Alouette Lake Wonders: 10 Activities for an Unforgettable Experience

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About an hour’s drive east of Vancouver, Canada, Alouette Lake is a reservoir in Maple Ridge, Golden Ears Provincial Park, and a tributary of the larger Pitt River in British Columbia.

It is a popular location for a day trip, a weekend camping, hiking, fishing, boating, or a hot summer day picnic trip. The glacial Lake Alouette offers breathtaking scenery with a peaceful, calm vibe away from the hustling, bustling city life.

The colorful and mesmerizing sunset views at Alouette Lake will bless you with all the feelings. There are also numerous attractions nearby Alouette Lake waiting to be explored.

1. More about Alouette Lake

Alouette‘ is a French word meaning lark, a singing bird. The breezy wind sounds at Alouette Lake are no less than a lark singing; hence, the euphonious name Alouette was given.

Originally named Lilloet Lake to distinguish it from another Lake Lilloet, this reservoir was renamed Lake Alouette on 31st March 1915.

Alouette Lake is close to 16 km long with a northeast-southwest axis and is located at the southeast foot of Golden Ears Mountain Group. It has a depth of about 522 ft and is surrounded by the Coast Mountain group of Golden Ears Park.

The average temperature of Alouette Lake during winter is around 5 degrees Celsius; during summers, it warms up a little to around 22 degrees Celsius. The gorgeous greenish-blue color of Allouette Lake is very inviting for the photographers and swimmers.

2. How to Reach Alouette Lake?

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For private transportation, take Highway 7 from Vancouver to Pitt Meadows to Harris Road for easy reach.

For public transport, The Southbound 239b St 132 Ave is the closest and only 3 minutes walk away bus station from Alouette Lake in Maple Ridge.

3. 10 Things to Do at Alouette Lake

3.1. Alouette Lake Campground

Golden Ears Park has three campsite areas, and Alouette Lake Campground is one of the best and largest campgrounds in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.

Located along the Alouette Lakeshore, the Alouette Campground is divided into two distinctive areas: North Alouette Campground & South Alouette Campground.

The campground is mostly at its peak season from June to early September, i.e., till Labor Day. The campground experiences a very busy time this season, and the parking lot gets packed, too. Hence, it is recommended to make a booking for a reservation at least 3-4 months before the peak season.

There are several campsites here with necessary facilities like picnic tables, park benches, fire pit, sinks, flush toilets, pit toilets, etc. The campground also has hot showers available. The campground is family-friendly and has a large playground for young kids.

Now, you don’t have to worry about where to keep your pet during your outings, as the Alouette Lake campground is pet-friendly, too. Dogs and cats are permitted at the campground as well as at the beach and picnic areas, but they must remain on a leash of not more than 2 meters long.

Water taps are made available throughout the camp area. So you don’t have to worry about the water supply here. To avoid mishaps, certain timings are provided to light up the fire pit, which is to be followed strictly.

3.2. Alouette Lake Beach

mountain lake forest landscape
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The most popular beach in Metro Vancouver during summer is Alouette Lake Beach. Like the campgrounds, Alouette Lake Beach is divided into Alouette South Beach and Alouette North Beach.

A huge, free-vehicle parking lot in the South Beach area fills up during the peak season. Alouette North Beach is the other beach area just next to the Alouette Campground.

Alouette Beach is more on the rocky, muddy side than the other beaches. For water sports, you can rent boats, kayaks, pedal boats, canoes, etc. However, boat rental services are mostly available during the peak season and not throughout the year.

You can also enjoy water skiing or windsurfing here. However, you must carry your equipment as a rental for these water sports is not available here. There are no lifeguards present at the beach. Keeping this in mind, only certain marked swimming areas of the lake are accessible for a swim.

Picnic tables set up along with BBQ attachments are also provided here. Other basic and necessary facilities such as flush toilets, pit toilets, and drinking water taps are also made available.

Talking about beaches and no sunsets? Impossible! Well, Alouette Lake Beach offers one of Vancouver’s most incredible and mesmerizing sunset views. So, you should certainly not miss the sunset here!

3.3 Backcountry Camping

Backcountry Camping Reservations Website
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Backcountry camping means camping where you remotely camp by yourself and have to hike to the campsite. In short, backcountry camping means camping on your own.

The backcountry camping location is on the west shore of Alouette Lake, and to reach it, you have to hike via the West Canyon hiking trails.

If you are planning a beautiful BC backcountry camping trip, you must purchase a backcountry permit (online), which must be carried along with you at all times.

There are no extra facilities here except for pit toilets. As for water, there are no water sources available. So, it is advised that you carry your water, toilet paper, and also your cooking stuff. Do not litter the place. Do carry your garbage bags for garbage disposal.

Starting a huge campfire, or any campfire for safety reasons, is not allowed in backcountry camping. Hence, it is advised that you carry a portable stove if you are planning to cook your food here.

3.4 Marine Backcountry Sites

Marine Backcountry Camping site is located at Moyer Creek on Alouette Lake. To reach here, one must travel via water, i.e., a boat ride, to access these backcountry campgrounds.

Boats, kayaks, canoes, and pedalboats will help you cross the lake and get to the other side of the campground.

There are, in total, four marine backcountry camping sites at Alouette Lake: The East Beach Campground, Alouette River Campground, The Narrows Campground, and The Mayor Creek Campground.

Again, you have to obtain a backcountry permit to camp here. Besides this, you also have to carry your garbage bags as no garbage removal services are available here. Other rules and regulations are similar to that of Backcountry Camping.

3.5 Golden Ears Provincial Park

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One of British Columbia’s largest parks, Golden Ears Park, is located just about 9.6km away from Alouette Lake, downtown Vancouver. The twin peaks of Golden Ears gave the park its name. It is a very large provincial park with lots of recreational activities.

Golden Ears Provincial Park protects endangered fauna and flora species. Hence, nature lovers regularly visit here for birdwatching. There are stringent rules regarding the safety of flora and fauna at Golden Ears.

There are three main campgrounds plus backcountry campsites known as Wilderness Camping or Walk-in Camping at Golden Ears. An extensive number of hiking trails, both short and long, are made available here.

A hiking trail to the Golden Ears massif also begins from here. It is a 12 km long wilderness trail of intermediate level. Horse trails are also provided here. However, it is to be noted that only trails are given, and no horses on rentals, their stables, or horseback riding lessons are given.

Various famous Hollywood movies and series have been shot here. For instance, the 2008 movie Twilight had many forest scenes shot at Golden Ears Park.

Cell phone services are mostly poor here, and drones cannot be operated without prior permission.

3.6 Maple Ridge Museums

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Located in a former brickyard building in Jim Hadgkiss Park, Maple Ridge Museum is a great museum with rich local history displays and exhibits. The museum is quite budget-friendly and just a few minutes from Alouette Lake.

There are close to 15,000 objects in the collection of this museum. There are some ancient, popular Maple Ridge categories of objects and artifacts displayed here.

The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm. During this time, you’ll also find some Maple Ridge tours and travel guides offering a brief history and overview of the museum. The museum is a major nearby attraction for folks traveling to Alouette Lake.

3.7 Maple Ridge Shopping

Want to take something back home as a memory from your vacation? Or do you want to bring something for your relatives and friends from your tiny vacation? Or are you just a shopping freak who wants to shop for something?

Then don’t worry because though Alouette Lake is a remote location, there are still quite a few places near Alouette Lake where you can shop.

The nearest shopping destination from Alouette is Maple Ridge. You’ll find everything here: gifts, food items, chocolates, key chains, fridge magnets, accessories, dresses, liquor, etc.

Valley Fair Mall, Guildford Town Centre, Morgan Crossing, and Walmart shops are some of the nearest shopping centers to Alouette Lake.

3.8 Maple Ridge Spas

relaxing massage therapy session
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I believe that one’s vacation is incomplete without a relaxing spa day. So, to end your vacation on a relaxing and happy note, I highly recommend you visit a spa to calm and pamper yourself after spending your sunny weekends at Alouette Lake.

Maple Ridge has many spas and is just 30 minutes away from Alouette Lake.

Maple Ridge has some of the most amazing and luxurious plus reasonably priced spas in the whole of British Columbia. Maple Ridge Spas has got you covered, whether a manicure, pedicure, facial, or an hour-long, full-body Swedish massage to relax your body and soul.

As for recommendations-

  1. Obri Day Spa, 23015 Dewdney Trunk, Maple Ridge.
  2. Cameo Spa, 223 Street, Maple Ridge.
  3. Touch Massage, Maple Ridge.
  4. Alouette Day Spa, 128th Crescent, Maple Ridge.

3.9 Maple Ridge Nightlife

Camping and playing at campgrounds in the morning, then watching and enjoying the sunset at Alouette Lake in the evening, is one experience, but what is your plan after the sun has set?

Some prefer lighting a bonfire, listening to music, cooking dinner, and then calling it a night. Others prefer that the night is young and want to explore more. So, we have some recommendations if you are from the latter category.

Just about half an hour away from Alouette Lake, you’ll find several great pubs lounges, and clubs to enjoy your night at. You can enjoy a friends-filled clubbing night at the fullest here.

Not a clubbing freak? Then theatre and comedy performances are also available here. Weekend boat parties, paint nite, celebrity events, night concerts, etc., are some of the regular and popular Maple Ridge fun events.

3.10 Other Activities at Lake Alouette

alouette lake
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The lake is open from early April to the end of October. Swimmers majorly prefer this time. If you are not too fond of swimming, then other water sports activities like water skiing and windsurfing can also be performed here.

Just make sure to carry your water sports equipment. Boat rides on a rental basis are available, too.

There are many types of fish in Alouette Lake. A specific area of the lake is reserved as fishing grounds, but you will need a proper and authentic fishing license if you want to do fishing here.

Hiking, Cycling, Mountain biking, and Horse riding are other activities carried out near Alouette Lake and at Golden Ears Park. There are special hiking trails carved for this very purpose.

The most popular and nearest city to Alouette Lake is Maple Ridge. There are many attractions worth visiting in Maple Ridge. So, if you are near Alouette Lake, don’t forget to visit this city to enjoy Maple Ridge’s nature and city life.

Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park


Alouette Lake is generally open from April till late October. However, the best time to visit, according to most Alouette Lake reviews, is July and August. The weather in these months is vacation-appropriate, and recreational activities are available during this season.

Alouette Lake should be on your must-visit place list if you are anywhere near British Columbia.

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