12 Reasons To Buy Veggies From Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge

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Is it difficult for you to choose a trustworthy organic farm market? If yes, Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge, BC can fulfill your demands.

Here are 12 Reasons to buy from Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge.

1. Vegetables And Fruits Grown In The Best Farms

The well-ripped fruits are brought to the Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge, BC V2x 2V4 from Okanagan Farms. Besides that, organic and high-quality products are grown in Metro Vancouver.

Consequently, the transparency of the distributors naturally builds trust among the customers, making them satisfied with their purchase.

langley farm market maple ridge - tomato in a farm
Picture by Detonator/ Pixabay

2. A History With A Valuable Cause

It has been over 18 years since the Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge, BC established its concrete position among the greengrocer markets. The main goal for building this market was to provide the local community and neighbouring communities with nutritional fresh produce, free from any harmful chemicals.

Langley Farm Market | Consumer Choice Award Vancouver 2023

This was beneficial to the locals because it was easily accessible, and supplied garden-fresh fruits and vegetables down the road. In 2016, Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge, BC started to gain recognition among international businesses and companies.

langley farm market maple ridge - vegetables and fruits
Picture by Anelka/Pixabay

3. Organic Produce For Healthy Life

Nowadays, it is quite common for greengrocer farms to use harmful chemicals to protect plants from unwanted insects, fungi, infections, etc. Moreover, the use of fertilizers and special genetically modified components are extensively used for artificial growth. Therefore, the use of these chemicals not only degrades the nutritional values of the produce but also proves to be toxic to human health.

langley farm market maple ridge - grapes
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The Okanagan Farmers do not use harmful chemicals. For instance, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and any kind of genetically modified components( GM) are strictly avoided to grow natural fruits and veggies.

Welcome to the Langley Community Farmers

For instance, organic berries like cherries and raspberries, citrus fruits like orange and pineapple, green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, and root vegetables like carrots and onions are at hand.

4. Provides Varieties Of Options

Do you have toddlers who show tantrums when eating healthy veggies and fruits? Luckily, the countless varieties of both exotic and seasonal produce are easily available in Langley Farm Market, BC.

Under local produce, if you crave in-season fruits, they can be bought with ease. For instance, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pineapple, zucchini, etc in summer is sold. Likewise, in winter, apples, pomegranates, citrus fruits, etc are available.

langley farm market maple ridge
Picture by NoName_13/ Pixabay

On the other hand, if you are an exotic fruits and vegetables enthusiast, you will fall in love with the endless list of exotic produce. For instance, Hawaiian papaya, Thai mango, Avocados, Asian Pomela, Mexican Guavas, lotus roots, gai-lan, coconut, ginger, lemongrass, and many more are available.

5. Thirst-quenching Beverages- Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge

The Langley Farm Market has a wide range of beverages both hot and cold drinks to soothe your needs. If you are a coffee or tea lover and cannot begin your day without caffeine, then try locally roasted coffee and tea.

langley farm maple ridge - coffee beans
Picture by Christoph/ Pixabay

The Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge sells fresh organic juice. Besides that, dairy-free substitutes like oat milk and almond milk are also sold for lactose-intolerant customers. 

Sparkling water and organic hot chocolate are available to suit your craving needs.

6. Freshly Packed Meat In Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge

Langley Farm Market does not only provide fruits and vegetables but also freshly packed meat for non-vegetarians. For instance, meats like steak, lamb, chicken breast, salmon, tiger shrimp, shellfish, fish fillet, etc are available. You can check it on their official website to understand.

Moreover, the supply freshly comes from British Columbia’s best meat farms and sea. The meats are cut neatly, taking care of the hygiene requirements.

langley farm market maple ridgev- fresh meat
Picture by orko46/ Pixabay

7. Dairy Products In Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge

The dairy industry in BC is the largest in Canada. Thus, the economy largely depends on it.

On the other hand, dairy products are essential for protein and calcium in your body. Moreover, to cook delicious recipes like Maple Butter Tarts, Caesars, and Poutine, dairy products at hand are essential.

In short, different types of cheese, milk, tofu, butter, chilled ice cream, and mild Gouda are always kept in stock. It proves that Langley Farm Market does not compromise with customers’ needs.

langley farm market maple ridge - milk and cheese slices
Picture by Myriams-Fotos/ Pixabay/ Copyrights 2023

8. Special Grocery For Special Needs

If you have decided to cut gluten from your diet or follow a vegan diet, Langley Farm Market has your back.

langley farm market maple ridge - almonds
Picture by LisaRedfernPixabay

Try gluten-free cereals and lactose-free dairy products. For instance, snacks, dry fruits, and pasta like dine-on quinoa are also available.

9. Warm Homely Bakery

Langley Farm Market in Canada has a dedicated section for bakery items. For instance, freshly baked hot cakes, yummy crispy cookies, and soft tender bread are available. Gluten-free grains are also provided.

langley farm market maple ridge
Picture by PublicDomainImages/ Pixabay

The taste of warm baked products will fill your heart with goodness and festivity. Besides that, the products are baked and packed with special care, hygiene protocols, and safety.

10. Deli In Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge

If you are running late and need to make a quick lunch for yourself, ready-made deli products can be a last-minute life savior.

For instance, locally smoked ham, salamis, sausages, cheeses, or salads will be convenient for you. Keeping them air-dried will keep the deli products fresh for five weeks.

langley farm market maple ridge
Picture by MagicFairy/ Pixabay

11. Easily Accessible Locations and Timing

Langley Farm Market is situated at 11935 207 St., Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1X622621 Lougheed Hwy, and 1 Maple Ridge BC V2x 2V4. Moreover, it has been also established in various places across Metro Vancouver as well.

The branches are found in 2168 Austin Ave Coquitlam BC V3K 3R8, Maple Ridge, 3 Rd Richmond BC, Maple Ridge, 12438 Harris Rd Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2J5, and 7815 Kingsway, Burnaby BC V3N 3E4.

The Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge BC V2X is open all week including weekends.

Monday to Saturday the stores are open from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm

On the other hand, Sundays, it closes at 7:00 pm, and on Holidays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm is the timing.


In short, purchasing from Langley Farm Market 22621 Lougheed Hwy can be well-suited to your everyday lifestyle. Moreover, to make your daily life more comfortable, feel free to be a regular customer.

Lastly, many companies provide similar varieties but cannot compete with the quality of Langley Farm Market Maple Ridge. The customer’s review has been consistently positive. To give your reviews do log in to their official website and Facebook page.

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