What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans? 11 Amazing Shoe Styles

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Flare jeans are remembered for their unique wide leg that begins to extend from the knee down, creating a bell-bottom look. Flare jeans can be flattering as an outstanding fashion choice for those looking to make a statement with their denim; they add volume underneath and balance the silhouette.

Who doesn’t want to jazz up their look by wearing something that exudes retro and bohemian vibes? But what is preventing us from wearing flare jeans? That’s shoes.

But now you’re about to know the exact types of shoes to wear with flare jeans. Shoes can influence your outfit and your overall look. Wear with shorter or cropped flare jeans.

1. The Best Shoe Style to Wear With Flared Jeans

It would be easier to choose footwear for other jeans, but for flared jeans, you need to be careful with them as they can make or break your overall look. If they are longer than they can cover your shoes, and when they’re cropped flare jeans, your boots are apparent, making you want to be even more careful with cropped flare jeans.

Firstly, we must balance the overall look by choosing the right pair of shoes for your favourite flared jeans to amp up your look. So, let’s check them all!

1.1. Choose Ankle Boots

Simple ankle boots with heels are a smart and stylish choice with flared jeans. You can choose the shoes to wear with Flare jeans.

What Shoes to wear with Flare jeans
Photo by Yasintha Dinuk on Pexels/ copyright 2023

1.1.1 Fashion Tips

Flare jeans with ankle boots can be a chick and versatile choice, but make sure to consider these things, which are mentioned below.

  • Hemline: The height of the ankle boots comes up to or just above your ankle and allows the flare jeans to flow over the shoes, creating a flattering silhouette.
  • Heel Height: The heel height of ankle boots generally depends on your preference. Heeled ankle boots can enhance your look by adding size, complementing the flared jeans.
  • Jean Length: Another essential thing is the jean length. So ensure your flared jeans have a wide enough leg opening to accommodate the boots, and the hem of the jeans should lightly graze the top, allowing the flared silhouette to flow gracefully. But please avoid jeans that are too long or ground-touching to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.
  • Occasion:  You should also consider the experience of choosing the proper boot style to complete your look.
  • Colour: Don’t forget to balance the colour of your outfit with the colour of your boots to balance the overall look.

1.2. Platform Heels

As we know, platform sandals heighten your stature and stabilize any outfit. Pairing them with flare jeans creates a stunning combination. Furthermore, the retro-inspired look of flare jeans perfectly complements the bold statement of platform heels.

Transitioning to the aesthetics, the seamless flow of the jeans from the hips to the floor balances the exaggerated lift of platform heels. Additionally, the wide flare at the bottom of the jeans perfectly complements the bold statement of the platform.

Generally, you can show off your fab platform sandals or hide them underneath floor-length jeans. Surprisingly, you can effortlessly adapt to diverse occasions with your same-flare jeans. Whether you are dressing up for chick daytime or aiming for a night out, flare jeans have no bounds.

1.2.1 Styling Tip for Your Outfits

When it comes to styling, you can experiment with heel styles and heights to find your comfort zone. Also, accessorizing with a clutch or earring can draw attention to your upper body, completing the look.

So you can consider the platform heels duo with flare and bootcut jeans to elevate your fashion game.

1.3. Kitten Heel Pumps

Kitten heel pumps gracefully contrast the vast and dramatic flare of the jeans and effortlessly complement their classic charm. As a timeless choice, kitten heels offer a subtle lift while ensuring daily comfort.

Moreover, when paired with flare jeans, the gentle curve and pointed toe of kitten heels add a subtle femininity to your overall silhouette. From brunch dates to casual evening outings, the retro-inspired design of pointed pumps adapts to every occasion, making a style statement.

In conclusion, you can consider the stylish duo for a chic, comfortable look that combines sophistication with a vintage flair.

1.3.1 Styling Tips

Do consider a few wearing tips mentioned below when pairing kitten heel pumps:

  • Choose the Right Fit: One cannot ignore the fit of your kitten heel pump, as a too-tight or too-loose fit can lead to discomfort and blisters. So ensure that your kitten heel pumps fit snugly but comfortably.
  • Choose the Right Flare Jeans: With kitten-heeled pumps, Choose jeans with a slightly longer inseam to create an elongated and flattering silhouette.
  • Heel Height: For the hemline, you should carefully choose the heel height according to the length of your flare jeans. Ensure your jeans are above ground to maintain a clean, polished look.

1.4. High Heels

High heels are well known for adding extra length to your stature and are a perfect match for the sweeping flare of the jeans. The striking combination of high heels and wide-leg jeans is all about balancing elegance.

High heels may alter body positioning but do not elongate the legs or accentuate postures. Their effects on balance and lower body muscle strength are mixed.

High Heels with Flare Jeans
Photo by Mahisma Sojoudi on Pexels/ copyright 2023

Through transitioning styles, high heels provide refinement and a pinch of glamour to your outfit, making it chic. This pair suits many occasions, such as a stylish dinner, an event, or a night out.

Bringing a sense of nostalgia and reminding me of the 1970s era, your ensemble, while wearing high heels, keeps your style rooted in the present. High heels with flare jeans create a powerful fashion duo; this pairing elevates your style and turns heads wherever you go. Generally, various heels are available, like block heels and other techniques.

1.4.1 Style Guide to Pairing Your Sandals to Complement Your Outfits

  • Heel Height: You should always choose the heel length that is comfortable and right for the occasion. Lower heels can provide comfort, and higher heels add height and drama.
  • Go for High Waist: To make your legs appear longer and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, pair your high heels with high-waisted flare jeans.
  • Opt for a Fitted Top: Wear a well-fitted top or blouse to balance the volume of the flared jeans. To accentuate your waistline, you can tuck in your top to highlight your flares.
  • Jean Style: Choose jeans that align with the occasion, especially your style. Wear subtle flares for a casual look and wide-leg bursts to add a little drama to your face.
  • Keep Practising: To feel more comfortable and confident walking around, practice walking in them before you wear them with your flare jeans. This is in case you’re not used to wearing high heels.

1.5. Chunky Clogs and Mules With Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms

Chunky clogs and mules are known for their comfort and unique combinations with flare jeans—the pairing results in a fashion-forward look by seamlessly blending vintage charm with contemporary style.

Along with providing support and comfort, clogs contrast footwear and a wide-leg silhouette when wearing flare jeans.

Clogs and mules with Flare Jeans
Photo by Denys Mikhalevysch on Pexels/ copyright 2023

1.5.1 Important Points for Styling

Ace your look by keeping a few wearing tips in mind, mentioned below:

  • Wear the Right Flare: Selecting jeans that can cover most of the shoe and allow just a peek at your mules would be great. Along with the length, a moderate flare will go well and balance the chunkiness of mules.
  • Hem Line: The clogs will look fun if the hemline is a little shorter and only a few inches above the ground.
  • Colour Coordination: When it comes to colour, you can experiment with bold colours. But neutral-toned clogs are versatile and pair well with different shades of denim.
  • Balance with Top: Wearing a well-fitted top and tucking it will accentuate your waistline as chunky mules draw attention to your lower half.
  • Accessories: You can elevate your look by accessorizing; statement earrings or a pendant necklace will go well. A belt can also add a touch of flair to your outfit.

1.6. Birkenstocks With Flare Jeans

If you are dressing up for summer gatherings or casual outings, you should give Birkenstocks a try. Birkenstocks is known for its comfort, elegance, and unique style.

A relaxed fit of Flare jeans with a slightly longer inseam would help you achieve a casual, flowing outfit. Surprisingly, a comfortable fit complements the comfort of your Birkenstock sandals more than skinny jeans.

1.6.1 Style Guide to Pairing Your Birkenstock Sandals With Flares

  • High-Waisted Pants: One can achieve a flattering look by wearing high-waisted flare jeans with a pair of Birkenstock sandals. They can create the illusion of longer legs and a more defined waist.
  • Choose the Right pair of Birkenstock sandals: You will find Birkenstock sandals in different colours and styles. So make sure to wear a pair of sandals that complement the colour palette of your outfit. I especially prefer classic neutral shades like black or brown.
  • Wear the Right Top: A relaxed and comfortable top would make a great pairing with your flared jeans and Birkenstock sandals. Additionally, you can complete an effortless boho-chic look with flowy t-shirts, loose-fitting blouses, or even a cropped tank top.
  •  Accessories Mindfully: By adding some accessories like bracelets, layered necklaces, or a wide-brimmed hat, you can embrace your bohemian look. These elements not only enhance but also complement your relaxed and free-spirited look.

1.7. Sneakers With Flare Jeans

Hopefully, it doesn’t end here, as we have one of the best and most trendy shoe choices, i.e., sneakers. I can never get tired of sneakers, as they go with almost every outfit. Wearing sneakers is a win-win situation, as it’s not only trendy and stylish, but it also provides comfort.

You can even try white flared jeans with sneakers, which complement monochrome outfits. For flare width, you should prefer wider flares for a bolder statement, and for a classic look, subtle fits are best. Flared jeans with sneakers are versatile and work for casual and semi-casual occasions.

Flare Jeans with shoes
Photo by Ron Lach on PexelsPexels/ copyright 2023

1.7.1 Tips for Different Styles

  • Choose the Right Flares: With sneakers, you should opt for flare jeans with a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs and a slightly high waist. It would be even better if the flares began around the knee or slightly above to create an elongated look.
  • Select the Right Pair of Sneakers: Sneakers are available in different styles and colours, but you should consider your style. So wear shoes that match the vibe of your outfit. For an eclectic look, coloured and patterned sneakers are perfect shoes, but classic white sneakers are versatile.
  • Choose the Right Pair of Shoes: Always wear ankle or no-show socks whenever you opt for socks with your shoes. To maintain a clean and streamlined appearance, it is essential to ensure that socks aren’t visible.
  • Pair with different top styles: The ultimate choice influences your outfit’s overall feel. But feel free to experiment with various top types, like fitted tees, tucked-in graphic tees, or crop tops and blouses.

1.8. Strappy Sandals With Flare Jeans

The chic and versatile combination of these sandals with flares and bell bottoms seamlessly blends fashion and comfort and is generally the perfect shoe for warmer months.

So, if you want to elevate your style, wear a well-fitted top. And don’t forget to add elegant accessories to your ensemble. Also, these sandals with flare jeans can suit casual and semi-formal events so you can adjust your top accordingly.

And just like I mentioned in sneakers, high-waisted pants would be an ideal fit for Strappy Sandals, too. But cropped flares might not go with this kind of shoe, and avoid pairing skinnies, too.

Strappy Sandals with Flare Jeans
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels/ copyright 2023

1.8.1 Styling Tips

  • Consider styles of sandals: From flat to heeled, you can find different styles of strapless sandals. So, while pairing the shoe, consider the occasion and especially your style and go for heeled or flat sandals.
  • Show off the Straps: Since the focus of this ensemble is strappy sandals, opt for denims that are slightly shorter or have a slight flare to give a sneak peek at your shoes.
  • Wear No-Show Socks or Footies: Socks can mess up the elegance of your sandals. So opt for no-show socks and footies if you are pairing socks.

1.9. Platform Shoes with Flares

These shoes with flares are a fusion of retro and contemporary styles that can make a bold fashion statement. Platform shoes not only provide comfort but also add some height to your stature. Another benefit of this combination is that you don’t need prior practice to wear platform shoes.

Surprisingly, you can play with patterns and textures and layer your outfit with the combo. Experiment with a patterned blouse or layer a textured jacket with flare jeans and platforms to know what shoes to wear with Flare jeans.

What Shoes to wear with Flare jeans
Photo by Caio Rasec on Pexels/copyright 2023

You can opt for flared pants and platform shoes in almost every season and on various occasions. Ensuring your flare pants fit well and flatter your figure is very crucial.

1.9.1 Styling Tips

  • Go for flattering flare jeans: Firstly, wear bell bottoms that fit snugly around your thighs and hips, then gradually widen from the knee down.
  • Pick the correct platform shoe pairs: From the shoe styles available, opt for a style that resonates with the occasion and the vibe of your outfit.
  • Show off your shoes: Go for pants that have a moderate flare and are slightly shorter to highlight your shoes, which are the focus of this combination.
  • Accessories Creatively: Wear creative additions such as layered necklaces, retro-inspired sunglasses, or statement belts to enhance your ensemble.

1.10. Chunky Boots With Flared Jeans: A Fashion Fusion

When you want to give a vintage touch to your outfit, there is no better combination than chunky boots with flares. Pairing high boots with flared jeans is an edgy, nostalgic, attention-grabbing combination.

Boots with Flare Jeans
Photo by Cottonbro studio on Pexels/copyright 2023

Additionally, considering the weather and your style, you can layer your outfit with an oversized coat, vest, or leather jacket. Also, different washes of denim can be worn with this combination, as it can add character to your outfit.

1.10.1 Styling Tips

  • Select the Perfect Shoe Style: From lace-up combat to Chelsea boots, there are a variety of boots on the market. Opt for a pair of high boots for a more grunge-inspired look, and wear Chelsea boots for a sleeker appearance.
  • Tuck, Knot, or Crop: To achieve a balanced silhouette, tuck in your shirt, wear a cropped top, or knot your tee at the waist.
  • Accessorize With Elegance: Add edgy accessories such as a choker or a studded belt to complement your edgy boots.

1.11. Flared Denim with Flats

Flats will be your priority if you want footwear options with flares for warm weather. The combination of flats and flip-flops with bell bottoms offers a relaxed yet fashionable look.

1.11.1 Styling Tips

  • Consider The Occasion: This combination is best for relaxed gatherings, beach trips, and casual outings.
  • Experiment With Denim Wash: You should try different shades of denim to find the one that goes with your flats.

2. Bottom Line

Regarding fashion, our curiosity to discover the perfect shoe-jean pairing often leads us to explore fascinating combinations. However, the choices can be particularly captivating when it comes to flare jeans and wide-leg jeans.

From classic to contemporary and from comfort to sophistication, we’ve embarked on a journey of various footwear throughout the article. Firstly, we started with ankle boots, and platform heels are versatile and provide a touch of vintage allure.

At the same time, you can achieve elegance without compromising comfort with flats, mules, and low-heeled kittens. Also, we can’t forget the casual charm of sneakers and edgy and nostalgic boots.

No shoes are off the limits with flared jeans or bell-bottom jeans. However, footwear with higher and chunkier heels or wedges will make you look the best on every occasion.

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