main rides and the rest three for kids.

The ride Thunder Run takes you on a journey height of six stories. Another water ride in this leisure center is the Dive Tank. This slide is 70 meters long. You try to reach the bottom in almost 10-25 seconds.

If you love martial arts, you will get a chance to try them. You will not be disappointed if you are a dance lover. There is a dance room available in this indoor park.

There is a rental center on the premises where you can rent badminton rackets, floating aids, and other equipment.

There is a wave pool at this amusement park, which is wide and shallow, giving a beach vibe. The wave pool turns into a regular swimming pool with six lanes. Here you can try lap swimming and also play water volleyball.

Village Square is the right choice for one of the best Calgary swimming classes. Here, you will get to enhance your motor skills and build confidence.

You will also find preschool programs for your kids where they can run, jump, and explore new things.

1.4. Downhill Karting by Skyline Luge Calgary

Downhill Karting is the right choice if you want full control over your ride and want to go karting.

Downhill Karting by Skyline Luge Calgary is a famous amusement park in the Winsport Canada Olympic Park of Calgary and a perfect place to spend your holiday. This amusement center is known for its track of 1800 meters, the longest in the world.

Visitors love going Downhill Karting in Summer.

DOWNHILL KARTING AT SKYLINE LUGE | Calgary Olympic Park Downhill Carting, Calgary Alberta

1.4.1 Things to Do at Downhill Karting

If you are wondering what makes Downhill karting so popular among visitors, you must know Downhill Karting is a perfect summer gateway.

You will get to drive through more than 50 twists and turns. You can also take a chairlift and complete the thrilling journey.

You will take at least 20 minutes to complete one lap. Spending 1-2 hours at this gravity-fueled amusement park is recommended.

1.5. Cobb’s Adventure Park

Cobb’s Adventure Park is a wondrous spot for those who love adventure. This theme park is a fun way of spending your holiday with your family.

This exciting amusement park is spread over. You can be an animal lover and enjoy outdoor sports simultaneously in this theme park.

1.5.1 Things to Do at Cobb’s Adventure Park

If you want to discover what fun things you can do at Cobb’s Adventure Park, you are at the right place.

You will find a petting zoo at this adventure park, attracting visitors since it was established. At this theme park, you will find several animals like kangaroos, alpacas, goats, ducks, sugar gliders, and tortoises.

This adventure park also offers a variety of Calgary outdoor activities. You can try different rides like Giant Hill Slides and Pedal Carts.

At Cobb’s, you will get the chance to play mini golf under black light. Cobb’s has a fun zone, which your kids will love.

Cobb’s Park is also known for its corn maze. But it depends upon the season in Calgary if you will get to enjoy the corn maze or not. While taking a tractor ride, you can also explore the rope maze. If you visit Cobb’s during the Halloween season, you will find pumpkin decorations everywhere.

2. Other Amusement Parks in Calgary

You have learned about all the top theme parks in Calgary. But besides following the list, you can also visit several other amusement parks in Calgary.

The Rotary Park Spray Pool is one of the most visited water parks in Calgary. It has a partnership with Variety Alverta, which allows this water park to engage visitors and provide entertainment. You will love the tennis courts and the huge playground in this water park.

Big Fun Inflatable Park is another theme park adorning Rocky View County, Alberta. There are several inflatable attractions at this park. Big Fun Inflatable Park is fun and safe. The Inflatable Park allows private or corporate functions to be organized. You can also throw your children’s birthday parties there.

Of all the Calagary Museums, you must visit Heritage Park to explore Canada’s history. Heritage Park is known for its exhibit of classic cars, carts, and historical buildings.

To ease yourself from the heat of summer days, you can also try visiting Splash Park. The Splash Park is kids-loved. Kids play in the water, climb trees, and enjoy swings here.

Final Thoughts

If planning to take Calgary tours, you must know Calgary is not just about mountains. Calgary offers high-energy entertainment and has a well-deserved reputation as a perfect holiday destination.

Calgary has a few fun and colorful amusement parks. You and your family will love spending your holidays in Calgary if adventure is what you are looking for.

If you are planning your holidays in Calgary, let us know which theme parks in Calgary impressed you the most.

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