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Are you the one who is seeking the best places to eat in Banff Town while having outdoor adventures in the Canadian Rockies?

Banff is a resort town in Canada located within Banff National Park. This national park is the oldest national park in Canada.

Banff is famous for its natural beauty, lakes, mountains, and rocks. It is one of the world’s most breathtaking mountain destinations.

If you ask me about the best places to eat in Banff, my answer is that there is a wide range of cuisines and restaurants in Banff that offer incredible foods that will fill your tummy and heart-long tired adventure.

20 Best Places to Eat in Banff

Best places to eat in Banff
Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash

1. The Bison Restaurant

At Bison, you can soak yourself in the beautiful mountain views while enjoying delicious food.

It follows the farm-to-table-food approach. It chooses local ingredients of the particular season to serve. So, the menu varies from season to season.

The seasonal menu offers vegetarian food like beet salad, eggplant Milanese, and broccoli, and non-vegetarian food like beef tartare, chicken & prawn. You can also enjoy wine, beer, tasty cocktails, and desserts.

Cuisine – Canadian and American.

Location– 211 Bear St, Banff, Alberta T1L 1E4, Canada.

2. Eden

Eden has received the Five Diamond Award for its service excellence and fine dining at the Rimrock Resort Hotel. It chooses fresh local ingredients for its cuisine.

This Banff restaurant offers a 3-course, a 5-course, and an 8-course menu. Also, a 6-course Chef’s Tasting Menu and a 4-course Table D’hote menu are offered.

If you are a foodie, a 10-course Grand Degustation menu will excite you.

Its dishes are imaginative and playful, and you can have specific wine pairings for each menu and course that complement the flavors.

Cuisine– French.

Location– 300 Mountain Avenue, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1J2, Canada.

Screenshot from Eden
Screenshot from Eden

3. Park Distillery

You cannot miss Park Distillery’s prime location on Banff Ave. Park Distillery has owned a name for its spirits like gin and vodka, which are distilled in-house with Rocky Mountain water.

This spot is trendy with a modern mountain interior that attracts a crowd, and it is expected that you will have to wait in peak summer.

You will be thrilled by a campfire-inspired menu here where you can have grilled meats, smoked brie, beetroot hummus, rotisserie chicken burgers and sandwiches, classic foods like campfire ribs, cowboy cut ribeye, and so on.

The drink menu in this park distillery has to be specially mentioned here for their inventive trade with their spirits. Some are Park Ceasar, Storm Mountain, and gin and chili vodka.

Cuisine– Canadian, campfire cuisine, distillery.

Location– 219 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A7, Canada.

4. Ramen Arashi

If you are a small group wanting good ramen, this is the place to go.

You can have the best Japanese food here, like black Arashi, tan men, curry ramen, seafood ramen, devil Arashi ramen, yuzu shio ramen, etc.

You can also have appetizers and desserts like takoyaki, tofu salad, Mille crepe cake, and maroon cake.

Cuisine– Japanese.

Location– 215 Banff Ave, Sundance Mall, Alberta T1L 1E6, Banff, Canada.

5. Magpie & Stump

Screenshot from Magpie & Stump
Screenshot from Magpie & Stump

This Banff restaurant in the mountains can take you to Mexico.

This is a rooftop taco bar in the heart of downtown Banff, where the sun and starlight drench in their open space called El Patio.

Here, you can have tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and over 60 tequilas with a side of evil. Also, if you are the world-famous nachos from Mexico, don’t worry; this Banff restaurant can make you happy.

Cuisine– Mexican.

Location– Box 729, Banff AB T1L-1A8, 203 Caribou St, Canada.

6. Sky Bistro

Sky Bistro is among the few places to have a jaw-dropping mountain view. It is at the top of Sulphur Mountain, accessible by the Banff Gondola.

So to have the best sky-high dining experience, you can have a trip to Banff Gondola/Sulphur Mountain, and the journey to Sky Bistro begins with an 8-minute gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain, in which you can relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Sky Bistro partners with farmers, suppliers, and producers in Western Canada. You can feel the freshness in this Canadian cuisine with various soups and salads, mains like Arctic char, orecchiette, kids menu, and desserts. You can also have cocktails and beer.

Cuisine– Canadian.

Location– 100 Mountain Ave, Banff AB T1L 1J3, Canada.

Screenshot from Sky Bistro
Screenshot from Sky Bistro

7. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Restaurants

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel was opened by the Canadian Pacific Railway. It has several popular restaurants that have become some of the best places to eat in Banff.

7.1. The Waldhaus restaurant

If you are a lover of fondue, then check out the Banff Springs Hotel Waldhaus Restaurant.

This Banff restaurant is a Bavarian-style cottage at the Fairmont Banff Springs and the Canadian Rockies. It serves German-inspired dishes.

You can have cheese fondue, Valrhona chocolate fondue, 18oz Alberta beef ribeye, cheesecake, and so on.

7.2. Stock Food and Drink

It is the spot for an easy, casual dining experience with a flavourful, hearty meal. You can have delicious coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and treats.

7.3. Grapes Wine Cellar

This is a wine bar in Fairmont Banff Springs, where the best wines from the world are usually paired with artisan cheese and cured meats. You can have baked brie, beef salad, brownies, sorbet, and various beverages.

7.4. Stanley’s Smokehouse

As the name suggests, this is a place of flavourful smoky foods and barbeques at the heart of Fairmont Banff Springs. The menu includes wine, salads, local beer, roasts, meats, snacks, and beverages.

7.5. Afternoon Tea

You can feel the complete old tradition of afternoon tea here. The menu includes sandwiches, tarts, cocktails, sausage rolls, brownies, muffins, cakes, and scones.

7.6. Castello Italiana

The best Italian food is served here. You can feel your Nonna’s kitchen here. The menu includes crispy calamari, baked gnocchi, lamb ragu, classic tiramisu, pannacotta, wine, and beverages.

8. The Eddie Burger Bar

Screenshot from The Eddie Burger Bar
Screenshot from The Eddie Burger Bar

As the name indicates, the Eddie Burger Bar serves various burgers with fries. It makes delicious Alberta Beef burgers in the heart of downtown Banff.

This is where to enjoy, watch the games, bite your burger, enjoy another game, and have fun.

The popular dishes include Aussie burgers, sweet potato fries, salads, naked burgers, and the stampeder.

It is also appreciable that the team raises their cattle without hormones or steroids.

They also have a variety of alcoholic drinks like The Dude, Burt Reynolds, Shaft on a raft, and more, and non-alcoholic drinks like vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, and caramel milkshakes.

Cuisine– Canadian and American.

Location– 137 Banff Avenue, Banff, AB, Canada.

9. Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine

This is Banff’s first Indian restaurant and offers a variety of cuisines and dishes from northern and southern India, and it has been locals’ favorite for over 15 years.

It is a casual spot to have Indian food that offers curries, masalas, and dishes using a wood-fired tandoori clay oven. There is a casual dining room with beautiful art depicting Indian life and Hindu Gods.

Also, you can experience the beautiful view of Cascade Mountain and Wolf Street from the window.

Cuisine– Indian.

Location– Wolf & Bear Mall, 229 Bear St, Banff, AB T1L 1B1, Canada.

10. The Maple Leaf Grill and Lounge

You can have a beautiful Canadian dining experience at the Maple Leaf Grill when you visit Banff National Park. It is located at the busiest corner of Banff Avenue.

Local Canadian ingredients are used here to create the best Banff food. Classic steakhouse dishes are its specialty. It has also received many awards for its drink list.

It features Canadian cuisine with Alberta beef, fish, and seafood, and its popular dishes include seafood linguine, Caesar salad, and fresh oysters.

It also offers private and cozy rooms.

Cuisine– Canadian and American.

Location– 137 Banff Aoxve BOX 3150, Banff AB, Canada.

Screenshot from Maple Leaf Grill
Screenshot from Maple Leaf Grill

11. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

This is one of the best restaurants in Banff on the eastern shore of Lake Louise.

It features breathtaking views of Lake Louise and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This hotel was gradually developed by the Canadian Pacific Railway after the Banff Springs Hotel and the Château Frontenac.

The areas around the hotel are under Banff National Park. The seasonally inspired menus and the dining experience will satisfy your food cravings. You can have a Canadian club sandwich, lobster roll, poppy brasserie, and cheesesteak.

Cuisine– Canadian.

Location– 111 Lake Louise Dr, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada.

12. Banff Ave Brewing Co.

Visit this Banff brewery, even if you are not much into cocktails. This was opened by the team that opened Jasper Brewing Co., Canada’s first Park Brewery.

Banff Ave Brewing Co. offers three spaces: the pub, the taproom, and the lodge.

The bar food includes fried chicken, fish and chips, Caesar salad, local craft beer, wines, and cocktails.

Cuisine– Brewery.

Location– 110 Banff Ave, Banff AB T1L 1A9, Canada.

Banffs Best Brews Beer Selection
Screenshot from Banff Ave Brewing Co

13. The Grizzly House

Thousands of local people visit Grizzly House, which has become a landmark destination. You can have a wonderful dining experience because of its rustic appearance.

You can see a buffalo head, a wood-carved bear, bear skin rugs, wood-paneled walls, and a working phone at every table. You can sit and relax hearing music.

You can also have an incredible view of the Canadian Rockies sitting on the front patio.

You can taste the fondues in 14 varieties, including buffalo, beef, chicken, shark, chocolate, and cheese. Meat is served after a fondue. Popular dishes are French onion soup, house salad, Alberta special venison, and Melted Toblerone.

This Grizzly House has a wine cellar with hundreds of labels, including beer, cocktails, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Cuisine– Canadian and Swiss.

Location– 207 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B4, Canada.

14. Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza works on two concepts: a casual dining restaurant suitable for families and a sports bar that is very lively. You can also enjoy the sun’s warmth sitting on the outdoor patio.

Boston Pizza is famous for its gourmet pizza made with hand-pressed dough. It also serves pasta, salads, desserts, and so on. It has many locations serving many guests annually.

Popular dishes include Bourbon BBQ chicken pizza, viva Italia pizza, and hungry herbivore pizza.

Cuisine– Bar, pizza, Canadian, and pub.

Location– 225 Banff Ave #201, Banff, AB T1L 1A2, Canada.

15. Bear Street Tavern

Screenshot from Bear Street Tavern
Screenshot from Bear Street Tavern

Any hungry hiker of the Canadian Rockies can fill his heart and stomach with the Banff food served in Bear Street Tavern, one of the best places to eat in Banff.

You can enjoy signature pizzas, sandwiches, beers, and cocktails in this Banff restaurant with comfortable surroundings. A dog-friendly patio is also available where you can enjoy the sunshine.

This place has been on You Gotta Eat Here, the Canadian version of diners, drive-ins, and dives. It received the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award in 2022.

You can order Caesar salad, garlic cheese fingers, Buddha bowl, bison pizza, three pigs, and salted caramel brownie.

Cuisine– Bar, pizza, Canadian.

Location– 211 Bear St, Banff, AB T1L 1A1, Canada.

16. Juniper Bistro

Juniper Bistro aims to feed our love for Banff National Park. The view from here is incredible, and it produces the best food from scratch and with local ingredients.

Juniper Bistro has a menu inspired by regional producers. Vegan foods are also available.

Popular dishes of Juniper Bistro include Beet Salad, Alberta Ribeye, Huevos Rancheros and French toast, and Juniper Benny.

Private dining is also available. You can also enjoy the patio seating, but it is closed in winter.

Cuisine– Canadian.

Location– Juniper Way Unit 2, Banff, AB T1L 1E1, Canada.

Screenshot from Juniper Bistro
Screenshot from Juniper Bistro

17. Nourish Bistro

If you are a vegetarian, you cannot miss Nourish Bistro.

This is a vegan restaurant in Banff where you can enjoy nutritious and delicious food. It serves plant-based comfort food in a dynamic dining setting.

You can discover a world of vegan food and drinks like nowhere else. It focuses mainly on the finest spirits, house-made syrup, and local ingredients for its menu, which gives you an experience you cannot forget.

You can get the best craft beer and cocktails in the Bow Valley. Wines here are vegan and environmentally friendly. Non-alcoholic drinks like smoothies, juices, and sodas are also served here.

If you step in there, do not miss Mushroom Ravioli, King Kong Noodles, Vegan Hamburger, and Falafel Salad.

Cuisine– Vegetarian.

Location– 211 Bear St #110, Banff, AB T1L 1A8, Canada.

Screenshot from Nourish Bistro
Screenshot from Nourish Bistro

18. Balkan Restaurant

It is one of the few places in Banff that serves Greek food. It is a large restaurant which is suitable for large groups.

The menu includes mojitos, cocktails, coffee, beer, wine, soup, salads, fries, chicken, and more.

Also, you can enjoy Balkan Greek Night every Thursday and Friday, featuring belly dancing, plate smashing, and Greek dancing.

Cuisine– Greek.

Location– 120 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A4, Canada.

19. Brazen

The menu is inspired by seasons and keeps changing, with modern twists given to the classic dishes. The food is beautifully crafted, and you can have the best cocktails.

Salmon brie toast, parfait, chicken club, steak & potatoes, Brazen’s shaft, and Caesar are some dishes here.

Cuisine– Contemporary.

Location– 138 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A7, Canada.

20. Bluebird Restaurant and Lobby Bar

This is one of the new restaurants in Banff. You can travel back to the old days in the mountains, enjoying the adventures of keys-in-the-bowl dinner parties.

It is a wood-fired steakhouse that specializes in cooking prime rib of beef. You can find the best shelter in fire by tasting the smoky and charred food with several sides and causes.

Some dishes you can taste here are all-day roasted prime rib of beef, mushroom spaghetti, steakhouse Dbl cheeseburger, salads, doughnuts, and steaks.

The lobby bar includes drinks, cocktails, beers, and wines complementing fire foods.

Cuisine– Steakhouse and Canadian.

Location– 218 Lynx Street, PO Box 1226 Banff, AB, T1L 1A1, Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Food Is Banff Known For?

Ans. Alberta Beef, Caesar, Maple Syrup, Bison, and elk are delicious Canadian foods you can dive into in Banff.

Q2. Can You See Northern Lights in Banff?

Ans. Yes, you can. Vermillion Lakes is the most accessible location to view the Northern Lights.

Perfect Place to Begin Your Exotic Food Journey

We came across some of the best places you must thrive in Banff for a great yet pocket-friendly food experience. Not only the food, but these restaurants also give a great historical view of their history. So, get ready to explore.

So do not wait! Fill your tummy and heart with delicious foods in these Best Places to Eat in Banff. Enjoy!

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