18 Wonderful Facts About Surrey Elementary Schools

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Surrey Elementary School

Elementary education plays a very crucial role in the early development of children and what special features should a parent in surrey look for in finding the perfect school for their child is mindboggling.

Surrey Elementary schools operate from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Elementary or primary education provides kids with tools for formal learning. Apart from being taught reading, writing, and basic math skills, they are moulded to be creative, communicative, and social to be aware of our society.

Surrey School District

Surrey school district 36 operates in Surrey, White Rock, and Barnston Island in British Columbia and has more than 101 Elementary schools and governs all the public schools in Surrey and is also one of the largest geographical school districts in British Colombia.

Surrey elementary schools
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Surrey school board comprises seven members that are elected from the community and are a part of decision making and making sure that funds allocated for school development and student welfare are utilized properly and efficiently.

Strawberry Hill was the first school to be opened in the South Surrey district in 1901 and then it was converted into a Montessori school after a new school was opened in 1983.

More than 150 languages are spoken in Surrey Elementary School, and more than half of the children speak some other second language apart from English. It is one of the few districts in Canada where student enrollment has increased every year.

Elementary school education not just creates literate individuals, but, caters to the overall development of kids. Usage of innovative learning techniques and technology by qualified teachers makes learning fun for children.

An example of the usage of innovative techniques is the First annual Surrey Schools Minecraft Challenge has conducted that saw participation from more than 1300 students across 45 schools from Grade1-10.

They had to create their schools using Minecraft Education Edition which helped them in honing their artistic, architectural, engineering, and designing skills.

Elementary schools in Surrey cater to the needs of every parent and kid. Below are a few examples of types of Elementary Schools in Surrey,

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Types Of Elementary Schools In Surrey

  • Public Elementary School
  • Private Elementary School
  • Independent Elementary School
  • District Zoned Elementary School
  • Religious Elementary School
  • Charter Elementary School
  • Magnet Elementary School

1. Public Elementary School

These schools are funded by the public and are managed by an elected school board. The school follows a standard curriculum of study. These are co-education schools which means they cater to both male and female students along with many international students.

The languages taught are mainly English and French. These Schools are open to all students and anyone residing in Canada can apply. Apart from English, the students speak a few other languages: Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.

2. Private Elementary School

These Elementary schools do not receive any public funding and are run through tuitions. The fee structure in these schools is high. The schools use state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified teachers to impart education to their students.

The teacher-student ratio is low which helps the teachers in paying more attention to the individual needs of students. These schools may be funded by a religious group or other profit/nonprofit organizations.

3. Independent Elementary School

All Independent Elementary Schools fall under the Private school category, but, these have higher tuition fees and the facilities provided to students are more in comparison to other schools. The Board of Trustees is independent and is responsible for the overall running of the school.

The administration staff carries out the day-to-day chores with the help of the school board and reports to the Trustees in case of any difficulty. These schools are not funded by other entities and are solely funded by the tuition fees given by the pupils.

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4. District Zoned Elementary School

These are neighborhood Elementary schools and are divided based on distance. Kids can be admitted into the school falling in their locality. The schools do not charge fees and are funded by federal, state, and local taxes.

5. Religious Elementary School

These schools cater to a particular religion and the religious teachings may also be a part of their curriculum.

6. Charter Elementary School

These Elementary schools also fall under Public Elementary Schools and receive both federal as well as private funding. They follow the State curriculum and are allowed to choose their teaching methodology. These schools may sometime also specialize in a particular field of study like technology, science, or art.

7. Magnet Elementary School

These Public schools promote diversity in students as they bring together children from varied backgrounds. The curriculum is flexible and innovative and allows the students to focus on their areas of interest and talents.

 18 Wonderful Facts About Surrey Elementary School

1. Support for students with disabilities

The Surrey School District carries out various sports and physical activity programs for students studying in Elementary Schools in Surrey with disabilities on their playgrounds. The trained teachers and volunteers help the students achieve their potential and counsel the families regarding their progress.

Surrey schools recently celebrated World Autism Month and celebrated the work of their health workers and support staff.

2. Mentoring

A sense of community is provided to students of Elementary Schools in Surrey who lack family support. The children are provided with mentors who are a part of the student body of the school and from higher classes. These mentors help them in identifying their interests and skills. The group conducts various activities like sports, reading, art, and craft, and indoor games.

3. Female-Centric Programs

There are numerous programs by the Elementary Schools to make girls comfortable and active in sports and physical activities. All adolescent issues are addressed and body positivity is promoted to help them in coping with physical changes and health issues.

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4. After-School Learning

This learning nurtures their skills and also includes social, emotional, and mental welfare. Family Literacy Week is organized to make children go beyond books and gain knowledge eg. learning through social media, listening to positive conversations, and writing journals.

5. Healthy Meals

Parents volunteer at various Elementary Schools in providing the kids with healthy and nourishing meals/breakfast. Food and Nutrition Services staff prepare and provide breakfast and lunch for vulnerable students throughout the year. More than 1900 students are provided with healthy and nutritious meals.

6. Upliftment of disadvantaged pupils

The innovative techniques of teaching used in Elementary Schools have greatly helped the disadvantaged kids who come from poor families in coping with their peers and give them a sense of empowerment so that they do not feel left out.

7. Youth Education Program

A youth education program is conducted for boys and girls that encourages them to work together. The focus is to make them socially and morally responsible toward society. This helps in building their confidence and helps in a smooth transition from Elementary school to Secondary school.

Nine Anti-gang workshops were conducted by the city of Surrey for the parent, community members, and kids in April 2022.

8. Sense of community

Various outdoor trips are organized by Elementary Schools to engage students in their community. This instills in students a sense of love and affection and improves peer bonding.

Recently a group of Woodland Park Elementary students in grades 6/7 spent a fun-filled day on Galiano Island learning about nurturing and preserving our ecosystem.

9. Absenteeism

Elementary Schools staff and volunteers reach out to students who have very low attendance or are frequently absent. Families of such students are contacted to resolve issues and problems. All safety and health concerns are addressed and resolved.

10. Medical Care

Students with emotional disorders or anxiety issues are referred to and provided with medical daycare.

11. Clubhouse 36

Social and emotional support is provided along with academic learning and various activities to students attending Elementary Schools to make them independent and self-confident. The program provides them with real-life learning like cooking and planting to make them positive adults.

12. Recreational Camps

This includes drama, art, and music activities, organized with the help of school and community volunteers during a vacation to impart an education that is not just academic.

The Elementary School organized a dance festival in March. The event saw active participation from students across more than 50 schools. The International Jazz Festival was also organized by Surrey schools.

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13. Diversity Programs

This program in Elementary Schools focuses on non-English speakers. The concerns of students who are refugees/ immigrants are addressed. This gives them a platform where they can freely express their problems faced in school or community.

Surrey Board of Education has approved a course on Black studies. The course aims to teach kids about black people’s culture, history, and social injustice faced by them. The course will help in promoting social justice among students from diverse groups/minority groups.

14. Language Skills

In most Elementary Schools children are encouraged to learn French even though their first language is English. This is not a compulsory program. It encourages children of diverse backgrounds to come together and learn a new language to widen their horizons.

15. Mother Nature

Students in Elementary Schools are encouraged to explore nature through outdoor activities like role play every day for at least an hour. This makes them care for nature, and become responsible adults who are aware of their environment.

For the sixth year, Surrey Elementary Schools have earned a place among Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2022.

16. Identifying Geniuses

Surrey Elementary School aims to create a peer group of kids who have a very high level of intelligence. Kids from grades 5,6 and 7 are given various tasks by teachers from an advanced curriculum in class to further develop their creative and critical thinking along with leadership skills. Only registered students of the Surrey District are allowed to participate.

17. Medically Unfit Students

Help is always around the corner for students of Surrey Elementary Schools who are unable to attend elementary classes and are homebound due to some medical condition. The teacher in consultation with doctors drafts a curriculum for such kids so that they do not feel left behind and can learn at their own pace.

18. Montessori Program

This program conducted in Surrey Elementary Schools helps young minds to work in an environment that nurtures their mind and body and help them develop into a responsible adult.

The elementary school education provided by Surrey District is one of the best in the whole of Canada. Through various year-round programs, the children registered for elementary education get help not just for their literacy development skills but also for their overall development.

The aim is to create individuals who are Intelligent, caring, empathetic, risk-taking, smart, confident, and most importantly responsible citizens. There are many schools in Surrey District to choose from.

List of a few Public

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from Grade K-grade 7

Cloverdale Traditional School

Recently the school celebrated its 1ooth anniversary in presence of its students their families, staff, Surrey board members, Principal, Vice-principal, and many other dignitaries. The school has operated at the same site since its inception.

Website: Cloverdale Traditional School (sd61.bc.ca)

Old Yale Road Elementary

This school is one of the 32 schools in Canada that received a grant of 12000$ this year for their music program from the Canadian music education charity MusiCounts. The school has a dedicated music class since kindergarten, unlike many other schools that start music class from grade4.

Website: Home – Old Yale Road (surreyschools.ca)

Surreys Kirkbride Elementary

The school has recently received a grant for the development of a safe and accessible to all playground just like the recently inaugurated one at Senator Reid Elementary. The playground will be developed within the next year. This will help in the healthy development of students/learners of all ages.

Website: Home – Kirkbride (surreyschools.ca)

Douglas Elementary

This South Surrey elementary school’s opening ceremony was held in February this year and was officially opened in the presence of the principal, staff, and students This new school boasts 25 spacious classrooms, a well-equipped gym, labs, multipurpose halls, and a huge field to play.

Website: Home – Douglas Elementary (surreyschools.ca)

Walnut Road Elementary School

The school is popular among parents and ranks above 40% of the elementary schools in the area. Recently with help of community funding, a wheelchair-accessible playground was inaugurated in the school by Principal John Horstead.

Website: Walnut Road (surreyschools.ca)

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List of a few Independent Elementary Schools

Glarea Elementary School

The school opened in 2020 and caters to students studying in kindergarten to grade7. The school boasts of expert sports teachers. The latest technology is used to create an innovative educational environment. Anti-racist awareness is also a part of the school’s curriculum.

Website: Private School Surrey I Independent School Surrey // Glare Learning (glareaschool.com)

Southridge Elementary School

The school was founded in 1995 and is a co-education institute in South Surrey. The school is renowned for its academic proficiency and Fine and Performing Arts. The institute encourages students to build a career in art if they are interested in it. The school has a dance and audio room, and a music room. The school aims to create self-confident individuals with leadership qualities. Providing continuous community service is an integral part of the school.

Website: Home – South Ridge Elementary School (dcsdk12.org)

Fraser Valley School

The school in Surrey was established in 2007 and is a coeducation independent elementary school. The school promotes community spirit and encourages students to be responsible towards society. The school has a remarkable leadership team. The classrooms are spacious and the class size here is small so that teachers can pay attention to the individual need of students(whether they are slow learners or fast learners).

Website: Fraser Valley School – An IB World School for K-8

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Saint Bernadette Elementary School

This school is located in South Surrey School District and is one of the 41 Catholic schools in the Vancouver region. This English school has classes from grade k to grade7.

The institute has excellent computer facilities and labs and follows progressive teaching methods. The school has added a new gym to its building and has a big playground for students to play and improve their physical strength.

Website: Home – St. Bernadette School (stbernadetteschool.ca)

Newbridge Academy

The school in Surrey is the first school that offers bilingual education in Mandarin and English. The classes conducted here are from grade k to grade 7.

The class size similar to matheson secondary is small and there are 10 kids per class. The school conducts various programs like Singapore Math Program or the English Mandarin Bilingual program. The institute is renowned for serving global food to its students.

Website: English Mandarin School | Surrey BC | Newbridge Academy (Newbridge-academy.ca)

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Closing Thoughts

It can be rightly said that Surrey School District is one of the pioneers in the field of education in British Columbia. The district has a variety of Elementary schools to choose from and cater to a student body coming from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Elementary schools are a very crucial part of a child’s growth years. Elementary education is the foundation on which the future of children depends. Many new sites for new schools are also being developed in all the notable  address area.

Surrey Elementary Schools give a wide choice to parents to decide on a school for the elementary education of their wards so that they reach their full potential and outshine in the future.

They offer not only community connections with the strong wonderful community program that help your kids forge friendships that last a lifetime.

We hope the article helps the parents living in the Surrey district to compare the schools on various parameters and empower them in finding the best school for their child. They also expanding as construction continously going on.

So, if you feel lost trying to find the perfect school for your child in british columbia, These Surrey School District is where you need to be.

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