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There is no reason to not love water parks! When you search “Water Park Calgary”, I am sure results would appear prominently and that can get you excited.

Water parks are refreshing every time you visit them. On top of that, getting inside the hot tub could well be the most satisfying thing the whole day.

Being in water brings you and your kids a different level of joy. Calgary has some of the coolest spray parks, wading pools, and indoor pool facilities in Canada.

Once summer hits, younger kids, older children, and adults all together get too excited for water park fun and splashing water to beat the heat. Surely, it is thrilling!

This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about water parks in Calgary. Stay tuned and choose the best for yourself.

1. Indoor Waterpark Facilities In Calgary

On one hand, we have people with intense swimming abilities, and on the other, folks just do it for fun. Either way, the waterpark is for all and it is a lifelong bet that nobody gets out of the waterpark without a smile on their face.

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1.1 Repsol Sports Centre

This is perhaps the largest you will find in Calgary. Located in Lindsay Park, Repsol Sports Centre has two pools, a hot tub, recovery tank, dive towers, gym, fitness center, and several other facilities to keep you entertained.

To know more, please visit their website. I’m sure you’ll see plenty of options to select your favorite activity.

1.2 Inglewood Aquatic Centre

This pool is bigger than the regular ones, hence will provide you with extra space and allow you to excel in your skills. The good news is that they have accessible pools without an appointment.

You can take swimming lessons and arrange birthday parties as well here. Please visit their website for more details.

1.3 Southland Leisure Centre

Southland Leisure Centre includes a wave pool and a play structure with some magnificent water slides. Other than these things, there are several other facilities here like weight rooms, sports programs, fun day camps, and other registered programs for every age group.

Here’s the website for the best-rated family recreation center.

1.4 Acadia Aquatic and Fitness Centre

This center is very friendly for splash zone lovers and absolute swimmers. This is a multi-purpose recreational place where you will have access to tons of activities. Enjoy different sports and keep yourself fit!

For more information on this center, please visit their website.

1.5 Westside Rec Centre

In West Calgary, we have Westside Rec Centre as the solo indoor water park. This could well be your suitable spot if you reside in the West. From wave pool, hot tub, steam area, hockey area to summer programs, and fitness center, this place has it all.

To know more details about this beautiful center, please check their website.

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1.6 University of Calgary

This is the university where Olympic swimmers of the country have trained and achieved heights. The swimming area is quite superb and you can’t help but fall in love with the place.

1.7 Thornhill Aquatic Centre

This place has got a heated pool, a cardio gym, and a fitness studio. Along with that, a hot tub, whirlpool, and dive tank are the things you should go for. This is their website.

All in all, these perfect indoor pools are too amazing to miss. Once you get in any of these, fun is guaranteed.

Apart from all these, Village Square Leisure Centre is also a place to go if you are looking for a safari splash zone and theme. Do visit the place if you are around.

2. Wading Pool And Spray Park Fun In Calgary

2.1 Canmore Park

When we talk about the water park in Calgary, Canmore Park surely comes to everyone’s minds, due to its tremendous facilities.

There is a park area nearby which is quite grassy and is usually used by boot camp groups. There is enough shade within and in the surrounding areas. Plus, you will also find quite a few benches to relax.

You are in for a splendid time at this wading pool, no matter when you visit. Although, it is recommended by people to plan your visit around mid-June.

Apart from water slides, tennis courts, fountains, and long pathways are the other features of Canmore Park which have always attracted children and adults.

For emergency purposes, there is an attendant present at all times. So, you don’t need to worry. Just get in your favorite swimwear and enjoy.

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2.2 Rotary Park

Another Water Park in Calgary that we all love. You will find tennis courts and green spaces nearby Rotary Park as well.

Spray features at this park include tunnels, fountains, and cool buckets which are set to keep you hooked till the time you are there.

There is also a children’s playground within the area. Other than that, they have lawn bowling and an area where your pets can access.

Rotary Park has been rated as the best waterpark for scenic city views. It is one of the coolest Calgary water parks for a reason.

With a little stroll around, you will also find shops where you can fetch a drink or two and some snacks to satisfy your cravings post-entertainment part.

2.3 Valleyview Park

Valleyview Park is a world-class place designed especially for kids. A kiddie pool will get your little ones excited like never before. Grab the chance and make your time in Calgary worthwhile.

This park consists of a spray park, beach, volleyball, picnic tables, artificial pond, and much more. In addition, there are four colorful play spray structures and a pool where water rises from the ground.

All this can get your kids to play their hearts out and enjoy the day out in the most convincing style.

2.4 Prairie Winds Park

This is a colossal water park in Calgary. You will undoubtedly have a beautiful time with your family in the summer.

Apart from the wading pool, this is also known as one of the greatest spray parks in the city of Calgary. You will also find tennis courts, skating facilities, football grounds, and other major sports tournaments.

One can also exercise his/her way through the walking trails of this park. People usually have rated wading pools above everything else. However, you can explore activities as per your wish and comfort.

2.5 Riley Park

This is yet another amazing park in the city of Calgary. This park has a cricket field, a wading pool, and a rock garden.

Other than these, the park has outdoor pools, picnic tables, and only seasonal water fountains. This is one of the finest water parks in Calgary.

It is said to be a lovely summer destination in the city with some gorgeous views. People also prefer going to the park in spring.

There is something for everyone at this place. Nobody leaves with a sad face. The ones who appreciate flowers will be absolutely thrilled to see the nice little flowers in the rock garden.

Riley Park is a year-round beauty in the heart of Calgary!

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3. Hotels In Calgary With Water Parks And Slides

Tourists coming in from other cities or even overseas would be delighted to know that they will have the option to stay in a hotel with fun water slides.

3.1 Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel

Yes, there is a water park at the Calgary hotel. Hotel guests can enjoy the facilities of the pool and slides with their family and kids.

There is a special water park access room which you must register for to enjoy water slides. This is sort of an indoor pool but at a very sophisticated hotel.

The waterpark includes two hot tubs, toddlers and a regular pool, and other slides. There is no doubt that you are going to have an elite experience at this hotel.

Guests with vehicles can also avail of complimentary parking on-site.

3.2 Deerfoot Inn and Casino

Located in South Calgary, this hotel is top-notch. There is a huge water park within the hotel, along with restaurants and a casino.

There is also a zoo nearby which is one of the top tourist attractions. This hotel includes waterslides, a hot tub, and a play area for children.

Having a waterpark within a hotel is a very interesting idea. Just imagine getting up in the morning and being willing to go for some water fun, especially when you are with family and kids.

There are several other water parks in Calgary hotels for children and adults. Make sure you get to your favorite one!

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Closing Thoughts

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Calgary, let me tell you that you are in for a world-class experience. With all these waterparks, slides, hot tubs, and several other non-water attractions, you will feel like coming to the city over and over again.

Calgary has never disappointed its tourists. As I said before, there is something for everyone here. No matter what your interests are on a trip, you will find the exact thing you need.

If you are a waterpark person, I highly suggest you plan your trip around mid-June to make the most out of your staycation!

There is plenty on the list of “water park Calgary”. As and when you roam around the city, you are likely to discover newer places.

Other notebale water park you check out are;

Although, you are expected to take utmost care of yourself and especially the kids around as playing with water can get risky at times. Nevertheless, enjoy your hearts out, people!

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  • Calgary’s water parks provide a spectrum of aquatic adventures. From thrilling slides to relaxing pools, there is something for everyone. Can’t wait to dive into the fun at these fantastic water parks!

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