The Unmissable 10 Best Restaurants in Vernon for a Flavorful Dining Experience

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Vernon is a vital business hub and serves Canada’s economy. It is also one of the most ideal places to visit, work, or even settle down.

Restaurants have become an essential part of any city. Both the locals and the visitors always look for great and unique food. The town of Vernon also serves you unique flavors and amazing tastes.

Since it is a busy city, there is no doubt there must be many restaurants and cafes here. A few of the best restaurants in Vernon are highlighted in this article.

10 Best Restaurants in Vernon

1. Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar

Website Screenshot- Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar
Website Screenshot- Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar

To start the search for the best restaurants in Vernon, Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar is a good choice. Have a happy hour, lunch, or dinner there and get the amazing experience of great services and food.

The menu includes consistently delicious food with a variety of options. Every item, whether steaks, crabs, burgers, or pasta, is perfectly prepared and served. The decor inside is attractive; it has rooftop tables that provide a great atmosphere at the top.

You will also like chicken, lobster, sushi, and calamari. The Phoenix Steakhouse offers food, a wide range of wines, and other drinks.

Address: 3117 30th Avenue, Vernon BC V1T 2C4, Canada

2. Intermezzo Restaurant and Wine Cellar

Intermezzo Restaurant Vernon, BC Mediterranean Food

Intermezzo Restaurant and Wine Cellar is Vernon’s ultimate destination for seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Get an amazing dining experience there at reasonable prices. The restaurant has an outdoor patio where you can dine with friends or family.

Some of their most loved dishes are chicken parmigiana, scallops, prawns, mussels, charcuterie, Caribbean halibut, Chicken Oscar, Moroccan Lack of Lamb, Pollo Italiano, Indian butter chicken, and lots more.

It would be great if you tried their variety of soups and snacks. They also serve various yummy desserts that are truly mouth-watering.

The restaurant is one of the best in Vernon, with its impeccable service and fantastic food and wine offerings. Regarding drinks, the restaurant has a special menu, offering craft beers and wines.

Address: 3206 34 Avenue, Vernon, BC VT 7E2, Canada

3. Range Lounge and Grill

Website Screenshot- Range Lounge and Grill
Website Screenshot- Range Lounge and Grill

Range Lounge and Grill is among the highest-rating restaurants in Vernon, with a beautiful view of the golf course. The restaurant is known for its experimental and fusion cuisines. There is a lovely patio and a lounge with big screens to entertain the customers.

The food served there is mostly prepared from locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Grab the salmon, pork ribs, burgers, butter chicken, or fish and chips. The restaurant also plans some themed nights on special days.

Don’t forget to sip the coffee and beverages served there.

Address: 301 Village Centre Pl, Vernon, V1H 1T2, Canada

4. Wasabi Sushi and Grill

Website Screenshot- Wasabi Sushi and Grill
Website Screenshot- Wasabi Sushi and Grill

Wasabi Sushi and Grill, as the name suggests, is a Japanese restaurant in Vernon City. Despite being a small restaurant, it attracts customers because of its cozy space and relaxing atmosphere.

You will see various food options in their extensive menu list. Order the Chicken Katsu, sushi rolls, gyoza, sashimi, spicy rice bowls, Tunas, Bento boxes, and soups and salads.

The helpful staff leaves no stone behind in impressing the customers. Once you visit this restaurant, you will love to go there repeatedly.

Address: 5100 Anderson Way Suite 114, Vernon, V1T 9V2, Canada

5. Los Huesos Restaurant 

Website Screenshot- Los Huesos Restaurant
Website Screenshot- Los Huesos Restaurant

To have some traditional Mexican food, you must visit the Los Huesos restaurant in Vernon. It is popular for its beautiful decor and designs. The interior is beautifully maintained with colorful tiles, wood, and stones.

As far as food is concerned, you are going to love that. The restaurant offers everything from starters to desserts, the main menu to side dishes, and from coffee to wines.

You can go for some nachos, taquitos, tacos, or soup. There are various options for cocktails, margaritas, and wines in drinks.

Address: 2918 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2B7, Canada

6. Fresh Lemongrass Vietnamese Restaurant

The Fresh Lemongrass Vietnamese restaurant is one of the best in Vernon, appreciated for its Vietnamese food. This is a busy restaurant tucked in the corner of a mall.

Each serving is fresh, delicious, and in big portions. Special items in their drop-down menu include Pho varieties, Hu Tieu Mi dishes, Vermicelli options, pork noodles, fried chicken rice, salad rolls, and beverages to soothe your taste and mood.

Address: 3107 48 Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 3R6, Canada

7. Midtown Bistro

Website Screenshots - Midtown Bistro
Website Screenshots – Midtown Bistro

Midtown Bistro is a lovely restaurant with beautiful artwork decorated with candles, giving visitors a classic feel. You can listen to the nice music always playing behind there. It would be great if you went for lunch or dinner in its lovely and warm atmosphere.

This restaurant impresses customers with its friendly service, attentive staff, and delicious dishes. The restaurant offers separate menus for lunch, dinner, Charcuterie boards, and desserts.

It would be best if you tried Thai salad, a hot beef sandwich, Bruschetta, cheeseburger sliders, Midtown stir fry, and other yummy dishes. Also, have a taste of dessert coffee, wine, and beer.

Address: 3024 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2B9, Canada

8. Pho Fusion

Pho Fusion is also a Vietnamese restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Vernon. This small, family-owned restaurant satisfies the customers with a wide range of food options served in ample portions.

You will love to dine in at this cozy place. Special dishes served there include delicious Pho varieties, noodle soup, an extensive range of appetizers, vermicelli, rice dishes, rolls, desserts, and lots more.

The food is served in different combos every time. You can also order various shakes, juices, sodas, tea, and other beverages. Have a great experience of Vietnamese cuisine with your family and friends at this awesome spot.

Address: 5100 Anderson Way, Vernon, V1T 9V2, Canada

9. Eatology

Website Screenshot-
Website Screenshot- Eatology

Eatology is a cafe-style restaurant providing its customers with unique dishes. The biggest quality of this restaurant is that each item served there is fresh and prepared from locally sourced ingredients. It has classic and International cuisines in its friendly environment.

Enjoy a special and innovative breakfast or lunch with your friends there. The staff offers super-fast service and is always keen to impress the visitors.

You can try eggs benny, buttermilk pancakes, stuffed French toast, or chicken and waffles in the breakfast. There are soups, salads, poutine, beef burgers, Buddha bowls, or dirty fries for lunch. You can also opt for vegetarian or gluten-free foods served there.

Address: 3100 30 Street, Vernon, BC V1T 5E2, Canada

 10. The Curry Pot Indian & Nepalese Cuisine Restaurant

As the name suggests, The Curry Pot Indian & Nepalese Cuisine restaurant is an Asian restaurant in Vernon. From cult classic Indian dishes to street food, it offers everything in nice-sized portions. This is the ultimate spot for Asian or Indian food lovers in this town.

Immerse yourself into the world of tastes and flavors and have the most memorable cuisine of your life at this restaurant. Well-experienced chefs prepare all the food to get the exact Indian texture.

It would be best to try paneer pakora, chicken samosa, onion bhaji, curry mussels, tandoori dishes, special biryani, salads, butter chicken, and many more from Indian and Nepalese foods. You will love the super yummy Indian desserts served there, including Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, or ice cream.

You can also order masala chai, coffee, sweet lassi, mango lassi, or fruit juice. Enjoy the best food with the best services there.

Address: 3007 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2C1, Canada

Bottom Line

Vernon entertains its visitors with beautiful surroundings, delicious foods, and awesome drinks. Whether you are looking for cheap eats, classic dishes, light snacks, or a healthy diet, the city never disappoints you.

These were some of the best restaurants in Vernon that everyone loved. The well-behaved staff and warm atmosphere of these restaurants are always an added attraction. We are sure you would love to visit these restaurants in Vernon again and again.

The mouth-watering dishes served in these restaurants delight everyone’s taste buds. Most of the restaurants are wheelchair accessible and follow essential safety measures.

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