Top 8 Best High Schools in Surrey for your Kids

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In this article, we will discuss the best high schools in Surrey, BC. As we have all heard a proverb is that students are the future of the nation. Every child has a right to take education. All the students have different potentials and different interests.

But secondary education remains the same for everyone. Every parent wants that their children will get good knowledge from the best teachers. All the parents are in search of the best high school for their kids.

Some are boarding schools where the children have to leave their homes and are sent to the hostels for education purposes. So that their intellectual capacity, extracurricular activities, and critical thinking are built up.

1. Some Best High Schools In Surrey

There are many best high schools in Surrey, BC. Some of them are South Surrey White Rocks, Khalsa Secondary School, Fraser Institute, Pacific Academy, Elgin Park Secondary School, and many more.

These secondary schools are located in different locations. Some are located in Richmond, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, BC province, and many nearby places. These schools are best due to their qualities.

These secondary schools teach students with smart devices and do practical experiments on the topic. So that the children will get theoretical as well as practical knowledge. They also send their students to compete with other schools for sports, debate, and public speaking.

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1.1. South Surrey White Rock Schools

South Surrey White Rock School is one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC. It is because they focus on the overall development of the children. They make students more confident so that they can take their own decisions and fight their challenges.

This school is well known for its academic excellence. The students of this school have cracked many entrance exams in colleges.

1.2. Pacific Academy

Pacific Academy provides both secondary and elementary education. They first check the potential, capability and interest of the student and then admit the student based on the test results.

They have well-equipped laboratories and highly qualified teaching staff. Parents are very much satisfied with the facilities provided by the school to the students. This quality makes it one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC.

Best high schools in Surrey
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1.3. North Surrey Secondary School

North Surrey Secondary School focuses on the practical knowledge of the students. They encourage students to take part in public speaking, debate, and sports so that the students will become confident.

This is one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC. Its ranking is topmost in the field of education.

1.4. Khalsa Secondary School

Khalsa Secondary School is counted as one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC due to its strict rules and regulations. The school focuses on the overall development of the students. The students score good grade in the exams and their report card is well maintained.

1.5. Holy Cross Regional High School

Holy Cross Regional High School focuses more on creativity, communication skills, critical thinking, and handy skills. They want their students to participate in every inter-school competition.

They take students to the old age home, orphanages, and slum areas. So that they will interact with the people. This quality of the school makes it one of the best high schools in Surrey.

Best High Schools In Surrey
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1.6. Fraser Institute

Fraser Institute is a good institute with having learning environment. The teachers encourage students to take part in competitions like content writing, newspaper reading, essay writing, sports, and many others.

In the laboratories, they ask students to design their small practicals which they can perform in the labs. They encourage students to open discussion so that they will learn something from each other also.

This quality makes it different from other schools and one of the best high schools in Surrey.

1.7. Southridge School

Southridge School is counted as one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC due to its robust environment of learning. A robust environment refers to the learning of various languages.

According to the school, knowing various languages enhances the chance of success of students. The students also prove their school right by getting excellent grades on the report cards.

1.8. Enver Creek Secondary School

Enver Creek Secondary School gives technical and practical knowledge to the students. Along with this, they believe that the students are somewhere lacking in catholic beliefs and philosophy.

So they give them classes related to catholic beliefs and philosophy. This quality makes it one of the best high schools in Surrey, BC.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Can I Get Admitted to One of The Above Schools?

Answer: These schools release their application form at the start of a new session. Fill out the application form and appear in the test. Then the schools will admit you based on the result of the test.

Q2. How Does The School Provides Security to The Students?

Answer: The school has a proper team of security guards. Everyone is checked during their entry at the main gate. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere for security purposes.

Q3. How Many Students Are There in A Class?

Answer: The classes have a maintained ratio of 30 to 40 students.

Q4. What Are the Duties of The Surrey School District?

Answer: The Surrey school district focuses that the students are getting quality education so that they will become good leaders in the future.

Q5. Will the School Help the Child in The College Application Process?

Answer: The school will prepare the children so that they can easily qualify for the admission test of the best colleges.

Best High Schools In Surrey
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Final Note

We have discussed the best high schools in Surrey. Education is the most important thing in everyone’s life. The students and parents want their kids to study in the best school. These schools are highly ranked and their rating is on top.

They have highly qualified and trained teaching staff. Some boarding schools have the best ranking. The boarding school offers many courses. These secondary schools have a good learning environment.

These schools give a proper time slot for the students in which they can attend classes of their interest. There are free classes in music, dance, art, painting, craft, sports, and many more. They take students to visit nearby places and then give them assignments about the visit.

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