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The beautiful land of Canada is known for many things and has unique locations, and Revelstoke, BC, is one of them. You need to give Revelstoke a chance if you plan to have a gala time on your vacation.


Whether you want to enjoy hiking on Mount Revelstoke or fishing in Lake Revelstoke, there are many amazing things to do in Revelstoke that will thrill you to no end.

10 Exciting Things to Do in Revelstoke!

1. Explore and Enjoy the Extraordinary Hikes in Revelstoke

As a dream location for every hiker, Revelstoke is perfect for hiking. It has all the right ingredients for a beautiful hiking experience.

Revelstoke has everything, from steep river valleys to perfect alpine ridges. The extraordinary hiking trails in Revelstoke will suit anyone.

1.1. Greenbelt Hike

Greenbelt Trail will be the right pick for going hiking without leaving town. A relatively easy trail that will suit all hikers is found along the Columbia and Illecillewaet Rivers. It is flat with the most perfect and exemplary views.

Walkers are encouraged to go for a short or long walk covering the entire trail.

1.2. Begbie Falls

Hiking Mount Begbie in Revelstoke | VLOG 6

The lovely trails that lead up to Begbie Falls are quick and easy. You can get to Begbie Falls using two separate tracks.

Both are easy, but the only difference is the distance between them. One is a short one from the lower trailhead, and the other covers a longer distance, beginning at the upper trailhead.

1.3. Sutherland Falls

Another easy trail to follow would be to go from the parking area of the Blanket Creek Provincial Park to reach the breathtaking Sutherland Falls. The trail has a gentle slope that can be quickly completed. Furthermore, the 12-meter-high waterfalls are impressive.

1.4. Balsam Lake Hike

The Balsam Lake Hike is a flat, surfaced hike found around the lake. It is generally great to step into this fantastic place to take a break after a long drive around Meadows in the Sky Parkway.

1.5. Eva Lake Trail

The Eva Lake Trail starts from the mountain top, and hiking up here is a great way to view the most spectacular nature. The mountain views look magnificent, and the beautiful alpine meadows filled with wildflowers are breathtaking.

2. Go on An Epic Mountain Biking Trail

Why have I not ridden there before?!

Revelstoke is a beautiful place for great outdoor activities. Whether you want a cross-country trip in the Monashee and the Selkirk mountain ranges or adventurous down-the-hill mountain biking, you will find the biking scene in Revelstoke phenomenal.

Some of the best mountain bike trails in Revelstoke to experience fun and adventure include –

2.1. The Keystone Trail

The Keystone Trail might take the entire day to complete, but with legendary views of the surrounding mountains, the adventurer in you will look forward to it.

2.2. The Macpherson Trail

Mountain biking on the Macpherson Trail has glorious views of giant trees that grow along the Columbia River banks. The Revelstoke mountain resort can be seen in all its beauty.

2.3. The Martha Creek Trail

The Martha Creek Trail is a unique trail that follows 1560 meters of vertical descent down the mountain. You will zip across tall trees and beautiful alpine flowers as you bike downhill.

3. Visit the Picturesque National Parks in Revelstoke

The picturesque national parks in Revelstoke are wonderful for overnight camping or hiking adventures. So, why not visit the two most stunning national parks of Revelstoke?

3.1. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a must-visit, with incredible camping and hiking opportunities. In addition, it has the perfect climate as it is superb in summer and is a skiing paradise in winter.

Skiing is terrific at Glacier National Park, as it has ideal mountain slopes.

3.2. Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park
From Unsplash

You will find lovely trails that suit all levels at Mount Revelstoke National Park and can hike to the summit quickly.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is also an exceptional place to ski in Revelstoke.

4. Have a Fun time Revelling in the Town Activities

In Revelstoke, you must experience the downtown area’s attractions. Here, you can tour downtown Revelstoke to visit the museum or shop at their most beautiful shops.

Let’s see the different in-town activities offered to all in Revelstoke:

4.1. Travel Back in Time and Experience Art in All its Magnificence

As a town with roots in the railway and mountain industries, it is a place to learn about the heritage of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The art and culture in Revelstoke are pretty striking, and the public galleries offer much attraction to its community.

4.2. Get the Taste of Foods at the Farmer’s Local Market

One of the most memorable activities would be to pick up fabulous fruits and vegetables from summer markets. Here, you will find organic honey, freshly baked products, and preserves of all kinds.

Downtown Revelstoke

4.3. Dine at Any of the Revelstoke’s Restaurants for that Small Town Feel

Dining in Revelstoke’s restaurants is a unique and lovely experience. Classy meals, delicious cocktails, and the best coffee is a sensational experience in this charming place.

4.4. Shop Till You Drop in Downtown Revelstoke

The little local shops in downtown Revelstoke are unique in their way. Most shops are individually owned and offer exquisite products symbolic of Revelstoke.

4.5. Know All About Revelstoke’s Award-Winning Craft Beers

The small town of Revelstoke manufactures some of the finest craft beers and spirits. All are made and sold by local dealers, and visitors can witness its preparation at any of the distilleries in Revelstoke.

4.6. Join Revelstoke’s Thriving Nightlife

The nightlife at Revelstoke is fascinating, and visitors enjoy many fun activities. The nightlife here is thrilling, from live shows at the Arts Center to classic and new movies at the Roxy Theatre.

5. Go on a Skiing Adventure on the Snow Slopes of Revelstoke

Revelstoke is a great location to go on a beautiful Skiing adventure of a lifetime. It is an ultimate snowboarding destination as well.

skiing in revelstoke
From Pexels

5.1. Skiing on the Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the best destination for bold adventures in the snow. The endless mountain terrain features some of the best meadows and alpine surroundings that all skiers can access.

5.2. Heli Skiing Experience

There are many reasons Revelstoke is considered the most incredible place for heli-skiing.

With excellent guides to give you the best skiing lessons and plenty of skiing companies to offer you various programs, heli-skiing will be an experience to look forward to.

5.3. Other Ultimate Ski Activities in Revelstoke

  • Ride the Snowcat and watch the beautiful scenery and the delightful ski runs.
  • Tour the backcountry of Revelstoke, BC, and get the most out of the mountains during winter.
  • Go on a Nordic Skiing adventure on the Mount Macpherson trail, which is famous for its groomed skating experience.
  • Dog sledding is another lovely way to experience Revelstoke.
  • Fat Biking is a relatively new activity in Revelstoke, but the biking trails are adequate for a safe riding experience.
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6. Take a Ride on the Perfect Snowmobile

Due to more than 50 feet of snow each year, Revelstoke has the best areas for snowmobiling worldwide. Many of the terrain suit all riders at any level. 

Types of Levels for Riding Snowmobile

There are three different levels of Snowmobile experience available to riders. They are:

  1. Beginner Level– As a beginner, you can book a tour with a guide. You are allowed to ride on your own or share a ride. Enjoy the ride as per your preference.
  2. Intermediate Level-As an experienced snowmobile rider who can handle both the terrain and the avalanche equipment, you would be comfortable at Firsby or Boulder groomed trails. After paying trail fees and checking the avalanche weather bulletin, you can head out into the snow for a fun ride.
  3. Expert Level– Revelstoke has plenty of terrain choices for an experienced rider. The Sale Mountain has many deep powder areas and open ridge tops. You will also find a similar encounter at Mount Hall and Keystone-Standard Basin.

7. Fun Ride Down the Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster

A fun ride down the Revelstoke Pipe Mountain coaster is a riveting experience. As a thrilling and rip-roaring activity, it is rarely found elsewhere in British Columbia.

7.1. What is Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster?

The Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster is very similar to a roller coaster. However, in this case, the roller coaster is found on a mountain slope and closer to the ground. Each car can seat one person and is closely attached to a track.

7.2. How Fast Can a Rider Reach the Bottom of the Mountain Using the Pipe Mountain Coaster?

A rider can usually reach the bottom of the mountain within three minutes. After that, it will be all about the speed of the rider.

7.3. How Long is the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster?

The Revelstoke Mountain Coaster is around 900 feet and covers a distance of about 1.4 km.

As a family-friendly activity, you will find it exciting as you glide through the twists and turns all over the ski runs, the glades, and the tunnels. Since the ride allows you to control the Coaster’s speed, it is safe for all age groups.

8. Relax and Rejuvenate at the Hot springs in Revelstoke

One of the ways to spend a splendid time in Revelstoke is to soak yourself in the hot springs or pools. Revelstoke is wedged between several hot springs and pools, so it is readily available to those visiting it.

Benefits of Soaking in Hot Springs

There are several benefits of soaking in Hot Springs. First, it will help to relax sore or tight muscles. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory nature found here is said to restore your body.

After a long day of skiing activity, relaxing and rejuvenating yourself inside a hot spring, similar to a hot tub, would be one of the best things to do in Revelstoke.

Some of the best Hot Springs found in Revelstoke are:

8.1. Halfway Hot Springs

Halfway Hot Springs is regarded as a great natural hot spring in Revelstoke. However, the journey to the place can take time and effort.

The drive would be a four by 4, and good shoes are necessary to get to the springs. But it is all worth it as the spectacular view and the nature is an absolute delight. 

8.2. Halcyon Hot Springs

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort - King Cottage

The Halcyon Hot Springs has one of the best views because the beautiful Arrow Lakes are visible from a distance. In addition, the majestic view of the Monashee Mountains range is breathtaking.

The water from the hot spring is known to be pure, with unique anti-inflammatory properties that bring healing to those who consume it.

There are plenty of places to stay around the hot springs, and those who wish to spend the weekend here can make reservations at any of the accommodations at the Halcyon Hot Springs.

9. Visit the Enchanted Forest

The enchanted forest is found between Sicamous and Revelstoke. Nestled inside beautiful old cedar trees, the enchanted forest remains one of the best Revelstoke attractions for all people.

You can call the Enchanted Forest a magical place where you will be introduced to fairytale heroes and supernatural creatures, which can be found only in books.

The trail around the enchanted forest will take you to around 300 clay figurines, the world’s biggest treehouse, and interesting storybook characters such as Goldilocks, the home of the three little pigs, and Snow white.

Therefore, visiting the Enchanted Forest will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

10. Enjoy an Awesome Ride on the Revelation Gondola

Revelation Gondola
Изображение 12019 с сайта Pixabay

So, what can you do in Revelstoke if you want to avoid hiking or cycling up the mountain? Do not fret; you can ride on the Revelation Gondola through mountain tops.

You can view the stunning Columbia River as it flows through two beautiful mountain ranges. The Revelation Gondola and Mackenzie Avenue outpost will go up to 5500 feet.

View the lovely rainforest, breathtaking views of the mountains, and the perfect meadows filled with wildflowers as you ride the Revelation Gondola, which is one of the most beautiful things to do in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke – A Hidden Gem

Revelstoke is a small mountain town in Canada that has stayed hidden for quite a while. However, the tide is turning for this beautiful town as many adventurers have discovered that this is a spectacular town with many activities for all ages.

It has magically transformed into a destination many want to visit for a short and quick weekend trip or want quiet solitude for a few days.

Whatever the reason you wish to take a break, consider the ten excellent things in Revelstoke to make the most of your trip.

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