Top 6 Private Schools in Surrey For A Better Education

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One of the finest cities in British Columbia, Canada is Surrey. The residents of Surrey love its beautiful beaches and golf courses. The urban forests uncover great eco-tourism opportunities in Surrey BC.

The city is the second-largest in population. Some of the best private schools in Surrey and South Surrey rank among the top schools in the country.

The city of Surrey is a member of the municipality of Metro West Vancouver. West Vancouver of British Columbia is considered one of the most expensive places to live in Canada.

With the state-of-the-art facilities and amazing extra-curricular activities, private schools in surrey can be termed as schools that impart academic excellence.

There are many public schools but the private school are just on a different level. Surrey private schools are of many types and cater to a vast academic curriculum. The aim of every private school in Surrey BC is to bring out the best in every child and to make them capable and confident adults.

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Types of Private Schools in Surrey

There are many schools in Surrey that believe learning needs to be diversified according to the capabilities of every child. Children can be groomed to be confident adults if their education is at par with that of the world.

And every academic program at all private schools ensures that importance is given to academics, learning arts, and extra-curricular activities that will help each kid to be a rounded individual at all levels.

1. Alternative Schools

These are independent schools that approach education in a non-traditional way. Some of the private schools in Surrey, BC are exclusively student-centred and some involve inquiry-based learning.

Some of them are even boarding schools. Still, others have different methods of teaching such as the Montessori school, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia Schools.

2. Special Needs Schools

Surrey BC is home to many private schools that help kids with learning disabilities and special needs. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHH, and non-verbal learning disorders can be termed learning disabilities in children. They would need special attention and every community in Surrey, BC needs a school for these precious children.

3. Faith-Based Private Schools

Many schools in Surrey, BC are faith-based schools. These schools in Surrey British Columbia give great importance to religious studies. Most are Christian Schools and some are Catholic, Jewish and Islamic schools.

6 Top Private Schools in Surrey 

1. Diamond School

A non-denominational independent school in Surrey strives to provide its students with the skill sets needed to become conscientious and confident adults. They believe education must shape every child to become a global citizen by imparting knowledge, wisdom, and courage.

At Diamond School, you will find a healthy balance between skill-based activities and applications of the skills with the help of hands-on projects. Every student of Diamond School is guided by a skilled teacher to motivate them to become well-rounded individuals in all aspects of their adult life.

With a healthy, safe, and supportive environment, Diamond School seeks to promote students’ growth by allowing them to have a learning experience that exceeds expectations.

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The curriculum at Diamond School

All surrey schools follow a particular school program. The curriculum at the Diamond School in Surrey is based on the British Columbia Ministry of Education. They have smaller class sizes to ensure individual attention is given to all students.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Diamond School

The Diamond School has an intensive extra-curricular program. They provide the following:

  1. Dance – Mandatory from grades Kindergarten to grade III and can be taken as an elective option from grade 4 upwards.
  2. Drama – Aims to provide self-confidence and poise. Many students are encouraged to participate in the school-wide productions each year.
  3. Music – From Kindergarten to grade III have regular music classes. Students in grades 4 to 9 can choose fine arts program.

The Diamond School is open from grades K to 12 and the school allows both boys and girls to enrol in their school program. Their mission to become one of the best private schools has indeed become a reality as the educational experience of each student of Diamond School is phenomenal.

The school’s educational policy co-exists with the philosophy to promote kindness, cooperation, and respect for others. Please contact the school or log in to for information on their admission process.

2. Fraser Valley School (Cloverdale Campus)

One of the best non-denominational private schools, the Fraser Valley School began as a school for students from Kindergarten to grade 3. Since then they added a middle-school campus at Cloverdale for grades 4 to 8 students.

Having been founded in 2008, this lovely school in Surrey endeavours to build a community of courageous young boys and girls in society. Fraser Valley School’s aim for every child is to encourage them to become confident adults through a curious and creative learning process.

By allowing the child to focus on effective collaboration, problem-solving, and being a good self-advocates for the community, Fraser Valley School is developing them to become brave, kind, and compassionate human beings.

The School Curriculum at Fraser Valley School

This private school in Surrey chooses the Inquiry-Based Curriculum to impart knowledge to its students. Problem-solving, creative thinking, investigating, and arriving at solutions are some of the ways students are trained by qualified teaching staff to prepare them for the future.

Learning opportunities go above and beyond at the Fraser Valley School and every student is moulded to develop their talent and skill in all areas.

Some of the important subjects taught at Fraser Valley School are :

  • French -French is taught from kindergarten at Fraser Valley School. Learning languages helps students to appreciate their importance.
  • Physical Education – An important part of student life at Fraser Valley School. It helps to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that in turn builds the students to focus effectively on academics. Basketball, Volleyball, soccer, hockey, and badminton are some of the physical activities that students participate in at Fraser Valley School.
  • Arts- Fine arts is provided as a platform to inculcate creativity in kids. To appreciate the artistic skills of kids, Fraser Valley regularly encourages students to participate in concerts, recitals, and performances.

At Fraser Valley School, every child is a unique individual that needs encouragement and self-confidence. Success is measured according to the efforts put together. A vibrant learning community helps to build independent, caring and respectful children.

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3. Pacific Academy

Pacific Academy is a Christian school in Surrey British Columbia that specifically aims to provide first-class quality education to every child. Pacific academy has its roots firmly in Christian principles that emphasize the need for a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ.

Pacific academy believes that by integrating educational excellence with Christian principles, they are creating a community of Christ-centred learners to lead and serve.

To deliver quality education to children of all ages, it is important to interweave the spiritual aspect to the daily lives of the young ones believes the team at Pacific Academy.

Therefore, the students at Pacific academy will be introduced to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and will be presented with the Christian view of the World. The young girls and boys of Pacific academy will be provided with the resources needed to live a life of service to God and to their neighbours.

Children have an opportunity to portray Christ in their daily lives which will bring hope and joy to those around them.

The four Divisions of Pacific Academy and the Curriculum

Pacific Academy is a school with a unified mission, purpose, and vision. It believes that student’s growth can be measured only if they are surrounded by fellow students of the same age group.

The school has invited boys and girls to enrol in its school program from Jr K to grade 12:

  1. Primary or the Elementary school – For Age groups 3 and 4-year-olds. They are the youngest members of the Pacific academy’s student body. Basic values and social skillsets needed for this world are taught by helping them to explore the wonders of God’s creation.
  2. Secondary school – Caters from grade 3 to grade 5. Kids are extremely vulnerable during this period of their lives as they are suddenly aware of the world around them. Secondary school teachers at Pacific Academy encourage them to nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to live a true and meaningful life. Academically, the school lays a solid foundation in literacy and mathematical thinking along with science.
  3. Middle School- Kids enter an awkward phase in Middle school. Grade 6 to grade 8 will be a period of various transitions in their lives. Along with the academic focus on humanities, math, science, french, outdoor education, computer science, and fine arts, Pacific academy aims to provide students with a spiritual environment that would help them to understand the importance of independence.
  4. High School- This section is for grades 9 to grades 12. As these form the vital years of a student’s life, Pacific academy maintains a low pupil-teacher ratio. By giving the young boys and girls individual attention, they prepare them to grow into mature young adults.

As of January 1991, Pacific Academy has moved to a new 40-acre facility in Surrey, BC. As parents, if you want your child to be a part of a rich 35-year history that promotes Christian Beliefs along with academics, then you must enrol your kids at the Pacific academy.

For information on the admission process, please log on to their website. Pacific academy has a message of hope, faith, and goodwill for every student on their campus.

4. Regent Christian Academy

Regent Christian Academy is a Christian School in Surrey, BC. It aims to foster lifelong learning by striving for excellence in teaching and constant adaptation to changes. Regent Christian Academy was founded by leaders of Bible Fellowship Church in the year 1978.

Pastor Kirk Duncan believed that God desired a school whose prime importance would be to abide by His word and live in His presence. With this in mind, Regent Christian Academy came to life in the basement of the Church at 104th avenue near the Trans-Canada Highway.

What began with 70 students, 4 teachers, no gym, no laboratories, and no playground has now transformed into a school of excellence in the district of British Columbia. With full-fledged computer and science labs, and a gym on a school property that is almost 39 acres, Regent Christian Academy has become a leading Christian school in Surrey British Columbia.

This leading independent school now has 725 students and 125 students enrolled in their International school. In the last 39 years, Regent Christian Academy has continued to keep its vision unchanged. They continue to foster a Christian environment for the students by teaching them to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to serve in communities with a genuine love for the Lord Jesus.

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The Regent Academy School Program

The Regent Christian Academy has the following school programs:

  1. Primary School or the Elementary school – As students of Kindergarten to grade 4, it is of prime importance to give strong foundational skills in all areas. Developing positive attitudes and shaping their behaviour during these formative years of the young ones is the primary concern of the teaching staff at The Regent Christian Academy. Students are taught reading, writing, Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Science, and French in the primary school program.
  2. Middle School or Secondary school – It includes students from grade 5 to grade 8. The core teaching here would be to learn the importance of life and building good character. At Regent Christian Academy, this is done by integrating God’s Word into the teaching. All subjects such as Math, Science, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and French are taught from a biblical point of view. This forms the foundation for their successful transition into High School.
  3. High School – Grade 9 to grade 12 form the last few years of school life of a student. It is therefore believed that they are at the beginning of their young adult life and must be ready to face a world filled with the spirit of God. Regent Christian Academy’s school motto “Mighty in Spirit” plays an important role here. Students are given ample time to grasp the biblical truth of being a light in this dark world and become a guiding force for many in society.

All boys and girls are encouraged to participate in the school athletics program and given sufficient training to develop their skills. Other extracurricular activities include art, music, and drama.

With an excellent staff, a great student body, and supportive parents, Regent Christian Academy is a warm and friendly private school in Surrey. For details on the admission and enrollment process, please log on to their website.

5. Surrey Christian School

Surrey Christian School is one of the topmost surrey private schools with over 1200 students. It consists of 2 elementary school campuses for grades Prek to grade 7 and a secondary school campus for grades 8 to grade 12.

Surrey Christian School also has a satellite early learning campus that caters to very young kids. The mission statement of the school ” Educating for Wholeness by Engaging God’s World in the Servant Way of Jesus” reiterates students and staff have a part in the restoration of God’s Kingdom.

Surrey Christian School envisages students to be empowered with truth and justice to have a God-centered life as they explore the course of their work life in their roles as scientists, historians, athletes, musicians, and writers.

This is one of the few private schools that believe that children need to serve the community with passion, competence, and humility. Teachers at Surrey Christian School strive to accomplish is enormous feat beginning from Kindergarten.

Campuses at Surrey Christian School

There are four campuses at Surrey Christian School that provide Christian Education for kids from grades pre-K to grades 12.

  1. Secondary School Campus – This campus is for students in grades 8 to 12. It has a large gym, arts centre, modern lab, and music facilities.
  2. Fleetwood Campus – This campus caters to grades Pre-K to grade 7. It is equipped with an early learning centre and an official all-weather field.
  3. Cloverdale Campus – Location-wise, it is situated at Hillside Christian Church and is exclusive to grade Pre k to grade 7. With ample playground space, a gym, and an artificial turf field, this Cloverdale Campus is a lovely place for your kids.
  4. Clayton Campus – An exclusive early learning centre that functions out of Hope Community Church

This private school believes that students can be taught to become scholars, athletes artists, caretakers, and servant leaders in this broken world. Please login to their website for contact and admission procedures.

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6. White Rock Christian Academy

White Rock Christian Academy is a school of excellence that fundamentally have its roots in the transformation power of Jesus Christ. They exist to inspire young children to have a Godly Character. White Rock Christian Academy has a heartfelt desire to prepare students for a life-changing experience by exploring their minds, talents, and hearts.

White Rock Christian Academy is an independent school that functions under the White Rock Christian Academy Society. Having been founded in the year 1981, White Rock Christian Academy has moulded kids into well-rounded individuals that are passionate, creative, and Godly people.

Programs at White Rock Christian Academy

All programs at the White Rock Christian Academy include academic concepts and Biblical truths that combine holistically to shape the mind and character of every student.


White Rock Christian Academy has chosen “The International Baccalaureate” (IB) program to equip boys and girls to have a competitive edge. They are trained to be better prepared and to have the confidence to face the most unexpected situations in their life.

This is one of the top schools in Surrey to teach children superior time management skills, and organizational and research techniques.


Children who attend White Rock Christian Academy will be inspired to know that athletics play an important role in becoming citizens of Godly character. By exploring the limits of their potential through constantly striving to achieve more, White Rock Christian Academy is teaching kids to transform the world for Christ.

Some of the other sports at White Rock Christian Academy are basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross country, Track & Field, and Floor Hockey

A strong athletics program will give the much-needed opportunity to students to grow through leadership, teamwork, and mentorship


Those children that show a keen interest in arts will be delighted with the art program at White Rock Christian Academy. Students are encouraged to worship God through their creative expressions such as visual art, band, choir, and musical theatre.


As a Christian school in Surrey, the service program at White Rock Christian Academy will be teaching kids to have a heart of a servant in the world and inspire others through local and global mission projects.

As a category one independent school run by an interdenominational group of churches, White Rock Christian Academy is a lovely school for kids that need a healthy support system.

Having strong values that include being Christ-centred, glorifying God through the pursuit of excellence, and providing holistic education from a Biblical point of view, White Rock Christian Academy has become one of the top private schools.

How do you Choose a Good Private School in Surrey?

Parents go to all lengths to search for the perfect school for their children. Surrey is no different and with its vast pool of private schools to choose from, parents are forced to do a lot of background work before settling for the very best for their kids.

Some of the important factors that need to be considered before arriving at the right choice of a school in Surrey are:

  1. Cost of education.
  2. Location of the school.
  3. Teaching methods.
  4. Type of community.
  5. Types of extra-curricular activity.

This list of independent schools in Surrey will help you make the right decision in choosing the best school for your children.

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Closing Thoughts

Although only 5% of students in Canada choose to study in private schools, it is understood there is an increased demand for private schools in Surrey. Studying in private schools is considered to be a costly affair.

However, parents believe that students are trained for entry to a Canadian College or university, and are willing to enrol them in any of the rigorous and demanding private schools.

As private schools are exclusive to certain needs of society such as single-sex schools, religious schools, and schools that cater to students with learning and physical disabilities, it can be said that it is a booming business in the education industry.

Hope that this list will provide you with sufficient information to make the right decision in choosing the perfect private school for your ward among the top private schools in Surrey.

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