Halfway River Hot Springs
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Halfway River Hot Springs—7 Incredible Facts You Must Know

There’s no place, like this place, near this place, so this must be the place.” An asserting yet interesting statement, Isn’t it? You will find this statement at the entrance of a wooden cedar house concealed by the colossal hillside forests of British Columbia in Canada. We are talking about the Halfway river hot springs! Don’t know what it is? You will know soon, Let’s decode that statement first:

There’s no place, like this place

It is correct. Almost everywhere else in the world, you must hear the relentless hustle of the traffic, people, phone calls, arguments, fights, never-ending work, jealousy, power, domination, hierarchy et cetera, et cetera. But, how to spare from these things? At least for a while.

What about a tranquilizing bath in a natural hot spring, surrounded by long pine trees, The freshness, and aroma of rich humid soil into which you can sink your toes, not the noises of ringtones but the melody of birds, walking over cute white pebbles, etc.

All this feels exactly like sitting on the lap of mother nature, right? Welcome to Halfway River Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada.

There’s no place, near this place

You may be hearing about this underrated hidden gem for the first time. This is because, it is not situated near a famous city but near a serene village named Nakusp, surrounded by dense pine forests alongside the Halfway river and you have to proceed over a very steep embankment to reach there.

The fact that the place is isolated from the city’s sphere gives its visitors an adventurous and thrilling experience.

Ok, so now that we have decoded the statement, let’s know about the Halfway River hot springs more-

1. Location

Halfway hot springs are located in Central Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada nearly halfway between Revelstoke City and Nakusp through the halfway river.

British Columbia Highway- Road to Halfway River Hot Springs
British Columbia, Canada, Image by Sean Mason.Unsplash.Copyright 2022

2. Directions

From Nakusp

So, if you are traveling from Nakusp you have to follow these directions to reach halfway hot Springs-

Start towards Canyon Road North to reach the Halfway River bridge (which is around 25.4 Kms). After reaching the bridge, take the right to a dirt forest service road and keep your pace slow as it is a poorly maintained, rough forest service road which may result in flat tires, so it’s better to be prepared.

Drive straight and cover around 7 miles until you see the park signs.

From Revelstoke

First, reach Shelter Bay Ferry via Highway 23 which is around 54Kms south of Revelstoke.

After reaching Shelter Bay, get over the ferry to reach Galena Bay on the other side by crossing Upper Arrow Lake. They provide it free of cost! and that to every hour. Learn more about the Ferry’s Time Schedule.

After landing on galena bay, continue with 23 Highway again for 22 more kilometers to reach Halfway river bridge, While driving you may observe Halcyon Hot Springs on your left.

Take the Left to the first forest service road (FSR) from the bridge and drive around 11 Km to find the fork road, from where you may find the camping area to the left and the right for the Upper parking lot.

3. Why are they named “Halfway River Hot Springs”?

These hot springs are named so because they are all derived from the Halfway River. While some people may think it is called halfway river hot springs as it falls midway between Nakusp and Revelstoke, this is not the case though.

To be accurate, Halfway hot springs lie halfway between Nakusp and Galena Bay.

HALFWAY HOT SPRINGS BC -  A Mother-Daughter Hike to this Relaxing Spot

4. Into the Halfway Hot Springs

If you want to find those natural hot springs, you have to be a little adventurous and active as you have to go through a very steep hike which may be a bit weary.

Once you see a small but beautiful wooden house, you have explored halfway hot springs. The wooden house is a changing room where you can safely store your backpacks, wear your bathing suit and run towards the pool to Jump!

How many pools are there?

There are three major pools in the hot springs along with some smaller ones with maximum temperatures up to 65 °C, the top pool being the hottest.

These natural hot springs belong to the hillside river from which hot water is bubbled and then distributed into finer streams to collect into the river pools.

What you’ll find there?

Once you sink into any of its main pools, spread your limbs through the hot water, feel its warmth and look up to the sky, that day will surely become one of the best moments of your life.

What makes it even better is that your cellphone won’t be able to receive any signals. Nature is making sure that you remain disconnected from the busy world as long as you are there and just gasp a breath of fresh air and soothe your mind.

Do you love campfires, gazing at the fumes, and recalling your old vivid memories? I do, and the halfway hot springs serve as a perfect place. You can also enjoy camping there overnight by paying a minimal fee which will go towards the future maintenance and development of the site with the cooperation of BC Parks.

There are some mandates you have to follow there to mitigate site abuse and to make sure that every visitor is comfortably enjoying this artwork of nature. Some of the major mandates include taking care of your garbage yourself as there are no trash facilities available, no nude bathing, and campfires only in fire pits carefully.

There are some important guidelines regarding camping fees and fair usage, Click to know them.

5. Management of Halfway River Hot Springs

Halfway hot springs have now been developed as a forestry recreation site and are maintained by British Columbia Parks (BC Parks) since August 2016, which keeps an eye on site abuse.

You will meet there a generous and fun person named Bob Moody (Robert Moody) who is the caretaker and site host of halfway hot springs and will make sure to provide every possible amenity to you.

6. Checks Before Visiting halfway hot springs

I know that you are now eager to visit halfway hot springs, but please do check for the below-listed things, otherwise, it may disrupt your serene experience with halfway hot springs.

Visiting Halfway hot springs during Winter

If you are visiting halfway hot springs during winter (from mid-October to late April), it would be better for you to avoid two-wheelers or a small car and bring with you a 4×4 truck.

It is because, during winters, the forest service road becomes a weather-beaten track, completely covered with snow and poorly maintained. It is much better to avoid this logging road with vehicles. Park them, and just hike the road with a pair of snowshoes (recommended).

It is also recommended to pack some instant meals (ready to eat) along with other essentials as it may prove very favorable in case you and your vehicle get stuck in the middle of the forest road as there are actual cases where people got stuck there for days.

Visiting Halfway river hot springs during Summer

The site is best for visiting during summer (from late April to Mid October) and your trip will be complemented by pleasant weather, without a logging road so that you can drive easily up to the main trail.

During summer, the site is crowded with poison ivy plants, which may cause rashes, skin irritation, and even blisters after contact. So, it’s better to take some precautions before visiting this place.

Help to mitigate site abuse

Please do not throw trash, broken glass, or any other garbage material at the site, and make sure to keep the hot springs uncontaminated. Also, it is a must to take your bath suits along with you as public nudity is offensive in Canada as it may make you or other visitors uncomfortable.

The Camping fees collected by visitors will be used by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural resource operations to maintain the site, site recreation, and mitigate site abuse.

Please campfire only in a fire pit designated for camp firing purposes with utmost care as it may result in a forest fire which can cause great damage.

Bring your water bottles with you

Though the river water flowing through the halfway hot springs is natural mineral water, it may contain pathogenic heat-resistant bacteria (certain algae) and viruses.

It is recommended to bring loads of water to drink as you may feel thirsty after soaking in the hot pools for a long time.

7. Explore more nearby Halfway hot springs

While planning to visit halfway hot springs, do not forget to add these splendid locations to your account. These are,

St. Leon Hot springs

Though the St. Leon Hot Springs is officially closed since 2016, you may get a chance to enjoy it. Drive south from halfway hot springs to reach St. Leon Hot Springs located up on a hillside, and enjoy the natural hot spring, but please note that it is private property.

Upper Halfway Hot springs

You may reach Upper Halfway Hot Springs, which are hidden in the mountainside of the halfway river valley, the route is a challenging one and you may lose directions several times. But, again you cannot say your trip was adventurous if it is not challenging and enthralling.

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

Heading west from Halfway hot springs and turning towards halcyon road will land you at Halcyon hot springs Resorts (around 20.8 km/20 mins drive) where you can relax in a hot pool and watch the sun rising through the Monashee mountain range.

It serves two natural hot springs – a swimming pool and a plunge pool with water temperatures ranging between 50-54°C. At the resort, you can enjoy various recreational facilities such as gyms, parking, a restaurant, free wifi, and much more. Also, the best part is that the resort also offers snowmobiling activities.

Halfway River Hot Springs
Halcyon Hot Spring Resort, Image by M. Maggs.Pixabay.Copyright 2022

The Pools at The Gorge

The pools are named so because they are located above the halfway waterfalls by passing the river pools, it is recommended to keep a safe distance from the river as it is slippery there, and you may slip which is certainly life-threatening.


Halfway river hot springs is a place isolated from the relentless city world, hidden by nature in the hillside forests through the halfway river nearby Nakusp Village, British Columbia, Canada. The site offers you the much-required tranquillity and helps you rejuvenate through its undefiled aura, the freshness, and aroma of the air, leaves, damp soil, and gushing water streams.

Its main offering includes its hot water springs where you can just soak yourself completely, thrust your toes into its sandy bottom, relax your shoulders, and release some load off your mind and chest, and then my friend, it is for sure you will feel like heaven!

For people visiting halfway hot springs in winter, it is recommended to have snowshoes for hiking as even 4×4 trucks find it difficult to cross the weather-beaten forest service road. Late April to Mid-October becomes the perfect time interval to visit Halfway hot springs as the weather is pleasant and also there is no snow on the roads which makes the service road drivable.

So, here I end this virtual journey of the Halfway Hot Springs, and now it’s only up to you to either visit this magical sphere and witness a mesmerizing experience for real or just sit in your boring room or office and do what you are doing from ages, Work!

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